Mike Horn And Panerai Join Hands Again For The Pole2pole Expedition

The watch brand and the famous Swiss South African explorer have once again joined hands in carrying out the POLE2POLE project: a journey around the earth through the poles

 Explorers will wear Panerai’s new special edition watch: LUMINOR SUBMERSIBLE 1950 3 DAYS GMT AUTOMATIC TITANIO — 47 mm 3-day power reserve dual time automatic professional diving titanium watch

November 7, 2016 — Swiss Horner South African explorer Mike Horn and top sports watch brand Panerai join hands to open a new chapter in the cooperation plan. Panerai will become a partner of the Pole2Pole expedition. The two-year journey will cross the polar regions, climbing mountains and wading to complete a feat around the earth.

The brand announced the above cooperation news on the eve of Mike Horn’s departure from Cape Town, South Africa, to Antarctica, and laid the long-term relationship between Mike Horn and Panerai. The brand has sponsored this well-known explorer on many extraordinary adventures, including Arktos (2002-2004), North Pole Winter Expedition (2006) and Pangaea (2008-2012). Mike Horn travels around the world on a sailboat of the same name on a Pangaea journey. He will once again drive Pangaea on a voyage, alternating between land and sea, and exploring some of the distant and inaccessible primitive landscapes on the planet.

Pole2Pole is the culmination of Mike Horn’s adventure career. It reflects his personal values ​​and philosophy more than previous expeditions. It is full of rich experience that has coexisted in harmony with the earth for the past decades. The unparalleled adventure in history has fully realized Mike Horn’s philosophy based on adventure, environment and sharing, inspiring the world to jump out of the existing framework, enjoy the adventure journey, and understand the survival of this one
Planet’s laws of nature. At the same time, environmental information is promoted, and all sectors are called upon to protect our magnificent and extraordinary natural environment when nature is facing a severe crisis and is imminent.

Upholding the same values ​​as Panerai, Mike Horn has infinite enthusiasm for the vast ocean and understands the importance of protecting the earth, which has created a cooperative relationship between the two. Officine Panerai has designed an exceptional travel companion for Mike Horn: the new Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days GMT AutomaticTitanio-47mm 3-day power reserve two-time automatic professional diving titanium watch, which guarantees excellence even in the most difficult challenges Performance, often accompanied by. Limited to 500 watches, it has been tested and proven to withstand any natural conditions encountered by Mike Horn on the go.

LUMINOR SUBMERSIBLE 1950 3 DAYSGMT AUTOMATIC TITANIO — 47mm 3-day power reserve dual time automatic professional diving titanium watch POLE2POLE

Panerai’s new watch for MIKE HORN features many superb technologies to make it the perfect travel companion in extreme environments

 The new Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days GMT Automatic Titanio is a sturdy and reliable titanium professional watch with multiple indispensable functions. It can not only become a good companion for an excellent explorer like Mike Horn, but also A must-have for anyone who loves travel or nature.

New special edition (limited to 500 pieces) watch developed by Panerai Chateau Manufacture, water-resistant to 300 meters, equipped with a rotating bezel to calculate the diving time, the extremely hard case (47 mm diameter) Low-allergenic frosted titanium alloy casting, lighter than steel. The watch is equipped with the P.9001 self-winding movement, which has all the precious functions of travelers, including the date display, a 72-hour long power reserve, and the second time zone function using the central hand to display the first time zone.

Details of the tribute to Mike Horn by Panerai can be found on the watch’s surface and bottom. The midnight blue dial has polka-dot Super-LumiNova® hour-markers, and the watch is printed with yellow POLE2POLE, which echoes the second time zone hand and the small seconds at 9 o’clock, highlighting the uniqueness of sports watches. personality. The back is engraved with the logo of this expedition-the penguins and polar bears that symbolize the north and south poles, and the signature of Mike Horn.

Behind the simple midnight blue dial, the P.9001 self-winding movement independently developed by Panerai Chateau Manufacture is concealed. Its diameter is 13¾ law cents and 29 stones. It is equipped with a variable inertia balance and Incabloc® shockproof function. The movement has a precise structure. The two hairspring barrels are driven in both directions by an automatic turntable. They are continuously wound and provide a three-day power reserve. In addition, the movement is equipped with two time functions, the central hand shows
Home time and hour hand adjustment system is easy to operate. It moves back and forth in one-hour units and is linked with date adjustment.

