Fantastic Change Montblanc Viller 1858 Series Change Ii Watch Brief Comment

At the Geneva Watch & Clock Salon 2010, Montblanc launched the first time-changing watch with a ‘curtain-type multi-menu display’, this watch has an amazing curtain-like style The opened multi-level dial shows the fantasy process of a watch changing from a regular time display to a chronograph display with a new perspective. All functions are always controlled by a single movement. Montblanc launched the new Villeret 1858 Series II watch at the 2014 ‘Clocks and Miracles’ exhibition. This watch is one of the most complicated models launched by Montblanc Villeret’s independent manufacturing workshops so far. Reveal the magical mechanical beauty with a new design aesthetic. Today’s watch house brings you this official watch, the official model: 112442.

  The design of the Villeret 1858 Series II watch is inspired by the concept of ‘Iterative’, that is, a complex mechanical movement composed of up to 746 parts displays a magical change display on the dial. This movement has multiple patents and took 4 years to develop and complete. With its bold and innovative design and craftsmanship, the Villeret 1858 series of changing watches interprets the unlimited potential of the integration of traditional watchmaking technology and modern innovation.

  This watch is made by hand, and the wide case with a diameter of 52 mm is hardly anyone to control. However, the large dial still cannot hide the elegant temperament infiltrated by the Montblanc brand culture.

   The domed sapphire crystal creates a classic retro look. The mirror is clear and transparent with anti-glare treatment, and the elegant dial with a round 18K rose gold case presents time in an elegant style.

An 18K rose gold crown is embedded with an integrated integrated timing button. The top of the button is set with a mother-of-pearl hexagonal white star logo, symbolizing its brand identity.

This watch is paired with a hand-stitched black large crocodile alligator leather strap. The leather strap is exquisite, the luster is uniform, and the pins are fine and uniform, which highlights the brand’s pursuit of excellence.

With a smooth and simple bar button on the left side of the case, it only takes about 5 seconds, and through the precise cooperation of 82 movement parts, a unique and gorgeous ‘changing’ dance is performed together.

This watch is equipped with an 18K rose gold triple folding buckle. The buckle is exquisitely crafted and polished, and the buckle is printed with the Montblanc brand name in English.

In order to cushion the wide diameter of this watch, this watch is also unique in the treatment of the lugs. Although the lugs of this watch are shorter from the front, the curvature is larger than that of ordinary watches. At the same time it is more suitable for wearing, it gradually tightens at the tip of the lugs and visually lengthens the lines of the lugs, so that the proportion of the entire watch is coordinated, large and not stupid.

The hour hand with Roman numerals is located at 12 o’clock on the dial, and the minute hand is displayed at 210 o’clock between 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock. The date display also uses the pointer design and is located at 6 o’clock on the dial.

In just 5 seconds, the Villeret 1858 Series II watch will change from the classic and elegant regular time display to a sporty chronograph function. The chronograph dial uses Arabic numerals and 12 hours at 12 o’clock The bottom of the cumulative chronograph dial is decorated with Paris spikes, the central second hand becomes a chronograph second hand, the 6 o’clock azimuth disc displays the 30-minute cumulative chronograph, and the function of the minute hand remains unchanged. It is worth mentioning that the dial display function and the corresponding hidden function are independent of each other and do not affect each other: when the dial is displayed as normal time, the timekeeping function and date display below can keep normal operation; when the timekeeping display appears on the dial, The time period can be displayed instantly.

The watch uses 18K solid gold to create the dial, and uses the traditional Swiss watchmaking technology to differentiate the hands and sub dials with different functions. The inner area of ​​the dial is decorated with hand-carved wheat ears, and the lower area of ​​the dial is designed with a sapphire crystal glass bridge with a matte ring pattern. Different hand-decorated decorative patterns not only create a strong layered sense of the dial, but also provide the best contrast and sharpness when reading different information.

The bottom case of the case also uses a piece of sapphire crystal glass to give a glimpse into the movement of the internal movement.

This watch is equipped with an MBM67.40 manual-winding mechanical movement, which consists of 746 parts, of which 494 parts are used for ‘change’ function conversion. The movement contains 85 jewel bearings and the vibration frequency is 18,000 times. / Hour (2.5 Hz), can provide about 50 hours of power reserve.


Summary: Based on more than 156 years of heritage in the two watchmaking workshops of Reno and Viller, Switzerland, Montblanc finally presents the Viller 1858 Series II watch to the world. From the beginning of the design to the final molding, this watch follows the most demanding and traditional Swiss Haute Horlogerie craftsmanship, represents the infinite potential of the integration of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, and makes Montblanc again based on Swiss Haute Horlogerie. The core position of the field. This watch will be issued in a limited edition of only 18 pieces worldwide, and each watch is a model of time evolution. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)