Mechanical Watch Movement Quality Improvement Seminar Held In Beibei

Visit the exhibition hall of Beibei during the meeting

 In order to carry out the quality improvement project of mechanical watches and further implement the spirit of the Dandong Summit Forum, on November 8, 2013, Beijing Watch Factory Co., Ltd. organized a mechanical watch movement quality improvement seminar, except for the organizer Beijing Watch Factory Limited. Outside the company, Guangzhou Wuyang Watch Industry Co., Ltd., Guangxi Nanning Watch Factory, Shijiazhuang Zhonggu Watch Industry Co., Ltd. have a total of four mechanical watch movement production enterprises, which are attended by the boss or chief engineer in charge of technology and quality. The meeting was held in Beijing Mr. Li Lihong, Deputy General Manager of Watch Factory Co., Ltd. chaired. Zhao Lingsu and Li Xia, the general manager of Beijing Watch Factory Co., Ltd. and director of the business department of China Watch Association, attended the meeting.

 The meeting focused on in-depth quality internal control standards, customer requirements and feedbacks, technical bottlenecks and process difficulties encountered in production, movement and component inspection methods and improvement measures, etc., and conducted in-depth technical discussions and exchanges. The discussion method uses companies to introduce their own methods and raise questions, and based on this, summarizes the common problems existing in the four companies, and diagnoses each other, answers questions, learns from each other, and proposes solutions.

 Through the introduction of each company, it is agreed that the common problems encountered by the four companies in production at present are mainly concentrated on the four aspects of material and component quality, electroplating heat treatment process control, testing methods and appearance part quality control. In response to these issues, we fully discussed and exchanged. Based on this, led by the general manager of Beijing Watch Factory Miao Hongbo, the workshop director accompanied the production workshops to conduct on-site inspections and more in-depth and detailed exchanges. Such meetings and exchanges The way of discussion combined with fieldwork makes the problem clearer, the measures more specific, and the impression more impressive.

 Finally, Miao Hongbo, the general manager of Beijing Watch Factory Co., Ltd. made a brief summary of the meeting. He said that he was very pleased to see the first reunion of internal issues between enterprises in the past 20 years. This is the first step in the progress of the industry. This baton can’t stop, it should be passed down all the time. At the official invitation of Guangxi Nanning Watch Factory, he announced that the quality improvement seminar ended as the first meeting. The second meeting will be organized by Guangxi Nanning Watch Factory in Nanning at an appropriate time. The second meeting will be even more Intensive research on the issue of quality improvement, especially the requirements for the quality of spare parts, and the exchange of quality for the price, so that the overall quality level of the domestic movement can be truly improved.