The new Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days GMT Automatic Titanio 3 Days Power Reserve Dual Time Automatic Professional Titanium Watch (PAM00719) with a black rubber strap and a large trapezoidal matte titanium buckle.

LUMINOR SUBMERSIBLE 1950 3 DAYS GMT AUTOMATIC TITANIO —47mm 3-day power reserve dual time automatic professional diving titanium watch POLE2POLE


Movement: P.9001 automatic winding movement completely developed by Panerai. Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, second time zone display and dive time calculation. Case: 47 mm, matte titanium. Dial: blue dial with luminous hour markers, date display at 3 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock. Power reserve: 72 hours. Water resistance: 30 bar (about 300 meters).

Mike Horn set off from the Monaco Yacht Club for an expedition. The first stop sailed south to Namibia to explore the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world. It then crossed the Okavango delta, the largest inland delta in the world, Botswana. Mike Horn’s next stop is in his hometown of South Africa, where Pole2Pole’s first project, The Shark Project, was implemented and implemented. The plan aims to eliminate the public’s negative prejudice against sharks, increase global environmental awareness, face the crisis facing the ocean, and actively participate in existing local environmental protection projects in South Africa.

Next, Mike Horn will leave Cape Town for Antarctica and cross the ice and snow world through Antarctica. He will then cross Oceania to Asia and sail to the Pacific Ocean, passing through the borders of New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea. After arriving in Asia on the Pangaea (Pan-Continent), Mike Horn will embark on a long road journey, climbing uninhabited peaks in India, and crossing the Tundra region of Kamchatka before heading to the Arctic. He then challenged the limit and crossed the Arctic Circle via the North Pole. Finally, Mike Horn will cross Greenland, the world’s largest island, before returning to Monaco, the departure point, to end this expedition.

In his 25 years of professional adventure, Mike Horn has always pursued first-hand adventures. He has traveled the most remote places in the world, has the courage to challenge all extreme environments, and witnessed the changes of the world with his own eyes. So he decided to combine his knowledge of the earth and the environment and take on the challenge of a great feat — the Pole2Pole Expedition, which crossed the poles and circled the earth.

Pole2Pole is the ‘retirement’ of Mike Horn. This expedition is different from previous journeys. It is not only another initiative. It is also based on sharing, sharing the natural challenges, extreme environments and what we have seen and heard with the public one by one. Experience.

He is committed to encouraging and inspiring the world to step out of the existing framework, step into unknown areas, understand the importance of this planet on which we live, and then take steps to protect the environment.

Pole2Pole’s success is based on three concepts: adventure, environment and sharing. Adventure has always been loved by Mike Horn and the source of its motivation. When he was young, he explored the Namibian jungle, and since then he has taken adventure as a life attitude. Environmental protection has been an issue of increasing concern to him. Over the years, he has slid across polar snowfields and crossed the boundless ocean, witnessing the imminent issue of global warming. By sharing the experience of traveling around the world and praising the beauty of the earth, Mike Horn hopes that the world will open their eyes and face the situation of the earth, and ultimately inspire humans from generation to generation, respect and appreciate the homeland of the earth.

Everything in the world has always been Mike Horn’s playground, source of life and passion. In the face of the magical power or extreme challenges of nature, he will fully express his true identity. He is the kind of person who asks inspiring questions everywhere, for example: ‘On average 30,000 days in life. How would you spend it?’ He has been thinking about his way of life in this way.

Mike Horn is a professional explorer and a contemporary hero. His courage, determination and perseverance elevate him to the highest level. His perseverance is far beyond physical limits: walking through the Arctic in the dark winter; or climbing to 25,000-foot peaks with thin or unsupported oxygen. Although Mike Horn is not afraid, he is concerned that time is limited. He has big plans and infinite creative ideas and adventures in his mind, always afraid that time is not enough to fulfill his dreams.

Mike Horn’s past adventures reflect only one aspect of his true personality. It is difficult to understand the 50-year-old, mysterious explorer and the unique attitude of life reflected in his weather-beaten face. They are unknown because Mike Horn’s thinking mode is different from ordinary people. Rather than asking himself ‘why embark on an adventure?’ He would ask, ‘why not?’ He only cares about what he can do, not what he cannot. Mike Horn is convinced that when you look at the world, you have a greater chance to realize your dreams in life. However, as he often said, ‘If you are not scared of your dreams, it is because they are not big enough.’

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