Li Yuchun’s Women’s Clothing Becomes The Biggest Highlight Of ‘catch Monsters’? Understand The Usual Style Of Painting.

It’s been going on all the time. The ‘Hunting Monsters 2’ that was not broadcast before the show finally released during the Spring Festival. In this drama, Li Yuchun is the biggest highlight. Why do you say that? Because before, Li Yuchun I knew was this:

   Skillful short hair, bright smile, harvest many little fans in minutes.

    A suit is amazingly handsome, whether it is a plaid or striped suit, you can control it very well.

   A pink suit does not seem to be inconsistent, it is indeed a girl that can be attacked.

   In this ‘Catch the Monster’, Chunchun’s image looks like this:

   In the play, Chunchun showed off her long hair and saw more of Chunchun wearing a suit. The appearance of women’s clothing this time was really amazing.

   In the movie, Li Yuchun plays a female wealthy who bravely pursues love. Regardless of love, it doesn’t matter if he is deceived many times. Her character has a sense of hilarity, and from time to time she winks and pushes her chest, it’s so cute. The mouthful of Sichuan dialect even added a lot to the role, completely subverting my understanding of her for more than a decade.

   In 2005, Li Yuchun quickly spread all over the country with the help of ‘Super Girl’. For more than ten years since his debut, Li Yuchun has always insisted on his own uniqueness, not impetuous or hyped, and quietly making his own music. Li Yuchun’s songs accompanied the post-90s teens, and we were sung and sung, such as ‘Old Without Crazy’, ‘Shu Xiu’ and ‘Like You’.
   Li Yuchun has appeared on the cover of Time Magazine and has been the finale guest of the Jiangsu New Year’s Eve Party for 11 consecutive years. What is her reason? I think she relied on her arrogant attitude and hard work to temper her will. All these years, apart from attending events, recording shows, and attending various ceremonies, she has basically had no scandal. I am very happy that Li Yuchun has become her own life. Who said that a girl must have long hair and a long skirt? Li Yuchun told us that girls can live so smartly.
   In terms of fashion, Li Yuchun has already collaborated with international designers from various countries.

     In 2013, Li Yuchun surprised Cannes with a red shirt of GarethPugh.

   In 2016, Chunchun appeared at the Cannes Film Festival in Julien Fournié’s haute couture long black dress. With short fresh hair, it was screaming.

   The 2017 Cannes Film Festival once again subverted the image.

   In 2016, following Givenchy, Chunchun became the GUCCI Asian watch jewelry ambassador. The group of blockbusters shot was also handsome. Not much to say, look at the picture yourself:

   In the choice of watches, it is quite in line with their own style.

   An off-white elegant women’s dress, with a green GUCCI watch, is hard to imagine.

   A Western clothing with this LEMARCHÉDESMERVEILLES series watch, domineering side leakage.

   The pink suit with this white minimalist watch, although low-key, is still fashionable.

   Li Yuchun has been trying new fields, and the appearance in ‘Catch Monsters’ is a breakthrough for her, and we look forward to her more challenges. In the end, she ended with a line of lyrics: ‘Who can forget the injuries that came along with you all the way, who can predict where the future is long and where you are, smile on your face, and sing loudly like you, applaud yourself.’