Yun Appreciation Jacques De Rouge Blue Big Fire Enamel Perpetual Calendar Watch

Inscription: Compared with our familiar watch brands, Jaquedro seems to be a little quiet. Sometimes, charm only shines in the corner, and then spreads infinitely long-term … Only by insisting on the pursuit of quality as a constant faith, can we build a thicker and broader culture. The so-called thick and thin hair, I think this is the reason.
Jacques Dro
 I think that the beauty of just one watch is not enough to interpret the strength of the entire Jacques Dro watch kingdom. Friends who pay attention to the watch house will find that Jacques Droe has been on the list of top watches for a long time. Frankly speaking, this brand may not have as much attention as many other similar watches. The reason for this is that Jacques de Lo’s accomplishments are so profoundly unfounded that they cast a mysterious veil in front of the public. Today, let’s analyze the charm of this brand from the perspective of a watch! Official model: J008334215
  Viewed from the side, the radian of this watch is very smooth, and the moist white gold is a very common case material. Perhaps the royal blue dial configuration makes this watch’s white gold more texture. On the whole, the appearance of this watch is very outstanding and highly recognizable. Of course, all of this requires the support of the family’s top craftsmanship to be reflected.

  The snowflake-shaped crown decoration complies with Jacques Dro’s usual elegance. While highlighting the brand LOGO, it also highlights its good craftsmanship. The decoration is not strong but very delicate. The outstanding shape is compact and small, which can fully reflect the brand’s watchmaking spirit.

  The delicate alligator strap is decorated with such a color that looks very outstanding. As a man’s watch, such a prominent color highlights the owner’s elegant and character. Jacques Droe’s coloring process is very outstanding, so the color that is smudged is not only uniform, but also has a sense of translucency.

  The crown-free side looks very smooth, and the gloss is not only due to the noble materials, but also the fine polishing. The beauty of this watch is that the colors and materials complement each other. At the moment of glimpsing the watch occasionally, that kind of light will make many people love at first sight.

 The buckle is made of the same platinum as the case. Jacques de Loire’s English logo is engraved on the position of the buckle, and the tiled sense of comfort is very obvious. The design of the pin buckle is not only more connotative, it is stronger than other forms of buckle. Each pin buckle is hand-forged by a technician, and it also reflects the luxury temperament in details.

  The lugs of this watch are relatively short. But this design caters to the atmosphere of the dial very carefully. Because the diameter is relatively large, the design of the lugs can highlight the sense of power of the dial. The moderate radian gives the wearer a very comfortable and firm impression.

 Before talking about the dial, first understand the big fire enamel. Its production method is very complicated and difficult. Applying many layers of colored glaze on the same enamel, and then baking it with an open flame and then baking in a furnace fire, how to integrate color, thickness and material is the highest technical difficulty in making enamel. The finished product we are seeing now is a handicraft that has been fired many times.

  In the coloring stage, it is necessary to grasp the depth and order of the color glaze, tile a layer of the same color system each time, and then fire it in a 800 ° C high temperature furnace, then air-dry it, wait for it to completely cool, and then continue to color it. Each coloring and firing need to be repeated three times. Of course, high-temperature coloring also bears a very large risk. Once the color is applied once, the dial is uneven or the color is uneven. First, let the surface of the plate be arched, fired with uniform fire balance, and then use the inertia of the technology to shrink and mold. After that, sprinkle the extremely fine enamel powder on the surface of the plate, fire it in the furnace, and finally know that the fire has made the enamel glassy . Of course, after the firing is completed, the watchmaker will draw the pattern with the dial by hand, and then forge it, and finally shape it. This process is very easy to describe, but I am afraid that few people in the world can make such an enamel plate. The so-called process, I think it is not easy to just continue this tradition of enamel making. The 43-mm diameter incorporates the central hour and minute hands, and a small seconds hand at 6 o’clock. At 12 o’clock, there is an analog month display and a leap year display.

 We now see that the enamel plate of this watch is forged from big flames. The technology is quite complicated. There are many limited edition watches on the market, but it is rare to have such a high level of technology. Not only the watch itself, but also time constraints. The output of such a watch is very low, and we can never compare the remaining production watches.

 This watch uses a self-winding movement. With a 68-hour power reserve function, you don’t need to worry about the stagnation of the watch even when you are outside. In addition, it also has the date and week flyback display function. Jacques Dro FP movement, such a movement is very polished. It also runs smoothly. In the eyes of experts, it is a rare good.
  A good watch may be a plaything for the rich, but in the face of Jacques Dro you may have more unstoppable and unbearable. Of course the butterflies and tits on the dial are the products of craftsmanship. Whenever they hear their sounds or movements, will there be a trace of love passing by their hearts? Yes, you will be more interested in its vividness and detail than those dazzling and complicated dials. The so-called unity of people and watches, I think is to integrate my emotions into this dial, so that I am intoxicated in a scent of flowers and flowers in a virtual world, this world is sometimes very impetuous, you can listen to Jacques de Dron It’s time.

Updated: 20. November 2014 — 12:56
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