Seven Cases Of ‘shenzhen Clock And Watch Exhibition’

Fiyta’s exhibition hall full of science and technology, the colors constantly change, fully mobilize
The enthusiasm of the visitors. Magnetic levitation technology is used in the exhibit display.
A small tray makes the watch float in the air like weightlessness.
   1. Largest ever
   According to the exhibition preparatory committee, this year’s Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair is based on the previous No. 1 Watch Brand Hall, adding a No. 6 Watch Parts Hall, with a total of more than 1,500 booths and a static and dynamic exhibition area of ​​nearly 40,000 square meters. For the most ever.
   In terms of domestic watch brands, Runosd, Lotusman, Aoshiqi, Luoweini, Faydi, Casima, etc. Exhibit once. Insiders have revealed that in recent years, many manufacturers that have processed exterior parts have transformed their watches and created their own brands. This can be seen from the increase in the number of participating brands. However, making accessories and developing brands are two completely different paths. How far you can go depends on your own practice.
   In addition, as China’s position in the world’s luxury and watch consumption has become pivotal in recent years, overseas brands’ entry into the Chinese market has become more vigorous. The exhibition area of ​​overseas brand zones this year has increased significantly compared with last year. LACO from Germany, Lamborghini from Italy, Esprit from the United States, Issey Miyake from Japan, and internationally renowned fashions such as PUMA, AMV, and SENTINEL Brands are making their debut. The newly-added ‘Swiss Brand District’ brings together a unique design hall of 360 square meters, including Codex, Mondaine, EDOX, JoSiffert, Evilard, ETOILE, Peter Tanisman and other Swiss Independent brands, let domestic consumers see the ‘watch kingdom’ style. And the only Swiss-Chinese joint venture group company in the exhibition area that has the membership of the Swiss Watch Association and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Swiss Watch World Bank also once again brought Swiss Military By Chrono, ClaudeBernard, Four Swiss brands from Cover, Louis Erard participated. 2. The best exhibition experience-Fiyta showroom
   According to current popular theories, today’s high-end goods sell not only products, but also a ‘consumer experience’, so it is not enough to just make a good product. The best performer in this respect this year is Fiyta. The exhibition hall full of science and technology fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the visitors. It also adopted magnetic levitation technology in the display of the exhibits. The watch was floated in the air through a small tray and fastened to fly Yada’s theme of moving forward with China’s space industry. As the flagship of China’s watch industry, Fiyta has taken the lead in shaping the brand image. The ‘Impression Beijing’ series produced by Beijing Watch Factory launched the first four watches.
All are based on the contrast between old and new buildings in Beijing. They record the changes of the times.
The face of this one is ‘North Sea and Water Cube,’ and the one on the right is ‘People’s Congress.’
Church and Bird’s Nest. ‘
   3. The most popular mechanical watch style-7 o’clock hollow
   Continuing the topic of design, if the most absent from the watch exhibition is the original design style, then the most abundant is the 7-point hollow-out style. The reason is that everyone uses the same series of Citizen movements, and the watches made are very similar. Someone joked that if the LOGO is removed, even the CEOs of various brands do not know which watch is made by their own. This is as emphasized by Mr. Zhang Xialing, Honorary President of the China Watch Association, at the Summit Forum: Without the self-produced movement, it is impossible to achieve product differentiation, enhance competitiveness, and make the brand difficult to last. 4. The Most Urgent Problem-Design
   This year’s ‘China Watch and Clock Summit Forum’ takes ‘the future of the design industry’ as the theme. Naturally, design has also become the focus of attention in this year’s watch and clock exhibition, but this is precisely what is generally lacking in domestic watches. Looking at home-made brands, there are few works that can stand out in terms of design. There is no such thing as a completely original design product in the models on display in the exhibited models. It is really a sadness for domestic watches.
    5. Most eye-catching products-Impression Beijing Series
   With the end of the first day of the exhibition tour, Impression Beijing series became the most mentioned work. This series was specially designed for the Beijing Watch Factory by Dr. Ren Jin, a jewellery consultant and the leading figure in China’s jewelry design industry. This series is based on the theme of Beijing culture. The first four watches that come out combine the new and old landmark buildings in Beijing, the screen printing process for old buildings, and the enamel process for new buildings. They have been repeatedly demonstrated in the design process. , The price is also facing the public, is expected to become a classic domestic watch series. 6. The most ‘popular’ complication-the tourbillon
   Among the many complicated functions of watches, domestic watches are best at making tourbillons. Today, the domestic brands that launch tourbillon watches and the Swiss brands that launch tourbillons are indistinguishable from each other in quantity, and the price is ten or even hundreds of times. It also makes the ‘domestic tourbillon’ an increasingly new concept. At this year’s Shenzhen Watch Fair, Yibo launched an orbital tourbillon watch. Coincidentally, Tianjin Seagull also launched an orbital tourbillon and orbital double tourbillon movement, which has not yet been made into a watch.
   7. The most famous domestic watch brand that Zeng Jin once called—Tianba Watch
   Only readers who were born before the 1980s should remember the slogan “Tianba, the irresistible temptation” that was popular in the country at the beginning of the reform and opening up. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Tianba watch. In commemoration, the brand not only launched a commemorative watch, launched a collection of ‘My Story with Tenba Watch’ and a ‘themed work exhibition’, but also held a large-scale theme dinner ‘Thirty Years Ago’. Tianba can be regarded as the earliest domestically produced domestic watch brand and one of the earliest domestic watches using quartz movements. After earning the first bucket of gold, the owner of Tianba watch changed to the mining industry, not only now Can the head of the Tianba watch manage this long-term brand with special significance?

