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Fortis has a long tradition of cooperating with well-known artists, creating extraordinary limited edition ‘art watches’ based on the reliable Fortis mechanism.
Today, renowned artists such as Michael Mattern, Andora and Rolf Sachs use their imagination to create memorable designs. Among them, Frisson, created by famous German architect and industrialist Rolf Sachs, is an amazing new Fortis ‘art watch’, surpassing the innovative and humorous ‘IQ’ watch launched by him in collaboration with Fortis in 2008.
The new Frisson watch, which literally means cold or tremor in French, is intriguing and completely different from any watch you have seen before. According to Sachs, he was tired of the boring look of many modern watches, so he used handwritten alphanumerics on the dial to replace the bolder, bolder logos that usually looked more rigid.

The mirror of this watch is made of mineral crystal. After special treatment, it is as if covered by a curtain, revealing the dial and hands faintly. The frost effect of the mirror provides amazing elements, as if just taken out of the freezer. Atomization on a frozen vodka glass. Sachs hopes that this watch will make the wearer want to touch and interact with the mirror, wipe the frosted mirror with air-soaked fingers or blow air, the mirror will become extremely clear!
This amazing design makes the appearance of the watch change with each touch. Breathe into it, and the moisture in the exhalation will immediately make the previous second frost as covered by the curtain. The matte surface mirror becomes extremely clear.
The watch is made of extraordinary materials with relevant symbolic meanings, which highlights the unique “unusual” look of this extraordinary watch. Frisson25 automatic Swiss gem movement bounces in a matte brushed stainless steel case. It also comes with a transparent silicone strap with a folding clasp. The specially treated mineral crystal mirror looms out of the cool fluorescent coated hands. .
Limited to 999 pieces, this unique individual art watch is launched to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary next year.
Source: Gevril Group

Updated: 12. January 2021 — 23:50
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