Romantic Tanabata Expressing The Most ‘library’ Attitude

(July 2019, Shanghai, China) Qixi Festival is approaching. Looking up at the Xinghe River in midsummer, you will always remember the love story chanted by the world. The two places are separated, but they are unwavering; they make love as a covenant and do not forget their original heart. One year a year, this holiday season, RADO Swiss Radar selected 2019 new masterpiece CaptainCook Captain Cook automatic mechanical watch, let this timepiece witness the affectionate moments of lovers, express the most ‘ku’ heart!
Express the most ‘library’ intentions

 The legendary experience of Captain James Cook, an 18th-century British explorer, inspired this series of watches. The design also incorporates the spirit of the era of freedom and adventure unique to the 1960s. Retro and modern harmony are tribute. An inspiration for adventure and self-breakthrough. The new RADO CaptainCook automatic mechanical watch launched in 2019 is available in two sizes of 37mm and 42mm. While it has the classic elements of the prototype watch launched in 1962, it uses the brand’s iconic material. Made of scientific and technological ceramics, set a milestone breakthrough element of RADO Swiss radar. This retro and modern timepiece reflects the brand’s persistent focus and pursuit of materials and craftsmanship, just like the two heroes in the legend of Qixi Festival, which overcomes all difficulties and crosses the distant galaxy. .

RADO CaptainCook Automatic 42mm

 The RADO CaptainCook 42mm Captain Cook automatic watch retains the popular characteristics of original watches such as the unique sword-shaped and arrow-shaped hands and arched dial. The sunken bezel is made of high-tech ceramics. It is made to effectively improve the wear resistance of the watch; the sapphire glass mirror provides excellent protection for the dial. The high-quality Swiss automatic mechanical movement can provide up to 80 hours of power reserve function. These outstanding functions and characteristics demonstrate the RADO’s unremitting pursuit of quality and accuracy, and they are a long-term wrist companion for couples. , To accompany you and your loved ones to witness the loving life in the years of migration.

RADO CaptainCook Automatic 42mm


 迢迢 Altair, the Han Chinese girl. As bright as the magnificent galaxy of Qixi Festival, it is RADO Swiss radar watch Haoxing series 1314 automatic mechanical limited edition pair watch. This watch is carefully crafted from the brand’s signature material, plasma high-tech ceramics: 12 brilliant diamonds are used as hour markers on the dark blue dial, with luxurious details and luxury charm. The limited edition of this watch is limited to 1,314 pieces. There are many figures of great significance in Chinese culture, and ‘1314’ is one of them. Similar to the pronunciation of ‘One Life and One World’, this number is often used to indicate eternal love, and the unending love symbolized is perpetual. RADO Swiss engraved this romantic number on the case back of each new Haoxing 1313 automatic limited edition watch, which fits closely to the skin on the wrist when worn, meaning a life like a confidant I love each other.

RADO Swiss radar watch HyperChrome Haoxing series 1314 automatic mechanical limited edition pair watch

All but one life

 The Tanabata story passed to us, in addition to the determination to cross thousands of mountains and rivers, but also the courage to become an independent soul. The perfect interpretation of steadfast love is that two individuals in love, interdependent and independent, have stood the test of time, love each other for a lifetime, and live forever. RADO Swiss Radar Diamond Diamond Series 1314 Limited Edition Adhering to the design concept of the Diamond Diamond Series, it is made of shiny polished plasma high-tech ceramics. The dial is set with diamonds and a luxurious leather strap, which respectively shows the charm of male gentlemen. And feminine elegance. These two watches have the same design concept, and each has a unique style, which means that two independent souls, in the infiltration of love, are close to each other, know each other, and keep each other; with sincerity and sincere resonance, witness the growth of love. The iconic high-tech ceramic of RADO has the characteristics of wear resistance, which has been worn for a long time. At the same time, it also has the comfort of wearing. It does not fear the tempering of time. It is time for love and life.

RADO Swiss Radar DiaMaster Diamond Master Series 1314 Limited Edition Pairing Table

 The ‘core’ heart is full of love

 Luxurious but not exaggerated, simple but not simple. The brand new RADO True series hollow automatic mechanical watch shows the brand’s excellent control of materials and design. The hollowed-out dial outlines the contours of the gear transmission, hairspring and movement with a smooth geometric line, making the power element of this exquisite timepiece perfect.

 The RADO True Series diamond watch combines the classic design of the True series with the brand’s signature high-tech ceramic materials. The four brilliant diamonds surround the dial, shining glamorous, exquisite and exquisite design, blooming full of personality. . The watches are adorned with rose gold elements and equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, allowing the wearer to experience the extraordinary fashion taste while experiencing the subtle blend of superb Swiss watchmaking skills and extraordinary mechanical craftsmanship.

Left: RADO True Radar True Series Hollow Automatic Mechanical Watch Right: RADO True Radar Automatic Automatic Diamond Watch
 Qixi Festival, two feelings. On this special day, RADO Swiss watches bring a variety of watches to express the most ‘library’ intentions for you. In the seconds of love, you are the most beautiful time.

Updated: 30. June 2021 — 15:40
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