Athens Classico Filled Enamel Gold Dragon Watch

Movement: UN-815 automatic movement
Case: 18k rose gold
Dial: Enamel dial made of different colors by using different metal oxides
Power reserve: 42 hours
Water resistance: 50 meters
Global distribution: limited to 30
The design of the ‘Dragon Opera Pearl’ is slightly old-fashioned, but the craftsmanship is quite exquisite, the color is very bright, the background color is very strong, and the color of the dragon is very strong. Recognize brand characteristics. This dragon watch is bright and colorful, which has certain appeal to ‘lecherous’ collectors.
Orange red, yellow dragon, blue dial, champagne gold edge, dark brown strap, the entire watch is relatively strong, vibrant, exudes youthfulness.
表 This watch is colorful, auspicious and joyous, it is eye-catching. There are some shortcomings in the understanding of the dragon. In the Dream of the Red Mansion, there was such a description: ‘Where is its text, Longyou Qunum?’
It stands to reason that Athens should have surprises in making enamels, especially for the design of oriental themes, but I am not very optimistic about this watch. The main reason is the design and pattern. It is slightly simple and weak. The enamel technology is not. Anyway. But a very significant feature is that these red and blue colors are very folkloric in China. It is very interesting if it is an ordinary commemorative table.
Jinlong white claw black ground, compact and simple composition, rich and eye-catching.

Hamilton ‘haoqingxinsheng’ 2012 New Tianjin Joy City Release

Hamilton, a world-renowned watch brand, celebrated the first month of the month, and held the 2012 new product launch tour in Tianjin Joy City Mall from January 7 to 17, 2012. Sounded the first aviation horn in 2012. In the 1930s, the Chinese watch became the designated time for major airlines such as Global Air, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and glorious record of the first direct east-west coast of the United States. Hamilton, a world-renowned watch brand, celebrated the first month of January, and held a 2012 new product launch tour inside Tianjin Joy City Mall from January 7th to 17th, 2012, which blew the first in 2012. Acoustic horn. The theme of this tour is passionate and free aviation culture and a long and deep brand history. It brings the excellent functions such as the Khaki Pioneer automatic chronograph equipped with the new H21, H31 main movement, the Jazz Master watch, and the Khaki Skywalker watch New product. At the same time, Hamilton also brought a 1: 1 model of aerobatic aircraft that has performed brilliantly in the world’s largest air show Air Ventura. The eye-catching shape shocked the audience and witnessed the brilliance of Hamilton’s new 2012 landing in Tianjin for the first time. moment. Hamilton’s Air Love
The history of aviation in the Han Dynasty has a long history. In the 1920s, Hamilton became the designated timer for major American airlines with its precision and stability, and timed the first direct east-west coast of the United States to New York-Los Angeles. In the 1940s, during the Second World War, Hamilton stopped the manufacture of civilian watches, focusing on the production of special watches for the United States Army, Air Force, and Air Force. During World War II, a total of 1 million watches were provided to the US military as timing tools Among them are many aviation instruments and watches with stable performance and excellent functions. Today, Hamilton has launched a number of watches that incorporate aviation elements and excellent performance, and have frequently appeared at major air shows and aviation competitions in the world.
The 1: 1 model of the aerobatic aircraft that Hamilton has performed brilliantly at the World’s Largest Air Show Air Ventura Airshow Conference, with exquisite workmanship and orange-red design with the Hamilton logo, is fully displayed to the world. Shows Hamilton’s uninhibited pride and publicity. The Hamilton brand, just like a stunt plane ready to go, is about to reach full power and soar into the sky.
[Plain personality, pursuit of freedom] Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Autochrono
Among the many new varieties on display, the most notable event of this event is the Khaki Pioneer Autochrono. It replicates the aviation military watch of the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. Coin patterns, snake eye needles, ‘ Onion crowns, anti-magnetic soft iron and other authentic vintage aviation elements and the latest Hamilton H31 movement bring the triple shock of military watches, aviation and contemporary technology. Every detail highlights Hamilton’s publicity and pursuit of freedom.
[Modern design, accurate taste] Hamilton Khaki Skywalker UTC
Another military watch popular with consumers, the Khaki Skywalker watch, reveals a strong nostalgic atmosphere from the inside out. The high-strength parameters of the 300-meter waterproof and dazzling mirror surface show the quality of military watches. The functions of both places and the display of 24 major airports in the world are the most reliable partners of contemporary elites. The dial is available in black and brown colors. The contrast of the scale color is clear and easy to read. The back cover is engraved with the Hamilton family coat of arms, retro and textured; Swiss-made, excellent antimagnetic performance and other words highlight the high-end quality of the watch. At the same time, many high-tech processing techniques and imaginative modern materials are used. The heavy use of modern materials reflects the brand’s vibrant and innovative character. Hamilton Khaki Skywalker is gaining popularity worldwide with its precise performance and modern chic appearance, which has won the favor of contemporary business elites.

