Icaré 2 Glider And Seiko’s New Solar Flight Watch

Built by the development team of the Flugzeugbau Institute at the University of Stuttgart, icare 2 is the world’s most advanced glider. Not only does it not rely on any petrochemical fuel, the solar automatic power generation design on the fuselage enables it to take off without the use of a winch or other assistance.

As part of its Clean Energy, Clear Thinking initiative, Seiko is proud to support the project. Seiko is a global leader in energy-efficient watchmaking, determined to create energy-efficient products with the most energy-efficient equipment, and to lead the watch industry to a more sustainable future.

Seiko’s new solar flight watch defines new standards for flight watches. Not only does it provide a rotary slide rule and timing function for pilots, its solar cell can be powered by various light sources, and its energy can be stored for up to six months even in complete darkness. The watch can be fully recharged in just five hours in clear sunshine, and never requires battery replacement. It is clear from its deep black dial that Seiko’s solar technology is unique. With this new generation of Seiko technology, the dial of a solar watch can be opaque, allowing the required light source to pass under the solar cell. Now, thanks to the new generation of high-efficiency Seiko solar movements, the dial can be pure black, giving pilots maximum visibility while reading.
Just like icaré 2, the Seiko Solar Flight Watch is the latest green energy technology.
Source: Seiko

Updated: 14. July 2015 — 14:39
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