There Is A Chronograph Called Lange

Regardless of whether you agree or not, as a single-function movement, I always think that the top-quality chronograph movement is the most beautiful of all movements. This is more than a three-movement movement. Complicated beauty, compression springs of various shapes; angular star wheels and various body splints are all irritating your visual nerves. If tourbillons and perpetual calendars make the front of the watch colorful, then the chronograph The core makes the back of the watch brilliant. No wonder some people would say, if I can, I must turn the top-level watch over and wear it. Let’s take a look at A. Lange & This complex beauty is interpreted to the extreme.
Datograph as drunk

Datograph Up / Down
     As we all know, Lange has five large series, but only 1815 and Saxonia (Saxony) series are currently launched. In these two series, in addition to the almost legendary super complicated watch, Lange now There are five chronographs. They are 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar (1815 double-tracking perpetual calendar chronograph); 1815 Chronograph (1815 single function chronograph); Saxonia Datograph Up / Down (Saxon big calendar can display chronograph); Saxonia Datograph Perpetual Perpetual calendar chronograph) and Saxonia Double Split.

Datograph Perpetual
   Among them, the 1815 Chronograph (1815 single function chronograph), Saxonia Datograph Up / Down (Saxony big calendar can display the chronograph) and Saxonia Datograph Perpetual (Saxony big calendar perpetual chronograph) are equipped with three Lange King Kong One of the chronograph movements based on the L951.5 movement, the only difference is that the latter two have added corresponding functional modules. Among these three watches, the most sought-after by countless watch lovers and collectors is undoubtedly this Saxonia Datograph Up / Down (Saxon big calendar can display chronograph), which is what we often say Datograph, some collectors I even bought two watches of the same material (platinum and rose gold) to express my love for this watch!

1815 Chronograph
   Although I don’t own this watch, seeing so many people obsessed with it is also inspiring me to wonder why it is so popular. After searching, I found that this watch is first of all suitable for function. Compared with the other two models, the single chronograph function of 1815 is too single and the dial layout is too simple. Although the movements are the same and the cost performance is higher, at first glance, it seems too ordinary. And the Saxonia Datograph Perpetual (Although the Saxony large calendar perpetual chronograph), although the complex dial looks bright at first glance, you will immediately feel that this watch is not ordinary. But after all, for someone who wants to buy a chronograph, it is not so pure. But if you want to have a perpetual calendar chronograph, then this watch is definitely the most correct choice.

  And this Saxonia Datograph Up / Down (Saxon large calendar can display chronograph) only adds the display and large calendar functions in addition to the time, in addition to the large calendar is a major feature of Lange, this must have a reason As a manual watch, the energy display is also an extremely important and practical function. Secondly, the function of this watch is practical. With the development of technology, professional fields have rarely used purely mechanical methods to measure time. But in daily life, the timekeeping function is still the most practical of all the complex functions. In addition, this watch is quite versatile in design, suitable for both formal banquets and leisure sports. Because this watch has undergone a strict time shock test, in addition to its limited water resistance, it is said that it is completely okay to wear it as a Rolex.

  Of course, this watch can capture the hearts of most people. The most important thing is the L951.6 caliber it is equipped with. This caliber has been widely praised and circulated since it was born. In fact, For this movement, I still have some say, because last year I went to the watch factory of Lange to see the production of this movement. As soon as I entered the watch factory, I saw the huge model of this movement first. At that time, I thought, if the model and the table let me choose, I must have this model, because it looks too cool.

