Seven Cases Of ‘shenzhen Clock And Watch Exhibition’

Fiyta’s exhibition hall full of science and technology, the colors constantly change, fully mobilize
The enthusiasm of the visitors. Magnetic levitation technology is used in the exhibit display.
A small tray makes the watch float in the air like weightlessness.
   1. Largest ever
   According to the exhibition preparatory committee, this year’s Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair is based on the previous No. 1 Watch Brand Hall, adding a No. 6 Watch Parts Hall, with a total of more than 1,500 booths and a static and dynamic exhibition area of ​​nearly 40,000 square meters. For the most ever.
   In terms of domestic watch brands, Runosd, Lotusman, Aoshiqi, Luoweini, Faydi, Casima, etc. Exhibit once. Insiders have revealed that in recent years, many manufacturers that have processed exterior parts have transformed their watches and created their own brands. This can be seen from the increase in the number of participating brands. However, making accessories and developing brands are two completely different paths. How far you can go depends on your own practice.
   In addition, as China’s position in the world’s luxury and watch consumption has become pivotal in recent years, overseas brands’ entry into the Chinese market has become more vigorous. The exhibition area of ​​overseas brand zones this year has increased significantly compared with last year. LACO from Germany, Lamborghini from Italy, Esprit from the United States, Issey Miyake from Japan, and internationally renowned fashions such as PUMA, AMV, and SENTINEL Brands are making their debut. The newly-added ‘Swiss Brand District’ brings together a unique design hall of 360 square meters, including Codex, Mondaine, EDOX, JoSiffert, Evilard, ETOILE, Peter Tanisman and other Swiss Independent brands, let domestic consumers see the ‘watch kingdom’ style. And the only Swiss-Chinese joint venture group company in the exhibition area that has the membership of the Swiss Watch Association and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Swiss Watch World Bank also once again brought Swiss Military By Chrono, ClaudeBernard, Four Swiss brands from Cover, Louis Erard participated. 2. The best exhibition experience-Fiyta showroom
   According to current popular theories, today’s high-end goods sell not only products, but also a ‘consumer experience’, so it is not enough to just make a good product. The best performer in this respect this year is Fiyta. The exhibition hall full of science and technology fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the visitors. It also adopted magnetic levitation technology in the display of the exhibits. The watch was floated in the air through a small tray and fastened to fly Yada’s theme of moving forward with China’s space industry. As the flagship of China’s watch industry, Fiyta has taken the lead in shaping the brand image. The ‘Impression Beijing’ series produced by Beijing Watch Factory launched the first four watches.
All are based on the contrast between old and new buildings in Beijing. They record the changes of the times.
The face of this one is ‘North Sea and Water Cube,’ and the one on the right is ‘People’s Congress.’
Church and Bird’s Nest. ‘
   3. The most popular mechanical watch style-7 o’clock hollow
   Continuing the topic of design, if the most absent from the watch exhibition is the original design style, then the most abundant is the 7-point hollow-out style. The reason is that everyone uses the same series of Citizen movements, and the watches made are very similar. Someone joked that if the LOGO is removed, even the CEOs of various brands do not know which watch is made by their own. This is as emphasized by Mr. Zhang Xialing, Honorary President of the China Watch Association, at the Summit Forum: Without the self-produced movement, it is impossible to achieve product differentiation, enhance competitiveness, and make the brand difficult to last. 4. The Most Urgent Problem-Design
   This year’s ‘China Watch and Clock Summit Forum’ takes ‘the future of the design industry’ as the theme. Naturally, design has also become the focus of attention in this year’s watch and clock exhibition, but this is precisely what is generally lacking in domestic watches. Looking at home-made brands, there are few works that can stand out in terms of design. There is no such thing as a completely original design product in the models on display in the exhibited models. It is really a sadness for domestic watches.
    5. Most eye-catching products-Impression Beijing Series
   With the end of the first day of the exhibition tour, Impression Beijing series became the most mentioned work. This series was specially designed for the Beijing Watch Factory by Dr. Ren Jin, a jewellery consultant and the leading figure in China’s jewelry design industry. This series is based on the theme of Beijing culture. The first four watches that come out combine the new and old landmark buildings in Beijing, the screen printing process for old buildings, and the enamel process for new buildings. They have been repeatedly demonstrated in the design process. , The price is also facing the public, is expected to become a classic domestic watch series. 6. The most ‘popular’ complication-the tourbillon
   Among the many complicated functions of watches, domestic watches are best at making tourbillons. Today, the domestic brands that launch tourbillon watches and the Swiss brands that launch tourbillons are indistinguishable from each other in quantity, and the price is ten or even hundreds of times. It also makes the ‘domestic tourbillon’ an increasingly new concept. At this year’s Shenzhen Watch Fair, Yibo launched an orbital tourbillon watch. Coincidentally, Tianjin Seagull also launched an orbital tourbillon and orbital double tourbillon movement, which has not yet been made into a watch.
   7. The most famous domestic watch brand that Zeng Jin once called—Tianba Watch
   Only readers who were born before the 1980s should remember the slogan “Tianba, the irresistible temptation” that was popular in the country at the beginning of the reform and opening up. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Tianba watch. In commemoration, the brand not only launched a commemorative watch, launched a collection of ‘My Story with Tenba Watch’ and a ‘themed work exhibition’, but also held a large-scale theme dinner ‘Thirty Years Ago’. Tianba can be regarded as the earliest domestically produced domestic watch brand and one of the earliest domestic watches using quartz movements. After earning the first bucket of gold, the owner of Tianba watch changed to the mining industry, not only now Can the head of the Tianba watch manage this long-term brand with special significance?

Updated: 7. June 2020 — 14:34
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