International Trade Montblanc Sky Pen Exhibition Sale High-end Cocktails Become Charitable Initiative

Recently, an extremely luxurious Montblanc limited edition exhibition and wine reception was held exclusively at New World Department Store Guomao! The high-end exquisite exhibits made the top VIPs enjoy a lavish feast!

 Montblanc, an international brand that represents elegance and timelessness, sells limited edition fountain pens and exquisitely crafted watches. One of the Baolong One Fund ink pens worth about 249,000 yuan is the most eye-catching! Platinum precision casting, condensing the top-level hollow technology, the pen body is set with crystal clear flawless diamonds, which attracted the guests at the scene. And this ‘high price’ ink pen even contains lofty goodwill!
The reporter learned that this ink pen was specially created in support of One Foundation, a charity founded by Mr. Jet Li. It is limited to 30 pieces worldwide, and each Montblanc sold will contribute 5,000 Euros to One Foundation!
New World Department Store has successfully hosted many high-end brand cocktail parties over the years. Valuable branded luxury goods have often landed in China World Trade Center, invited the city’s top business elites and celebrities to come and become a gathering place for high-end high-end tastings! The combination of luxury and charity allows customers to immerse themselves in high-end quality life and enjoy the spiritual satisfaction brought by charity to help others! The reception will continue until April 7.

Updated: 1. July 2021 — 12:04
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