Professional Aviation Equipment Lang Kun New Pilot Series Orange Watch

Lang Kun is a famous German watchmaking brand. It has an inseparable relationship with the army in history. During World War II, he participated in the B-uhr (observation table) program and became famous. 2015 is the 90th anniversary of the brand. To celebrate this event, Lang Kun launched the new pilot series orange watch at Baselworld.
Watch real shot show:

Wide size, visually feels thick

   The Lang Kun Pilot’s Watch was an important military equipment of the German Air Force during World War II. It can enable pilots to perform combat tasks without any errors, and allows pilots to accurately calculate flight time in order to control the correct flight schedule.
Watch details real shot display:

New Pilot’s Watch decorated in cheerful orange

With central seconds and stop seconds function

The case is delicately polished and polished with an attractive metallic sheen

Back-through design allows you to appreciate the delicate engraved patterns on the automatic movement parts
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