简洁 [Simple, stable, retro and elegant] Hamilton Jazzmaster Maestro Auto chrono
As the representative of the Hamilton brand men’s chronograph watch, the Jazz Master watch is famous for its tough atmosphere. The new H21 automatic chronograph movement rejuvenates this classic style. The new master continues the introduction of the predecessor and adds many modern designs. The elegant all-white dial with golden waterdrop scales and baton hands interprets classic time. Modern The elegant grey plate has a chic personality, expressing the atmosphere of the times. With a textured leather strap, it is your choice for business meetings, fashion parties, and travel.

Tianwang Table ‘legend · Genesis’

The 25th anniversary of the ‘Legend · Genesis’ national tour of Shenyang Zhongxing Mansion Station kicked off. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand, Tianwang Watch and Jia Nailiang, the famous movie star, reconnected and performed a romantic legend together.

 In order to express his recognition of Jia Nailiang’s aggressive spirit and attitude in his career and to celebrate the re-association of the two parties, Mr. Dong Guanming, Chairman of Shijibao Investment Co., Ltd. presented Jia Nailiang with a distinguished and elegant golden knight couple watch. At the same time, coincided with the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, Mr. Dong Guanming, Chairman of the Timepiece Group, also presented a mysterious and romantic gift, the Golden Knight Couple Watch, as a gift for Qixi Festival to Mrs. Jia Nailiang’s Li Xiaolu as a gift to express her beauty. blessing.

 At the event, Jia Nailiang expressed his blessings to Utopus, and also highly praised the brilliant legend created by Utopus for 25 years. At this point, the second stop of the national tour of the 25th anniversary of the ‘Legend · Genesis’ Tianwang Table-Shenyang Zhongxing Station successfully concluded.

Hublot Presented The Classic Fusion Series ‘world Baseball Federation’ Limited Watch At The Mvp Awards Ceremony Of The World Top 12 Baseball Games

The first World Baseball Top 12 Tournament ended with the victory of the South Korean team. Hublot, a Swiss luxury watchmaker, sponsored the event and served as a partner and official timekeeper. The brand presented the classic fusion series ‘World Baseball Federation’ limited watches to the representatives of the top four teams, which are Lee Da-ho of South Korea, Adam Frazier of United States and Tetsuto Yamada of Japan.

   The World’s Top 12 Baseball Games is a new international event, with the top 12 teams competing fiercely on the baseball field. The 12 teams were divided into Group A and Group B. The top 4 of each group were promoted to the top 8 and participated in the single elimination tournament held in Taiwan. Finally, the 4 teams from Group B successfully held the victory.

   On Saturday, November 21, the third place scramble started between Japan and Mexico. After the game, Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe presented Japanese team player Tetsuto Yamada with the classic fusion series ‘World Baseball Federation’ limited edition watch.

   On the same day, the final match between South Korea and the United States. After the match, South Korean player Kim Hyun-soo won the MVP for his outstanding performance. At the award ceremony, Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe presented him with the classic fusion series ‘World Baseball Federation’ limited watch.

   Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said: ‘As a major partner of the first World Baseball 12, I was deeply attracted by the wonderful game. Through this cooperation, Hublot continues to integrate watchmaking, luxury, Innovation and movement, interpreting the art of fusion. ‘

Tag Heuer Lincoln Women’s Watches Extremely Feminine

Ms. Lincoln series has its own shining jewellery: the bright and shining ‘Diamond Star’, which is full of feminine charm, which shows the essence of this series of watches. Infected by the Haute Couture, it has transcended the constraints of time and gravity, like a Haute Couture show on the temple. The automatic movement is suspended, the swing of the oscillating weight is like a superb ballet performance, and the diamonds flash like meteors in the Milky Way. The dial and case back seem to blend together, allowing the designer to immerse himself in the creation of the starry sky dance.

TAG Heuer Lincoln
所以 The reason why such an elegant piece of art can be shaped is thanks to a larger rotor than the movement. In order to operate without affecting the design of the sky, the calculation of the volume must be extremely accurate. The oscillating weight rotates 360 ° between two sapphire crystals, allowing the naked eye to capture every timeless moment. The two layers stacked together keep the movement in the center of the case, making it look like it is floating. Every part of the entire structure is extremely precise in cutting to achieve the best results, and high-end technical requirements involving crystals are extremely demanding. The entire structure is completely transparent, and no joints can be seen between the two layers. This can only be done after a precise, dust-free and long assembly process.

