Montblanc Viller 1858 Series Tourbillon Chronograph

As the latest member of Montblanc Viller’s 1858 series, the ExoTourbillon tourbillon chronograph has innovative technological improvements that push the tourbillon technology to a higher level.

Montblanc Villeret 1858 Series ExoTourbillon Tourbillon Chronograph
New generation tourbillon technology revolution

The latest addition to Montblanc Viller’s 1858 series: ExoTourbillon Chronographe (Tourbillon Chronograph) with innovative technical improvements, standard dial dial with center minute hand, off-center two time hour dial (with day and night display), small seconds and 30 The minute timer, and the most striking balance wheel placed outside the tourbillon, is larger than the tourbillon frame.

The ExoTourbillon tourbillon chronograph is the first timepiece in the Villeret 1858 series to integrate chronograph and tourbillon. The timing system has a traditional column wheel and horizontal clutch, and the four-minute tourbillon is an unprecedented technology. Innovation, the combination of the two spirits and gods is rare, which shows the level of accomplishment of ‘Montblanc Menela Advanced Watch Technology Institute’.

What does the tourbillon do? Because the balance of the movement and the balance spring are affected by the gravity of the center of gravity, the center of gravity of the two is not aligned with the axis of the balance, which is even worse when the watch is placed vertically, because the balance is affected by the side of the center of gravity. Own bias. If the balance wheel is installed in a tourbillon frame that rotates around its own axis, then the lateral center of gravity of the balance wheel and hairspring also moves around the center of the tourbillon, and the acceleration error of the first 180 degrees (half circle) is second. This is offset by a 180-degree deceleration error. In the long run, the accuracy of the movement is more stable and consistent.

The ExoTourbillon tourbillon chronograph pushes tourbillon technology to a higher level: the balance wheel is separated from the tourbillon and operates on the frame, on the one hand, it is not affected by the escapement structure, and the second is the achievement of the world’s first balance wheel A tourbillon larger than a frame; this innovative structure is also the source of the watch’s name: because the Greek word exo means ‘outside.’ The large balance wheel is installed between two gems. It is neither a cantilever structure nor supported by two splints. The tourbillon rotates on the axis of the two-point positioning bearing.

Montblanc developed this innovative structure because if the traditional tourbillon is to be equipped with a large-size balance wheel, the frame must be correspondingly enlarged, but the smaller tourbillon frame consumes less energy when rotating; and the frame does not need to be supported after the two are separated. The weight of the balance wheel further reduces the loss of kinetic energy; this revolutionary version of the tourbillon consumes 30% less energy than traditional, and the saved energy can be used to drive the timing operation.

Another important advantage is that after the two are separated, the balance is no longer affected by the inertia of the frame and the swing is more accurate. This innovative idea is closely linked with the concept of ‘Montblanc Minerva Advanced Watch Technology Institute’, which continues the Swiss watchmaking process, not forgetting technological innovation, and leading the watchmaking process to the future. The factory has registered patent protection for this new technology. This technology is also exclusive to Montblanc Viller’s 1858 series models. The owner of this new work can watch the large screw balance wheel surrounded by the pearl-shaped bottom plate of the dial at 12 o’clock, and dance freely on the narrow frame.

Montblanc ExoTourbillon Tourbillon Chronograph
Specify pointer layout

The dial source of this new work uses the traditional standard hand layout, with the minutes and chronograph seconds at the center, and the time dials of the two places below; the big circle and small circle layout is like a miniature solar system: the tourbillon at 12 o’clock is the golden sun, and the hour is at 6 o’clock. The disk is the earth. The 24-hour day / night display between the two places between 4 and 5 o’clock is the moon. The small seconds at 9 o’clock and the 30-minute timer at 3 o’clock are the other two stars. The 30-minute timer consists of It is composed of two curved semicircle scales, and the red and white chronograph minute hands with different lengths at both ends display 0 to 15 and 15 to 30 minutes cumulative chronograph, respectively.

