Lange A.Lange & Söhne 3600 Years Of History

The production of Nebra Sky Disk and RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ is nearly 3600 years apart. The former is the oldest astrological disk, while the latter depicts the current map of the earth, moon, and sun. Both have the same goals and both represent the mutual orientation of celestial bodies as accurately as possible.

A contemporary and ancient way of depicting the night sky: RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ in front of the Nebra’s horoscope

RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ is one of the most watched new works of 2014. Whether it’s front or back, this extraordinary watch is fascinating: the front has a historic hour dial, perpetual calendar and large calendar display, and the back has a track moon phase display. This miniature astronomical device uses three rotating disks to form a constellation map of the earth, moon, and sun, and simultaneously displays the phases of the moon. Its design is extremely precise, and the watch only needs one day of correction after 1058 years of operation. Deep blue solid 18K gold celestial discs, set with 2116 glittering stars with precise technology, are fascinating. The famous Nebra horoscope was unearthed less than 200 kilometers outside the town of Glashütti a few years ago, and has since found more treasures nearby. The discovery was a sensation. The Nebra astrological disk, made 3600 years ago in central Europe, is by far the oldest manifestation of the universe. Mysterious patterns show the origin of human recorded time.

‘Terraluna’ in front of the Nebra astrological chart

The producer of the Nebra astrological plate is no longer available. He just assembled several gold-made inset scales on a bronze plate with a diameter of 32 cm. accurate. The focus of the astrological disk lies on the full moon and crescent moon with 32 stars. The seven stars gathered between the two moons are the symbol of the Pleiades cluster. These stars will disappear in the night sky in March and reappear in the morning sky in October, representing the time of spring sowing and autumn harvest. These are the two most important moments in the agricultural calendar. The arc at the edge of the astrological disk also has a calendar function. The summer solstice can be determined when the astrological disk is aligned with its discovery location, the sunset at Mittelberg near Nebra and pointing towards the Brocken Mountain, the peak of the Harz mountain, about 85 kilometers away. The date of the winter solstice.

RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR “ Terraluna ” perpetual calendar details

The knowledge left on the Nebra astrological disk makes it a major milestone in human history. It also witnessed the first attempt by humans to understand and record celestial processes. RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ combines modern astronomical knowledge and superb hand-made watchmaking skills to accurately reproduce the trajectory of the moon phase of the next millennium, and is equipped with a calendar that does not need to be adjusted 2100 years ago. This is the result of Langer’s in-depth exploration of astronomy and the use of research to continuously produce innovative designs. In this respect, Lange watchmakers are as aggressive as the earliest astronomers in the world.

RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ combines modern astronomical knowledge and superb hand-made watchmaking skills

Updated: 27. November 2020 — 0:02
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