  But when this movement had no case and was naked in front of my eyes, I instantly found out that my idea was extremely stupid. Although this movement is smaller than that model and I don’t know how many times, it is more refined than that. The model is numerous times stronger. Overall, the glorious German silver splint, Glashütte stripes, carved balance wheel splint, gooseneck trimmer, blue steel screws, and ruby ​​gold sleeves all highlight Langer’s unique DNA.
  As the most important timing part of this movement, many steel parts and pressure springs are arranged in an intricate arrangement. You must know that as a top-level timing movement, all pressure springs cannot appear in the form of steel wires alone. They must be polished with a single piece of metal. Made, so each compression spring has an extremely beautiful and charming curve. As the heart of the chronograph part, the star wheel, chronograph clutch and minute and second chronograph wheels are perfectly presented by various grinding methods such as wire drawing, polishing, super polishing.
   It is said that even the master Philippe Dufour, who is good at extreme polishing, couldn’t hold it, and the only time he paid for this watch made by his own brand. In the workshop of this movement, I saw with my own eyes an older and experienced watchmaker guiding each young watchmaker to adjust the movement. Although these watchmakers are young, they are focused His eyes and qidingxianxian’s movements far exceeded their natural physiological age.

  Because this movement uses a horizontal clutch device and has a flyback function, in order to get the best button feel, you must rely on the hands of the watchmaker to sense the force of the pressure spring rebound, so I see everyone The watchmakers are constantly making adjustments countlessly, so when I press the Datograph’s timing button, the hand feels very good, which is light, soft, precise and firm. Especially the flyback function. When the zero reset button is pressed during the timing, the chronograph hand quickly returns to zero to start the next period of time. The whole process is clean and neat, with no trace of muddy water.

   I think there is another important reason why this movement is called the most beautiful chronograph movement in the world, and that is the color matching, because before it came out, the world’s watch chronograph movement was nothing but red (ruby Bearing), yellow (brass gear), silver (nickel-plated plywood) old three colors, but the appearance of this movement, the color has been instantly increased to six, the other three are blue steel screws blue; The gold of the gold sleeve and the champagne gold of the German silver splint can be said to completely establish a new aesthetic standard for chronograph movements!
Legendary double chase

1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar

  After we talked about the most widely used ‘King Kong’ of the L951, let’s talk about the other two chronograph King Kongs who have peerless martial arts skills. They are the L101.1 movement on the 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar and the L001.1 movement on the Saxonia Double Split. As everyone knows, the double-tracking chronograph is the king of timing, because it requires two sets of timing systems to operate at the same time, both compatible and inclusive. On the surface, it is one plus one, but it is actually N plus N.

Saxonia Double Split

  Therefore, at present, there can be no more than 10 brands in the world that can fully produce dual-chronograph chronograph watches (even Vacheron Constantin only joined the ranks of top-level self-produced dual-track wristwatches this year). But brands that can have two self-produced dual-track chronograph movements are only Lange and Patek Philippe.

L101.1 movement is a pure dual-chasing movement

  Seeing this, I believe that everyone will definitely ask me, what is the difference between these two dual-tracking movements of Lange? I personally think that the reason why Lange wants to launch two dual-tracking movements, in addition to showing its own powerful In addition to technical strength, more ingredients may be competing with Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe’s two dual-chasing movements, CHR 29-535 and CHR 27-525, the former are ordinary chronograph movements with dual-chasing modules, and the latter are natural dual-chasing movements. The same is true of Lange. The L001.1 movement on the Saxonia Double Split is a superimposed dual pursuit module on the L951 movement, while the L101.1 movement is a pure dual pursuit movement.

The L001.1 movement is a dual pursuit module superimposed on the L951 movement.

  But unlike Patek Philippe, Lange adds a perpetual calendar to the pure dual-chasing movement, while the dual-chasing movement with superimposed modules is not added, while Patek Philippe does the opposite. In fact, there is no standard answer on which movement the perpetual calendar function should be added. The biggest benefit of Lange’s doing this is to provide collectors with more choices and more interesting discussion topics, such as modules. The superimposed dual-chasing movement is not the same as the pure dual-chasing movement. Both have their own characteristics, depending on the preferences of the guests. In short, no matter which Lange dual-tracking movement you choose, All are spires on the spire.
  Summary: L951 movement is hailed as the most beautiful ordinary chronograph movement, L001.1 is recognized as one of the world’s two most beautiful superimposed module dual pursuit movements, and L101.1 is the world’s three most beautiful pure double movements Chase one of the movements. Therefore, there is a chronograph in the world called Lange! (Text / picture watch home Mao Zhuang)