Fu Gui Shuang Zhen Tasting Dragon King Series Watch

泱泱 Zhonghua, Dragon and Phoenix are respected. Dragons and phoenixes have become the broad totems, spiritual symbols, cultural symbols and emotional bonds of the Chinese nation. The dragon, the force, the power, and the spirit; the phoenix, pretty, good, and wise. Dragons and phoenixes combined, harmony with beauty, wealth, fortune, and good fortune. Tianwang launched the Dragon and Phoenix gold watch series, which means harmony between yin and yang, happiness in marriage and love, coexistence of strength and beauty, and prosperity. Today I am going to introduce the Tianwang Dragon and Phoenix series watches, the official numbers are 8968 and 6968.
   Both watch cases are made of stainless steel, the bezel and crown are plated with 18K yellow gold, are equipped with sapphire crystals, and are water-resistant to 50 meters.
   The silver-gray dial is decorated with gold dragon play beads gold foil and gold phoenix chaoyang gold foil, dragons and phoenixes, harmony, beauty, wealth, fortune, dajiyongzhen.
   Equipped with automatic mechanical mechanism, it has the function of hour and minute hands.
   Both watches have a stainless steel bracelet with a double-button double-open stainless steel butterfly clasp, and the button face is set with electro-gold.
In summary: Tianwang watches use the crown shape as the brand logo, which is distinguished, elegant, simple and clear, and gives the watch company team the hope to reach another peak. After a long period of experience, Tian Wang Men’s models also leave people with elegant, generous, gorgeous and fashionable boutique characteristics, and become a king.