Watch with quartz movement, date display at 6 o’clock
The watch body is entirely covered in 18K 5N rose gold and set with 192 diamonds totaling 1.35 carats, gorgeous and dazzling. It is a miracle of the perfect combination of machinery and aesthetics. It is the most eye-catching star, the most dazzling star group, and the gorgeous beauty at the ball. This top piece heralds the future.

Cameron Diaz as spokesperson
S … Born for elegance
This series also has a watch with a diameter of 29 mm, the case is all made of rose gold, the purple dial is set with 11 diamonds, beautiful and moving. Roman numerals engraved on the bezel exude a timeless elegance. It’s the perfect choice for lighting up dark suits, and it’s also an ideal companion for busy women in the workplace. The double tone of stainless steel and gold, with diamond or Roman numerals, gives a rigorous yet elegant feel.
S … Born for charm
For those women who prefer stainless steel without sacrificing luxury, 47 diamonds with a diameter of 1.4 mm and a total weight of 0.52 carats will make you beautiful. They settled securely on the bezel and complemented the 11 diamonds on the dial. Under their bright light, the watch is more like a jewel. For the wearer, this watch can not only display the time, but also bring joy.
S … born for style
Finally, this series of watches has the essence that every elegant woman is looking for: pink roses, fluorescent white mother-of-pearl dial set with 11 diamond hour markers, and polished stainless steel bracelet and case. Even the most minimalist style—white Neuss background with Roman numerals—whether it is a 29mm or 34.5mm diameter model, Ms. Lincoln’s fashion style is unstoppable: after all, a beautiful figure can control any fashion, no matter Is it straight or flared, flats or high heels. In short, beautiful arcs, ingenious combinations and natural elegance are the key.

There Is A Chronograph Called Lange

Regardless of whether you agree or not, as a single-function movement, I always think that the top-quality chronograph movement is the most beautiful of all movements. This is more than a three-movement movement. Complicated beauty, compression springs of various shapes; angular star wheels and various body splints are all irritating your visual nerves. If tourbillons and perpetual calendars make the front of the watch colorful, then the chronograph The core makes the back of the watch brilliant. No wonder some people would say, if I can, I must turn the top-level watch over and wear it. Let’s take a look at A. Lange & This complex beauty is interpreted to the extreme.
Datograph as drunk

Datograph Up / Down
     As we all know, Lange has five large series, but only 1815 and Saxonia (Saxony) series are currently launched. In these two series, in addition to the almost legendary super complicated watch, Lange now There are five chronographs. They are 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar (1815 double-tracking perpetual calendar chronograph); 1815 Chronograph (1815 single function chronograph); Saxonia Datograph Up / Down (Saxon big calendar can display chronograph); Saxonia Datograph Perpetual Perpetual calendar chronograph) and Saxonia Double Split.

Datograph Perpetual
   Among them, the 1815 Chronograph (1815 single function chronograph), Saxonia Datograph Up / Down (Saxony big calendar can display the chronograph) and Saxonia Datograph Perpetual (Saxony big calendar perpetual chronograph) are equipped with three Lange King Kong One of the chronograph movements based on the L951.5 movement, the only difference is that the latter two have added corresponding functional modules. Among these three watches, the most sought-after by countless watch lovers and collectors is undoubtedly this Saxonia Datograph Up / Down (Saxon big calendar can display chronograph), which is what we often say Datograph, some collectors I even bought two watches of the same material (platinum and rose gold) to express my love for this watch!

1815 Chronograph
   Although I don’t own this watch, seeing so many people obsessed with it is also inspiring me to wonder why it is so popular. After searching, I found that this watch is first of all suitable for function. Compared with the other two models, the single chronograph function of 1815 is too single and the dial layout is too simple. Although the movements are the same and the cost performance is higher, at first glance, it seems too ordinary. And the Saxonia Datograph Perpetual (Although the Saxony large calendar perpetual chronograph), although the complex dial looks bright at first glance, you will immediately feel that this watch is not ordinary. But after all, for someone who wants to buy a chronograph, it is not so pure. But if you want to have a perpetual calendar chronograph, then this watch is definitely the most correct choice.

  And this Saxonia Datograph Up / Down (Saxon large calendar can display chronograph) only adds the display and large calendar functions in addition to the time, in addition to the large calendar is a major feature of Lange, this must have a reason As a manual watch, the energy display is also an extremely important and practical function. Secondly, the function of this watch is practical. With the development of technology, professional fields have rarely used purely mechanical methods to measure time. But in daily life, the timekeeping function is still the most practical of all the complex functions. In addition, this watch is quite versatile in design, suitable for both formal banquets and leisure sports. Because this watch has undergone a strict time shock test, in addition to its limited water resistance, it is said that it is completely okay to wear it as a Rolex.

  Of course, this watch can capture the hearts of most people. The most important thing is the L951.6 caliber it is equipped with. This caliber has been widely praised and circulated since it was born. In fact, For this movement, I still have some say, because last year I went to the watch factory of Lange to see the production of this movement. As soon as I entered the watch factory, I saw the huge model of this movement first. At that time, I thought, if the model and the table let me choose, I must have this model, because it looks too cool.

