Gucci 2014 New Watch Debut In Taiwan

Last year, Gucci relied on the movement provided by Girard Perregaux to create a high-end men’s diving watch, and launched the first shot for the brand to enter the field of advanced watches. The Handmaster series is Gucci’s second fine watch. On the other hand, the brand has also added many wonderful works to the existing entry styles, including the thin G-Timeless Slim series men’s watch, Interlocking large-scale dark gray PVD watch, reduced-size G-Chrono ceramic watch, etc. And the newly added Horsebit women’s watch series of women’s watches, just the right size, elegant and pleasant appearance, showcasing Gucci’s decorative style, once again caught the attention of ladies.

 A few days ago, Gucci introduced the 2014 new watch to Taiwan, and invited Ruisha and Chen Chuxiang to explain the new look of Gucci men and women, and new models will be listed in Taiwan soon.

 Inspired by the equestrian movement of Florence’s high society, Gucci launched the Moccasin men’s shoes with horsebit chain decoration in 1953, which surprised many celebrities. Later, Gucci used horsebit chain elements in a large number, leather goods, jewelry It can be seen even on sunglasses, and the horse title chain is undoubtedly one of the symbolic features of Gucci.

 This year Gucci launched the new Horsebit women’s watch series with the horse title chain as an element. This is not the first time Gucci has put a horsebit chain style on a watch, but the new Horsebit series has more ingenious feminine elements, including 28mm fine size, soft and smooth case curves, like a bracelet Ornament-like appearance, some models with mother-of-pearl and diamond decoration, more bezel-set diamond watch style, to meet the different needs of women.

 In recent years, Gucci has continued to write more on mechanical watches to meet the different needs of consumers. The G-Timeless Slim series men’s watch launched this year is the focus of this new work. The three new G-Timeless Slim models retain the streamlined shape of this series, equipped with an ETA 2895 self-winding movement, with a diameter of 40mm and a full watch thickness of 9mm. The appearance of the watch has Gucci classic features, including the dial The diamond pattern on the top, and the double G Logo on the back of the leather strap. In addition, the representative G letter is also written on the side of the crown. The simple tone still retains playfulness.

 Gucci added a small-size style to the G-Chrono series ceramic watch this year. In addition to the original 44mm style, it added a small size of 38mm. It is suitable for women or men with thin wrists. The case is made of ceramic and stainless steel, and the G-shaped frame is the key feature of this watch. In addition, the chronograph push button part is also ingenious, and the thickened end is more convenient for operation. But overall, the addition of the G-frame makes this watch a bit thick.

 In addition, Gucci launched the 44mm style on the G-Chrono series. Not only has the size been increased, the central decoration on the dial has been changed to a vertical guilloché pattern, which makes the style more straightforward; as for the case, PVD gold and black contrast , Both sporty and fashionable.

Updated: 25. October 2020 — 20:59
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