Ruan Jingtian: Dreaming Of Flying In Blue Balloons

Is Ruan Jingtian still a big boy? Many people who love him keep asking this question. Although he won the Golden Horse Emperor with his youthful image in the film ‘中’, such an achievement was beyond the expectation of many people, and of course, it was also predicted by the filmmakers. Ruan Jingtian interpreted the blue balloon watch series as Cartier’s friend.
Ruan Jingtian’s talents are very good. Whether it was Niu Chengze, the famous director Enshi, or many seniors or peers who played with him, ‘Xiaotian’ in the eyes of outsiders is definitely a big boy. Although in the film, the phrase ‘I am not mixing underworld, but friendship is righteousness’ is full of masculine masculinity, but the ‘little sky’ in people’s hearts is still the sunny boy next door. .
Maybe it was because of the generous naked cross-bladed lifeguard in the film ‘The Boy’, or because the idol drama ‘Destined to Love You’ doubled his intimacy, until the tough image of ‘The Boy’ Appeared, Ruan Jingcai began to be praised by the media and movie fans as the representative of Taiwan’s ‘new man’ actor. So some people also likened Ruan Jingtian’s growth career to a perfect ‘from boy to man’ experience.
Men’s minds about big boys
Ruan Jingtian in life has the freedom and innocence of a big boy and the gentle romance of a man. He usually appears in fashion activities as a model. Whenever he is talked about his healthy body, he tells the public his love for sports without reservation. , And racing is also an indispensable part of his life.
In fact, our big boy still has a lot of things in his heart. You can find some clues from his eyebrows to this delicate emotion, but the deep and sincere emotion requires deep understanding of him to get.
Ruan Jingtian said that when he realized for the first time that he was no longer a child, but a man, it was the first time he learned how to love. ‘I think when a boy has the person he wants to love, he has the person he wants to protect, he will start to think about where he is deficient, in what state he will feel weak, himself What kind of emotions may hurt others. When I start thinking about these things, I feel as if I have gradually changed from being carefree, indifferent, and in good condition. I I think this moment appeared very early, maybe 16 or 17, but it took a long, long time before it turned into what it is now. ‘
Speaking of swimming, Ruan Jingtian said that his love for swimming can be exchanged for life and death. ‘Even now from now until I die, if I stop swimming, I will never forget how I feel in the water. This is a very good memory for me.’ And when it comes to that, there is one more thing in his mind Let him remember it till now. ‘Actually, my hobbies have not changed much as a child. When I was young, my dad would let me wear a watch. The watch is for me-no matter where I am or what I am doing, there must be something on my body. The watch thing, it has become part of the body. ‘
It is also because of his love for his father’s watch that has inherited his emotions since childhood, he has now led Ruan Jingtian to become a temperament fascinated by Cartier’s blue balloon watch series.
Elegant blue balloons accompanied
Cartier’s blue balloon watch is the one you will see on the wrists of a big boy who is slutty or a successful banker in a dark striped suit. It is suitable for men from 18 to 38 years old, both boys and Man, the blue balloon makes people see the dream behind them-maybe naive, maybe romantic, or completely different from the person you know. Ruan Jingtian chose the blue balloon for the same reason. The elegance of this watch is particularly consistent with Ruan Jingtian’s mentality today. ‘No matter what style of blue balloon you wear, you will have an extraordinary feeling on your body, feeling like you have changed some parts of your body. This feeling is not the same when wearing other watches, even You have a feeling of being moved by it, because it makes you whole person different. ‘
Since he was a child, he wore a gift from his father, a men’s watch, so Ruan Jingtian also became a professional who appreciates watches. He put the blue balloon on his hand and looked left and right, then took it off, and used his glasses to appreciate the quiet operation of the tourbillon. Ruan Jingtian feels that whether he is now, or he was innocent in the past, or even the slightly crapist in the future, he can get immense satisfaction from this blue balloon. ‘I think there is a feeling that if you are a boy now, and you wear a blue balloon, you will feel like you should be more stable and mature. When you are a man, Putting on a blue balloon, you will feel how elegant you are, and that one has more grasp of life, rhythm and time. Then I think that although there are great differences between men and boys, but They are not so different. The blue balloon allows you to feel more confident. ‘
To be a reliable man, to be an excellent man, to be a man with a sense of responsibility-this has always been pursued by Ruan Jingtian. He said that in his own growth, such influences have been mentioned in his family. Ruan Jingtian has a hero in his heart, this is his grandpa. Swelling around Grandpa from an early age, he gave Xiaotian a very positive impact. ‘Whether grandpa is in a high or low mood, his first thought will always be his family, and the first thought will always be to protect them; no matter how bad things are, or how much he encounters When something will be annoying, he will always choose to accept it with love, he will always choose to tell you with patience and time, and he can accept everything the family has. I think the most important thing in a man, It is necessary to protect, protect your love, and protect your own home. ‘With such a growth example, Ruan Jingtian now hopes that he can become such a role, protect his home, wear the watch his father gave him, and become New beams in the home.
Become your role model
In ‘艋舺’, Ruan Jingtian masculinely concluded that ‘I am not underworld, but friendship is righteousness’. For him, the lines of the film are still very useful in his life.
He compares his understanding of emotions to Cartier’s ‘Tricolor Gold’-Trinity series. ‘Because I like the meaning behind it: love, friendship, and affection. For me, these three points are very important elements in life. No matter which one is missing, I feel like life will no longer be So beautiful. So if one day, you can choose something to represent the one you love, or someone you think is important, then my choice is the Trinity series, I think it’s great. ‘
From Ruan Jingtian’s understanding, it turns out that Chivalry can also be so beautiful, and ‘Xiaotian’, who sees life and his family very preciously, also hopes that the feelings he received from his parents can continue to his future.
Now, Ruan Jingtian and his beloved blue balloon series watches are spending the best golden decade in a man’s life together. In the distant future, Ruan Jingtian also hopes to pass on his friendship to his children. He said: ‘If possible, I think I will give my child whether it is a blue balloon watch or other memorable items, but I think my child must go through that period of time before he can own me. The blue balloon on his hand. ‘But in Ruan Jingtian’s heart, he felt that even if he had reached the age of a child, it would still be difficult to let go of the watch he loved.
Ruan Jingtian said: ‘I think that for a man or a boy, it is not just a device to watch time. It is not just a decoration. In all the days that a watch is with me, I get more memories. There are a lot of memories in it, so I said that it takes a long time and a process. Maybe I will leave the blue balloon to my child, but I think it will be another very important moment, I will not give it to him very easily, I hope my children can see its importance. ‘