  But when this movement had no case and was naked in front of my eyes, I instantly found out that my idea was extremely stupid. Although this movement is smaller than that model and I don’t know how many times, it is more refined than that. The model is numerous times stronger. Overall, the glorious German silver splint, Glashütte stripes, carved balance wheel splint, gooseneck trimmer, blue steel screws, and ruby ​​gold sleeves all highlight Langer’s unique DNA.
  As the most important timing part of this movement, many steel parts and pressure springs are arranged in an intricate arrangement. You must know that as a top-level timing movement, all pressure springs cannot appear in the form of steel wires alone. They must be polished with a single piece of metal. Made, so each compression spring has an extremely beautiful and charming curve. As the heart of the chronograph part, the star wheel, chronograph clutch and minute and second chronograph wheels are perfectly presented by various grinding methods such as wire drawing, polishing, super polishing.
   It is said that even the master Philippe Dufour, who is good at extreme polishing, couldn’t hold it, and the only time he paid for this watch made by his own brand. In the workshop of this movement, I saw with my own eyes an older and experienced watchmaker guiding each young watchmaker to adjust the movement. Although these watchmakers are young, they are focused His eyes and qidingxianxian’s movements far exceeded their natural physiological age.

  Because this movement uses a horizontal clutch device and has a flyback function, in order to get the best button feel, you must rely on the hands of the watchmaker to sense the force of the pressure spring rebound, so I see everyone The watchmakers are constantly making adjustments countlessly, so when I press the Datograph’s timing button, the hand feels very good, which is light, soft, precise and firm. Especially the flyback function. When the zero reset button is pressed during the timing, the chronograph hand quickly returns to zero to start the next period of time. The whole process is clean and neat, with no trace of muddy water.

   I think there is another important reason why this movement is called the most beautiful chronograph movement in the world, and that is the color matching, because before it came out, the world’s watch chronograph movement was nothing but red (ruby Bearing), yellow (brass gear), silver (nickel-plated plywood) old three colors, but the appearance of this movement, the color has been instantly increased to six, the other three are blue steel screws blue; The gold of the gold sleeve and the champagne gold of the German silver splint can be said to completely establish a new aesthetic standard for chronograph movements!
Legendary double chase

1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar

  After we talked about the most widely used ‘King Kong’ of the L951, let’s talk about the other two chronograph King Kongs who have peerless martial arts skills. They are the L101.1 movement on the 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar and the L001.1 movement on the Saxonia Double Split. As everyone knows, the double-tracking chronograph is the king of timing, because it requires two sets of timing systems to operate at the same time, both compatible and inclusive. On the surface, it is one plus one, but it is actually N plus N.

Saxonia Double Split

  Therefore, at present, there can be no more than 10 brands in the world that can fully produce dual-chronograph chronograph watches (even Vacheron Constantin only joined the ranks of top-level self-produced dual-track wristwatches this year). But brands that can have two self-produced dual-track chronograph movements are only Lange and Patek Philippe.

L101.1 movement is a pure dual-chasing movement

  Seeing this, I believe that everyone will definitely ask me, what is the difference between these two dual-tracking movements of Lange? I personally think that the reason why Lange wants to launch two dual-tracking movements, in addition to showing its own powerful In addition to technical strength, more ingredients may be competing with Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe’s two dual-chasing movements, CHR 29-535 and CHR 27-525, the former are ordinary chronograph movements with dual-chasing modules, and the latter are natural dual-chasing movements. The same is true of Lange. The L001.1 movement on the Saxonia Double Split is a superimposed dual pursuit module on the L951 movement, while the L101.1 movement is a pure dual pursuit movement.

The L001.1 movement is a dual pursuit module superimposed on the L951 movement.

  But unlike Patek Philippe, Lange adds a perpetual calendar to the pure dual-chasing movement, while the dual-chasing movement with superimposed modules is not added, while Patek Philippe does the opposite. In fact, there is no standard answer on which movement the perpetual calendar function should be added. The biggest benefit of Lange’s doing this is to provide collectors with more choices and more interesting discussion topics, such as modules. The superimposed dual-chasing movement is not the same as the pure dual-chasing movement. Both have their own characteristics, depending on the preferences of the guests. In short, no matter which Lange dual-tracking movement you choose, All are spires on the spire.
  Summary: L951 movement is hailed as the most beautiful ordinary chronograph movement, L001.1 is recognized as one of the world’s two most beautiful superimposed module dual pursuit movements, and L101.1 is the world’s three most beautiful pure double movements Chase one of the movements. Therefore, there is a chronograph in the world called Lange! (Text / picture watch home Mao Zhuang)

Iwc New Pilot Series Special Edition Eye-catching Landing Beijing

July 19, 2013, Beijing-Internationally renowned watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen in Switzerland presents three new models at its flagship store in Asia, Beijing Fangcao flagship store. Pilot’s Watch TOP GUN Special Edition. On the evening of the event, the famous musician and director Gao Xiaosong, the famous screenwriter Ning Caishen, and many IWC loyal watch fans gathered together to experience the exquisiteness of these new limited editions of IWC watches and talk about the legend of flying. The eye-catching colors of the three new IWC Pilot Series Special Edition watches light up a summer night full of masculinity and enthusiasm, interweaving avant-garde and classic.

