Famous Movie Star Chris Hemsworth Makes His Debut At The Formula E Championship New York

World-renowned Australian actor and TAG Heuer brand ambassador Chris Hemsworth drives his electric car to the world’s first all-electric series of Formula Electric Championship At the opening ceremony of the New York Station, Sam Bird won the championship that day.

Chris Hemsworth is testing the new circuit under the New York City skyline.

Turn right to the next goal.
 The world’s first all-electric series, the FIA ​​Formula E Grand Prix, was held for the first time in New York City. As the TAG Heuer brand ambassador, Chris Hemsworth challenged the Formula E Championship after simulator training to understand the track and engine.

Chris Hemsworth listened carefully to some of the valuable advice provided by the first FIA Formula E Championship champion Melson Piquet Jr.

The 1.947-kilometer New York City Speedway is packed with exciting races.
 The Australian actor was fortunate to experience the new 1.947 km (1.21 mile) track, witnessed by the Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline. Chris Hemsworth is carefully familiar with the powerful electric car, adhering to the spirit of ‘no fear under the weight of pressure’ and hitting the world only once before returning.

Before participating in Electric Formula, Chris Hemsworth trained on a driving simulator.

TAG Heuer has maintained a close relationship with racing cars since the brand sponsored the first F1 driver Jo Siffert in 1969 with the legendary Autavia.
 On Sunday, Sam Bird and DS Virgin Motorsports teammates won the first New York championship on a highly technical circuit with speed. Congratulations.