Introduction Of Iwc Automatic 2000 Watches

The author has always liked the elegant taste brought by the appearance of IWC, large surface and simple design, which makes people often give people elegant style. As an IWC sports watch, Aquatimer Automatic The crisp, bright colors and glandular strips of the 2000 give it a very reliable feel, simple, steady, and approachable.

We know that diving requires scuba equipment to make people stay in the water. It is an extreme sport with limited time. In addition to professional diving equipment, a reliable diving watch is indispensable. There are many types of watches on the market. IWC has a wealth of case manufacturing experience. The Aquatimer 2000 series, as its name implies, can withstand the pressure of 2000 meters at sea depth. As the waterproof king of the marine timepiece series, it inherits such excellent bloodlines. Wearing it will definitely enhance the professionalism of watch appreciation. Although wearing IWC in the print can be like a handsome and handsome gentleman, the sportiness of this Aquatimer Automatic 2000 is just as enchanting. There is a bottom line under each pointer number on the rotating bezel, which adds dynamic.

The situation map on the official website gives a handsome image, a feeling of ‘yes, the diving watch is to be worn like this’ and ‘the diving watch is to be taken to dive’. IWC launched the first Aquatimer with a water resistance of 200 meters in 1967, which caused a sensation with the function of waterproofing 2000 meters.

In 1982, IWC produced Ocean 2000 for PORSCHE DESIGN. The titanium case and the waterproof function up to 2000M made collectors love it, so Ocean 2000 has rarely been circulated in the second watch market until now.
Aquatimer Automatic 2000 watch 俓 44mm, this size gives a sense of space on the dial layout, the color and design still meet the simple and stylish sense of IWC, rectangular hour markers are located on the white dial, the width ratio of the hour and minute hands It feels mature and stable; the design of the large watch is actually more convenient for reading when diving. The newly developed rotating bezel replaces the previous inner ring. This change is the main feature of the 2009 IWC Aquatimer series. . The big time target design makes people feel generous and very pleased. The newly developed rotating case has a blue and green combination, and the time-scale fluorescent color on the surface is like green with blue. This model has ‘Backlighting’ The rotating diving outer ring is a convincing design by IWC engineers: inside the multifunctional outer ring is a 4mm wide sapphire glass ring, and the bottom is coated with a concentrated Super-LumiNova & reg; luminous coating, which is especially suitable for night diving.

There are four models with two surfaces and two straps on the official website. The black surface with yellow scale and the 1/4 on the rotatable bezel. The collocation emphasizes the beauty of simplicity and stability. I like the combination of yellow and black with a metal strap and white with a black rubber strap. And technically speaking, bright yellow must reach a very deep bottom to be filtered out and invisible, which is an important special design. This color scheme is the second model of the Aquatimer 2000. The main body is a white surface, the 1/4 rotatable outer ring is white, and the orange numbers are matched. The ends of the hour, hour and second hands are orange.

The series name ‘Aquatimer’ also appeared for the first time in small font on the dial. This pairing is also a rubber strap, which is not the same as the black rubber strap above. The strap has ribbed embossing. Orange and blue are originally contrasting colors, which can really highlight your personal style. This is a black and orange metal bracelet version on white, each with its own flavor, but the author still prefers the black rubber strap. The white surface is equipped with orange hour and hour markers, plus a black rubber strap. Even though most of the time, the metal bracelet is more appreciated, but the dynamic seal of this watch still makes people think that it should be matched with a black rubber strap. . When it comes to bracelets, I should mention the IWC stainless steel bracelet system and the black rubber strap with pin buckle. Aquatimer uses an innovative quick-change system for the bracelet. The buckle of the protected inner buckle of the bracelet or strap can be opened by pressing it with your fingers. It only takes a few seconds to change to the bracelet or strap. You can also choose the buckle type extension strap, which is the type of extension bracelet for the convenience of wearing on the wetsuit.

The Aquatimer Automatic 2000 dive watch is the same as the previous model in the series. This model is based on the 30110 automatic movement. The crown can be pulled out to stop the second hand for adjustment. The design of the bottom cover is quite thick, because the water resistance can reach 2000M. In order to resist the strong pressure under the water, it obviously protrudes from the case body. It is a special design for the screw-in bottom cover.

On both sides, you can see that the ‘shortcut’ 30110 automatic winding movement that can quickly replace the bracelet by pressing with a finger. This is a movement modified by IWC based on ETA 2892A2. It has a two-way automatic winding function and an eccentric screw fine-tuning device. , Thickness is only 3.6mm, has 21 ruby ​​bearings, with date display, pull out the crown to stop the second hand for adjustment. The main parts of the watch, such as clockwork, hairspring, and gear train, are all of the highest grade or manufacturer-specific specifications in order to improve the stability and accuracy of the operation. Therefore, the grade is much higher than the ordinary ETA 2892A2, and the surface of the movement is polished It is also of a high level.

Finally, to share the professional specifications of this watch:
Aquatimer Automatic 2000
Brand: IWC
Core: CAL.30110 automatic winding movement
Movement elements: vibration frequency 28.800vph / 21 stones
Function: hour, minute, second, date display
Water resistance: 2000 meters
Power reserve: 42 hours
Table diameter: 44 mm
Material: stainless steel case / sapphire crystal glass