Classic and Pioneer write a night of flying legends
 That evening, IWC Beijing Fangcao flagship store, elegant and full of chic details, was decorated as a legendary flying space: exquisite and precious models of legendary fighters, eye-catching pilot costumes and equipment, and a shocking simulated flight experience for guests. Create an immersive winged sky atmosphere. The famous musician and director Gao Xiaosong, and the famous screenwriter Ning Caishen, as a lover of IWC, came to the scene with a dream of flying, felt the brand’s unique masculinity, and appreciated the unique charm of pilot watches, and experienced IWC. The flying passion brought by IWC. Many active pilots and flight enthusiasts are also invited to attend appointments, participate in activities, talk about and appreciate the history and wonderfulness created by IWC pilot watches.

 The IWC watch from Schaffhausen, Switzerland, combines the founder’s American avant-garde spirit with the Swiss tradition of pure watchmaking. Since the mid-1930s, it has been manufacturing sturdy and reliable timepieces for pilots. Since the birth of the first pilot watch in 1936, IWC’s pilot watch has gone through 77 years of glorious history, becoming the most iconic series in the IWC watch family, and the watch that IWC watch fans love most. series. On the evening, many IWC fans took part in the IWC Pilot’s Watch, which they have collected for many years, to attend the event and share the display. There were some rare limited edition pilot watches in the collection that were highly sought after by many watch fans. As watch fans say: IWC’s superb technical beauty created by its outstanding technical expertise, and its spirit of innovation, passion, and perfection have inspired their love of IWC, allowing these timepieces to rise to their hearts. Priceless treasure.
New eye-catching colors, flying fighters flutter into the sky
 Throughout the grand history of the IWC Pilot’s Watch, its models always adhere to the avant-garde, masculine, and aggressive design style. The highly recognizable surface design is reminiscent of the sophisticated and sophisticated instruments in the cockpit of the fighter plane, which awakens the inner heart of men. Adventurous spirit everywhere. The most noticeable night of the event was three new pilot series special edition watches: the large pilot series TOP GUN with red hands and hour markers special edition watch model (model IW502903); accompanied by Special Edition for TOP GUN Navy Air Force Watches Store Special Edition (model IW501903) with green hands and hour markers; and Special Edition TOP GUN Navy Air Force Chronograph Store Special Editions (model IW388003) with blue hands and hour markers ). The jet’s instrument display will be displayed in different colors at night. The designers of IWC were inspired by these three special edition watches to make the brand’s popular TOP GUN navy air combat wristbands. The watch family added eye-catching colors, which made many guests fall in love at first sight.

 The TOP GUN series is named after the special training course ‘Fighter Tactical Guidance’ provided by the US Navy Fighter Defense School (its famous alias is TOP GUN). Anyone who can steer the most modern jet and successfully complete the course will be the most trained, responsive and brave world-class elite pilot. Since 2007, the TOP GUN navy air force series has become the star series of IWC pilot watches. The TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Force series is equipped with the classic functions of a traditional pilot’s watch, while combining advanced technology, high-tech materials and modern design elements to show masculinity. The hour and minute hands of all models, the markers at the ‘3 o’clock’, ‘6 o’clock’ and ‘9 o’clock’ positions, and the triangle signs at the ’12 o’clock’ position are covered with luminous elements to ensure that Time can be read clearly with poor visibility. The entire TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Force series is equipped with IWC-made movements.
 All three new watches are made of high-tech ceramic case, and the bottom and crown are made of titanium, which is durable, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Among them, the special edition of the TOP GUN Navy Air Force Perpetual Calendar Watch Store is equipped with a variety of complex functions, such as a perpetual calendar with a four-digit year display, a permanent moon phase display, and a 7-day power reserve display. The small windows at the ’12 o’clock’ position show the states of the moon phases in the northern and southern hemispheres, respectively. The black high-tech ceramic case is equipped with one of IWC’s highest-performance automatic winding movements: the 51614 caliber equipped with the highly efficient Pillerton winding system. This watch is one of the most sophisticated pilot watches ever made by Schaffhausen IWC. The bottom of the table is engraved with a beautiful TOP GUN badge pattern, limited to 250 pieces worldwide, unique and precious.