Single button column wheel timing technology

Calibre 16.60 chronograph movement is equipped with a chronograph seconds hand, a 30-minute timer, a traditional column wheel and a horizontal clutch. The timing lever is polished by hand, and the joint surface of the lever with the column wheel and the heart-shaped turntable is smooth and flawless. Thanks to the great efforts of the watchmaker, the fine adjustment has been made, so that the accuracy of the part size is within a thousandth of a millimeter ; The steel parts and the V-shaped chronograph wheel plywood that symbolizes the Minerva trademark are chamfered and polished by hand; the craftsman polished the lever with sanding stones, while the splint is decorated with Geneva stripes; large screw balance with Phillips end The hairspring oscillates 18,000 times (2.5 Hz) per hour, making the timing accurate to five minutes and one second. The button in the center of the crown controls the timing start, stop and zeroing procedures.

Time and day / night display

Frequent travellers must love the time function of the new watch: the hollow hour hand of the hour dial displays the local time, and the blue steel hand indicates the home time; when the watch’s main body is in the home place, the two hands overlap and come In another time zone, as long as the button at the 8 o’clock side is pressed to advance the local time hand to the correct position, the home is the day and night by the blue hand of the 24-hour day / night display.

Collectibles of the highest value

Montblanc Villeret 1858 series is produced in a limited edition. The Exo Tourbillon chronograph with tourbillon and chronograph function is more rare, including 1 platinum model, 18K white gold model and 18K rose gold model each.

Platinum and rose gold models are equipped with solid gold dials engraved with patterns on mobile phones. The texture is fine and dense, and the light refraction is very pleasing to the eye. The platinum dials are inlaid with bright mother-of-pearl. The 47 mm case is flawlessly polished and polished, the arched bezel is set with a dense curved crystal glass straight mirror, the crystal glass case back is protected by a bottom cover, and the patented switch of the bottom cover is hidden between the lugs and the strap Hard to detect with the naked eye. The caseback is engraved with Edition Limitée (Limited Collection), Montblanc (Fat Montblanc) and Fait Main à Villeret (manufactured by Villeret). The caseback has the signature of Demetrio Cabiddu Maître Horloger and ‧Kabydu) is the technical director of the institute and is responsible for supervising the development of the MB M16.60 movement. The transparent back reveals Minerva Villeret with gold-plated lettering; the mother-of-pearl Montblanc hexagonal white star logo on the crown button is born from six glaciers on the Mont Blanc peak, and is the best of Montblanc’s 100-year-old top European craft tradition Good symbol.

Exo Tourbillon tourbillon chronograph with crocodile leather strap, 18K rose gold, 18K white gold or platinum pin buckle, is a collector’s dream.

Montblanc Villeret 1858 Series ExoTourbillon Tourbillon Chronograph

Movement specifications

Movement number MBM 16.60

Type of movement Manually wound movement; chronograph function; small seconds, dual time, four-minute tourbillon

Timing Single button timing system with column wheel and horizontal clutch structure

Diameter 38.4 mm, thickness: 10.34 mm

341 341 parts; 51 tourbillon frames

32 sapphires (semicircular arch oval cut)

Power reserve about 55 hours

Balance wheel Screw balance wheel, diameter 14.5mm, inertia 59 mgcm2

Wobble frequency 18,000 times per hour (2.5 Hz)

Gossamer Phillips end curve hairspring

Base plate Rhodium-plated nickel-silver alloy base plate, double-sided pearl pattern sanding

Splint rhodium-plated nickel-silver alloy base plate, Geneva stripe polished

Drive wheel system Gold-plated faceted wheel arm, wheel bearing surface diamond polished

The standard time display at 6 o’clock is the hour dial of the two places;

Centered minute hand, small seconds at 9 o’clock; 24-hour day and night display at 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock

Chronograph display Central chronograph seconds hand; 30-minute timer at 3 o’clock

Case specifications

Case Limited platinum, 18K white or rose gold case, curved crystal glass mirror surface;

            Crystal glass case back; case back

Size Diameter: 47 mm, Thickness: 16.67 mm

Water-resistant to 30 meters (3 bar)

Lugs Patented case back switch is located between the lugs

冠 Crown is the chronograph button in the center of the crown

Button Second time zone time adjustment button at 8 o’clock

Dial 18K gold and ruthenium metal phone with carved pattern and Roman numerals;

           Platinum model with mother-of-pearl inlay; hands in 18K gold; Pfinodal chronograph seconds hand

Strap Hand-stitched crocodile leather strap, 18K rose gold, 18K white gold or platinum pin buckle

Limited series 1 platinum model; 8 each in 18K rose gold and 18K white gold models

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