Precious Metal Watch Highlights The Taste Of Successful Men

Watches are a symbol of masculinity and status. When the economy allows, precious metal watches are the best choice for mature men. On the one hand, precious metals symbolize wealth, on the other hand, such watches are more suitable for various high-end activities, and on the other hand, three can also reflect your accumulation of feelings for the watch. If you choose the right brand model, it also has a certain collection value.
 The following editors list several precious metal watches of different materials for you to choose according to your personal preferences and temperament.
Rose gold
 In recent years, rose gold has emerged. It not only satisfies your preference for ‘gold’, but also neutralizes the high-profile and swaggering of gold. Therefore, many brands have launched rose gold versions on the basis of the original, which is an expensive watch. Icing on the cake.
Longines classic retro series moon phase chronograph rose gold
 At the same time, this watch with the equivalent of chronograph month function can be called the ‘Flagship’ in Longines classic retro series. This watch is based on the ETA7751 movement as the base watch. The materials used and the style of the watch are very similar. However, in the details of the design, the designer’s thinking is reflected. Longines highlights the accuracy of the chronograph and sketches each scale of the watch in sufficient detail.
 Only platinum can be called ‘platinum’, but not all white metals are platinum. The platinum watch has always won the throne of the collection in the classic watch with its supreme extraordinary status and elegant and unique temperament. Introverted and elegant, and the rare and long-lasting platinum, it has also attracted generations of jewelry craftsmen and collectors.
Lange LANGE 1 DAYMATIC in platinum
 The prototype of this new watch is Lange 1, which made Lange famous for more than ten years, and entered the kingdom of high-end watches. While retaining the typical dial layout structure and eccentric chronograph, the biggest change in the new Lange 1 DAYMATIC is the use of an automatic movement instead of a manual movement. Another feature is the retrograde week display. At the same time, you can choose a platinum case, this high-grade material is particularly favored by Lange.
 When it comes to gold watches, Rolex is the first choice. After all, Rolex is one of the few watch factories in Switzerland with metallurgical capabilities. However, although ‘Golden’ is good, if the personal temperament image is not enough, it may be regarded as a ‘starter’ … …
Rolex GMT-Master II
 The Rolex GMT-Master II is unique and rare with its corporate representative color green surface and 18K gold material. The watch is also equipped with a 24-hour rotating outer ring, which can read the time in three time zones, and the time in two time zones can be read simultaneously. This feature is extremely useful for travellers. The movement uses a blue Parachrom hairspring, which is not only immune to the influence of magnetic fields, but also has ten times more shock resistance.
 I hope today’s content can provide a reference for successful men to buy watches.

Updated: 5. October 2017 — 12:00
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