Happy Sport Oval Watch The Happy Sport Collection Presents A Beautiful And Charming Oval Watch. Ingenious, Extreme Elegance, Soft And Charming

25 years ago, a HappySport series watch combining the spirit of independence, modern temperament and free and smart design was born. Today, the collection incorporates the spirit of rebellion into an ultra-elegant new work, with an oval case equipped with an automatic movement specially developed by Chopard.

HappySport series: a new interpretation of time

   In 1993, Caroline Scheufele, co-president of Chopard, upholding the spirit of advancing with the times, pioneered the combination of stainless steel and diamond to design a sports watch-HappySport series, Called a bold avant-garde innovation. The diamonds on the dial follow the spirit of HappyDiamonds, as dancers freely spin between two layers of sapphire glass, and this unique design quickly made the HappySport series watch the icon of the Geneva brand Chopard. The field is leading.

Oval Case: Timeless Heritage

   The free spirit blends ancient and modern, and now shines on the oval case. The HappySport series has long been launched in the oval watch, and the new work reinterprets it. The new ideas follow the trend from the fashion industry to the watchmaking industry, and pay tribute to the eternal feminine charm through a lighter and harmonious proportion. The lines of the new HappySport series of watches outline a chic oval shape, presenting elaborate proportions, and becoming more beautiful. The bezel draws inspiration from elegant lines of solid and solid. It is thinner at 12 and 6 o’clock, and thicker at 3 and 9 o’clock, giving the watch and wrist a delicate and unique temperament. The HappySport watch reinterprets the oval shape with its own aesthetic concept, showing this style charm that symbolizes richness and timelessness in many cultures. The oval is the shape of an egg, and the egg is a unique breeder. It contains a flourishing future. Victor Hugo has long understood this: ‘To find talent in the seemingly least talented person. I sometimes write on the egg: This is a bird.’ (Post-scriptumdemavie, 1901) The closed oval-shaped hatching house is conceived of all possible possibilities, brewing the transformation of the future. On the dial of the HappySportOval watch, the bright future is opened every second.

   The HappySport watch has an 18K rose gold bezel. Its crocodile leather strap is available in a range of colors ranging from noble royal blue to extreme fashion deep navy blue. On the silver guilloché dial, seven HappySport’s signature agile diamonds swirl. The more feminine jewellery models use pink sapphires instead of diamonds and gorgeously embellish the bezel. Two smart diamonds, two smart pink sapphires and three smart rubies spin freely on the delicate and moist mother-of-pearl dial. This jewellery watch is equipped with a distinguished and elegant rose-red alligator leather strap with exquisite details.

The watchmaker’s home-made movement: a modern spirit

   To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the HappySport series, Chopard blends it with another mainstay of the family’s brand history, the watchmaking workshop, to open a new era in the HappySport series. Chopard uses the exquisite watchmaking process to equip the HappySportOval watch with a 09.01-C automatic mechanical movement specially developed for the 30mm diameter women’s watch case, which elegantly sets off the attractive women who choose HappySportOval. Softness and gracefulness, excellent performance, vivid and interesting, avant-garde and unrestrained, precious, and found the flavor of the generation … Chopard’s classics rely on various extraordinary qualities, can be called a masterpiece of concentrated watch essence. This piece shows the closer integration of Chopard’s two outstanding departments-Chopard will bring together all the craftsmanship and skills of the brilliant achievements of fine watches and fine jewellery to facilitate this integration.

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Updated: 5. May 2021 — 14:30
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