 The special edition of the TOP GUN Navy Air Force Watch Store Special Edition is a perfect fusion of the simple instrument style of the 1940s and the top technology of the 21st century. It is equipped with IWC’s self-made 51111 movement, which can run for 7 days after being fully wound. The bottom of the table is engraved with a beautiful TOP GUN badge pattern, limited to 500 pieces worldwide.
 The special edition of the Pilot Series TOP GUN Naval Air Force Chronograph Watch has anti-magnetic protection and a glass watch mirror that can withstand sudden pressure drops. The watch is equipped with IWC-manufactured 89365 movement, which can provide 68 hours of power reserve. The dial has a classic cockpit design, and the date display is very similar to the shape of the altimeter. The central chronograph hand can display the chronograph record accurate to the second, and the small dial at the ’12 o’clock’ position displays the minute running time. With the integrated flyback function, just press the reset button, the chronograph hands will return to zero, and you can start a new timekeeping immediately. The bottom of the table is engraved with a beautiful TOP GUN badge pattern, limited to 500 pieces worldwide.
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Elegant And Stylish Tasting Bao Qilai Malilong Peripheral Watch

The Maliron series is a symbol of the traditional watchmaking technology of Bucherer. The brand-made new CFB A2050 movement is self-evident in the Maliron series. The new Malilong Peripheral watch can be regarded as the contemporary cutting-edge technology and traditional watchmaking technology. Perfectly crystallized. Here we appreciate this rose gold watch, the official model: 00.10917.03.23.01.

   Maliron Peripheral watches have strengthened the position of the brand of Bucherer creative watchmaking, and witnessed the official launch of the CFB A2000 movement series, which has been researched and developed for 100 years by itself. The CFB A2050 movement is the first functional movement in the CFB A2000 series. It has functions such as a center hour and minute hands, a small 6 o’clock second hand, and a 3 o’clock date display.

   The carefully carved round case houses the CFB A2050 movement, which is elegant and full of elegance; the case lines are simple and soft, and the contrast of polished and matte texture is very pleasing; the dial design details, including the delicate wedge-shaped hour markers And pointed sword-shaped faceted pointers, etc., are the exclusive style of the Mali Long series.

   The elegant temperament of Maliron Peripheral watches and the cutting-edge engineering technology complement each other: Bao Qilai launched the CFB A1000 calibre years ago, becoming the first brand to mass-produce the automatic movement of the oscillating outer edge at that time. The brand was developed based on it The new movement CFB A2050 launched this year, which is also powered by a two-way outer oscillating weight on the chain, has a simple and compact structure, which has won the first technology and aesthetics of Bao Qilai; the Geneva stripes of the movement plywood and balance wheel plywood are polished. The exquisite decoration is a tribute to the watchmaking tradition of the Swiss watchmaker; the power reserve of the movement is about 55 hours, making the new Maliron series a reliable timepiece on the elegant Junyan wrist.
   Baselworld 2016 will present us with a beautiful and unique visual feast. We look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click on the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Show You The Classic Culture Of Jewelry Watches

Carl F. Bucherer, to show you the classic culture of jewelry watches
   Carl F. Bucherer, a well-known Swiss watch brand founded in 1919, has created countless classic timepieces for hundreds of years with superb watchmaking technology and jewelry setting technology. Whether it is a luxurious and magnificent jewellery watch or a mechanical watch with complex functions, it has been loved by people pursuing ‘independence and self-determination.’
The first flagship store in mainland China was opened in Beijing on October 10, 2008. During this time, a number of world limited edition treasure watches were exhibited in China for the first time. Taste the time art and culture of the century-old Swiss family brand Bucherer watches.
Collection of limited edition women’s jewelry watches first exposed in Beijing
   At the press conference and dinner, the brand’s limited edition Alacria Royal jewelry watch series has been displayed. Three models in the series, including ruby, sapphire and orange gemstone watches, were first shown together in Beijing, China. Alacria Diva Orange Sapphire and Alacria Diva Sapphire; Alacria Diva Wildcat, Alacria Diva Gothic, this watch world It is limited to only 25 pieces and is only on display for one day in Beijing. VIPs from all walks of life will be able to admire these rare and rare works of art in the Bucherer Beijing store.
Alacria Royal Limited Edition Jewellery Watch
   Inspired by the diamond watch that was dedicated to the 72nd birthday of Queen Sirikit of Thailand in 2004, this edition of Bucherer was set with 282 first-class rubies, the only one in the world. In 2008, the Basel Swiss Watch Fair, Bucherer launched three models of the Alacria Royal series, with sapphire, ruby ​​and orange gems as its theme. The 18K white gold case is set with 606 top Wesselton VVS diamond And natural first-class gems, full-hand diamond setting technology. The three Alacria Royals are a collection of Bucherer’s century-old exquisite watchmaking technology and traditional jewelry craftsmanship. Each production is limited to 25 pieces, witnessing the watch factory’s accomplishments to a higher level, arrogant peers. For the first time in this exhibition, three ruby, sapphire and orange gems will be displayed in Beijing at the same time.
Alacria Diva Limited Edition Orange Sapphire Precious Watch
   This pair of unparalleled art made of pure natural gemstones: Alacria Diva Orange Jewelry “Emerald” and Alacria Diva Sapphire “Emerald” 18K white gold watch. Each gemstone is naturally mined, and a gemstone of the same color and grade must be carefully selected to make a watch. It is extremely difficult to find orange gems or sapphires of the same color and size, not to mention the collection of 92 pure natural first-grade orange gems or 52 pure natural first-grade sapphires, with a limit of 25 pieces worldwide. The orange gem ‘Emperor’ is made of 18K white gold. It is a pure natural first-class orange gem (92 8.9 cards in total). The square cut of the orange gem is even more luxurious. Equipped with 154 VVS-grade diamonds (0.8 calories), full-hand diamond setting, all natural gemstones are accompanied by a gem certificate. In the same field, another Alika sapphire ‘Emperor’ was also exhibited for the first time in Beijing.

