Mido Launched Three Valentine’s Day Watches To Witness The Moments Of Love That Are Exclusive To The Lover And Commemorate Eternal Love

The Yongyong series launched the first 80-hour long power reserve model, the new model praises the immortal love of the lover. Reproducing the dazzling style of the Royal Albert Hall of the United Kingdom, the delicate lines and harmonious and elegant appearance, paired with silver solar radiation corrugated faceplate, will illuminate Queen Victoria’s love for Prince Albert. The watch is equipped with the latest generation of self-winding movement Caliber 80, providing a power reserve of up to 80 hours, witnessing a unique story and eternal sentiment.
   The Pioneer series was designed in the 1940s, and launched two dazzling rose gold and silver stainless steel pairs for men and women. The gorgeous rose gold case is soft and lustrous, and the surface is embossed by Geneva waves. Love, the bevel-cut diamond pointers and the polygonal hour markers outline the feelings of the past when leaving, and the time will never pass.
Looking back on the Victorian sincerity
   The Royal Albert Hall, London, which was built to promote art and science. It was completed in 1871 and is one of the most famous and important art landmarks in London. The concert hall is designed in Victorian style. The entire building is made of red bricks, centered on a dome glass curtain, and stacked in a concentric circle. Just like the unique architectural beauty it displays, the Yongyong series is inspired by the Royal Albert Hall in Britain, showing the perfect balance of style and elegant and elegant style.

Belluna Caliber 80 Timeless 80 Hour Men’s Watch M024.407.11.033.00

   The Yongyong 80-hour pairing watch continues the long tradition of Swiss Mido manufacturing pairing watch. The classic and extremely elegant men’s and women’s watches are designed for lovers who want to commemorate each other’s love-unique and timeless love, like the watch carefully created by Mido. The exquisite sun-patterned radiant faceplate radiates from the center of the dial, shining and dazzling, exquisitely showing the concentric architectural soul of the Royal Albert Hall. The watch also incorporates retro classic Roman numerals into the modern sense, which perfectly reflects the extreme elegance of the Victorian era. The strap and the case are integrated at the same time, decorated with elegant curved open date windows, showing impeccable artistic aesthetics in the details. Both watches are equipped with the latest automatic movement, which can provide up to 80 hours of power reserve.

Belluna Lady Caliber 80 Timeless 80 Hour Women’s Watch M024.

   The 隽永 series 80-hour watch is protected by double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, polished stainless steel scales and willow-shaped hands. Fans who love Swiss watchmaking machinery will fall in love with this exquisite self-winding movement. You can admire the automatic dial decorated with the Geneva pattern and the MED logo on the transparent back glass. Another waterproof can be up to 50 meters. There are several other models available in this collection.
Reproduced classic expressions Pioneer time flows to witness love
   The Pioneer series came out in 1934. Two years after the completion of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, it was inspired by the fallacy. The design perfectly integrates function and aesthetics. It has passed through 80 years with an eternal design. The detailed lines and contours are clearly consistent. The essence of sports style.

Multifort Caliber 80 Chronometer Pioneer 80 Hour Observatory Certified Men’s Watch M005.431.11.031.00

Multifort Caliber 80 Chronometer Pioneer 80 Hour Observatory Certified Men’s Watch M005.431.36.031.00
   The Pioneer 80-hour Observatory Certified Men’s Watch is equipped with the Swatch Group’s exclusive Caliber 80 Observatory-certified movement for the first time. The power reserve has evolved to 80 hours. Rhodium metal strengthens the moisture-proof and oxidation effect, and the accurate timepiece surpasses a nail, witnessing the gathering of humanities. Delicate sapphire crystal glass treatment, rose gold polygonal polished 12-hour design, easy to read at multiple angles, the face plate is inlaid with three-dimensional embossed gold MIDO words, with brown calfskin strap and PVD rose gold folding buckle Ring, and then show the incredible retro gentleman aesthetic. There is also a silver Geneva plate with a 316L stainless steel strap.
   The 42mm diameter is integrated into the classic steel skeleton structure of the Harbour Bridge, and is imitated with the steel line structure quenched into Geneva ripples on the silver faceplate. The screw-in crown displays the arches standing on both ends of the bridge, with the classic panes of the day and date. , Reproduce the architectural aesthetics of the 1930s, fully reflects the pinnacle of craftsmanship, highlighting the gentleman’s taste.
   Pioneer mother-of-pearl ladies watches are tailor-made for modern women, infused with a variety of female accessories, decorated with flawless mother-of-pearl dials, the natural mother-of-pearl surface exudes the soft color of colorful pearls, as if women’s flawless skin Beautiful and beautiful, the dial is engraved with a straight stripe of metal and steel like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, embellished with elegant rose gold-toned hour hands and mother-of-pearl luster, and the arc-polished case shines as brightly as the sun, fully showing women A fit, rigid and soft body, with black alligator-embossed calfskin leather strap and PVD rose gold folding clasp.

Multifort Lady Mother-of-Pearl M005.

Multifort Lady Mother-of-Pearl M005.

   The date pane at 3 o’clock brings out the romantic and dazzling retro feminine, the see-through back cover, so that the Geneva ripples on the movement and the brand MIDO decoration can be brought into view. With the swing of the balance wheel, the beauty of the movement technology can be fully presented. Redefining the beauty of feminine sports and elegant taste. Another 316L stainless steel chain strap.