Manero MonoGraph Women’s Single Button Chronograph Watch
   The Maliron single-button chronograph watch has a diameter of 35 mm, and is available in stainless steel or rose gold. Both are available in diamond models with 50 diamonds. The winding movement has a power reserve of 42 hours; the column wheel structure makes the timing process more accurate and smooth. On the three-layered dial of the watch, the mother-of-pearl, glittering diamonds and complex timepieces display a well-balanced layout. The sapphire crystal glass back shows the movement of the movement, which is the perfect crystal of machinery and art , Also symbolizes the exquisite union of complex timepiece functions and elegant feminine charm.

Patravi ChronoGrade six functions chronograph
   Bellavi Chronograde chronograph with six functions, integrating timekeeping, flyback timing, dial-back hour timing, big calendar, annual calendar, power reserve display function, plus dial-back hour timer technology, is a watch fan dream Masterpiece of timepiece. The screw-down crown and case back ensure a water-resistant depth of 50 meters; the soft calfskin strap or tough stainless steel bracelet is equipped with a folding clasp for more comfortable and secure wearing on the wrist. The self-winding CFB 1902 caliber developed by Baucherlet can provide a power reserve of 42 hours, and the high / low status of stored energy is displayed through the 6 o’clock dual-arm needle. This unique ‘coaxial dual rotation’ energy storage display mode is the brainchild of Bucherer’s own research and development.

Patravi TravelTec FourX FourX
   Plavi TravelTec FourX not only accurately displays the three time zones, but also fully utilizes the characteristics of four materials: palladium, titanium, ceramics and rubber-ceramic bezel, hollow dial, screw-in rubber crown , Rubber timing button, titanium time zone button, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, showing the high-tech design concept. Automatic movement with see-through dial. The 4:30 position of the watch mirror is a magnifying glass, with the bright red calendar window frame, to display the date more clearly. Integrating multiple complex functions in a small space has set a new standard for watchmaking technology, making Plavi TravelTec FourX the hall of timepieces.

Bucherer-made movement CFB A1000 self-winding movement debuts in Asia
   After three years, Bucherer actively invested resources in the research and development of self-made movements. In 2008, the CFB A1000 automatic winding movement was officially born, witnessing a new milestone in the development of watchmaking technology. The Bucherer-made movement, the CFB A1000 automatic winding movement, has been awarded two patents: a peripheral winding rotor with a highly efficient suspension and a dual adjustment system that improves accuracy. The concept, structure and workmanship of the entire movement are perfect. The CFB A1000 calibre developed by Bucherer has been developed by the Bucherer watchmaker from conception, manufacture to completion. It marks that Bucherer is moving towards a higher level of watchmaking goals. At this exhibition, the self-winding movement CFB A1000 made by Bucherer made its first appearance in Asia. Guests can see the exquisite movement of the movement.

The collection of treasure-quality antiques from the Bucherer Museum stunning the city
   Bucherer’s jewellery setting technology has always been proud of its peers. In the process of manufacturing jewellery watches, it has always implemented the brand philosophy: all diamonds are carefully selected, and they insist on setting diamonds by hand and setting up factories. It is out of this enthusiasm that its jewellery watches are well-received by the nobles, who used to design and manufacture special models for the royal family. To celebrate the grand opening of the first Bucherer flagship store in Beijing, China, three valuable treasure and antique collection watches from the Bucherer Museum were specially transported from Switzerland to surprise the whole city.

1939—Art Deco Women’s Watch
Barrel-shaped platinum 950/000 case set with 72 diamonds, 1.3 carat net weight, black braided strap.
1960—Platinum Diamond Women’s Watch
Set with 181 diamonds, round diamonds, square diamonds and pear-shaped diamonds totaling 22.6 carats. At the time, the value was 55,000 Swiss francs, enough to buy an old castle!
1960—Platinum Diamond Women’s Watch
18K white gold set with 62 diamonds, a collection of 18 polygonal diamonds and 44 single diamonds, weighing a total of 1 carat. Equipped with a manual winding movement, 17 stone, 12-hour scale.

October 2008 ‘Baucher Lay’s Watch Exhibition’ in Beijing
   With the grand opening of the Bucherer flagship store in Beijing, China in October 2008, four well-known department stores in the same city of Beijing also held a Carl F. Bucherer watch exhibition. Watch enthusiasts can not only taste various precious Bucherer watches in the flagship store of Baoqilai in Wangfujing, Beijing, but also enjoy the famous watches from Bucherer: (October 15), Bucherer counter on the first floor of Building 2 of Sogo Department Store (September 30-October 31), Emperor Watch & Jewellery of Sete Department Store (October 8-October 20), Parkson Emperor Watches & Jewellery Store (October 13-October 28).