Chinese Red Is Too Rustic? Ma Sichun And Xin Yanlei Were The First Not To Agree

Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching. Although the annual Chinese limit introduced by big names every year makes people ‘can’t laugh out’, I don’t know what their definition of ‘Chinese Year’ is, but from a while ago Looking at the limited edition of the Year of the Dog introduced by the big names, ‘Chinese Red’ has become a major element of big names’ interpretation of the Chinese Year. But are you really serious?

Swatch this year’s limited edition of the Year of the Dog, emmm …

Givenchy’s ‘two-kick’ lambskin lipstick is very ‘traditional Chinese year’.

I’m used to the cute Armani Highlight Powder.
 In fact, behind the overflowing Chinese Red, there are traditional Chinese people’s good wishes for the new year. The Chinese Red can bring people luck and ward off evil spirits. Do not believe if this year’s friends in this Chinese New Year have secretly How many red underwears are ready?

(Are you not prepared? Don’t worry, your mother must have prepared for you …)

 But some people have to say that red is so earthy, especially the red that is linked to the Spring Festival. NONONO, friend, if you think so, then you are very wrong. Studies have shown that red is the color that attracts the eye most, and more research shows that red is the color that can most stimulate the secretion of human male hormones. Whether in a woman’s wardrobe or on a makeup table, you can see red figures. Even the favorite ‘native color’ of female stars is not red. How to get rid of the rustic and become a red high-level player, Ma Sichun and Xin Yilei teach you to play ‘Chinese Red’.

 Ma’s generous personality in the variety show has undoubtedly made her a lot of fans. From ‘July and Anson’ to ‘Generals Up’, Ma Sichun brought us a lot of surprises outside the show. . In the television program ‘Sound Immerse’ some time ago, we also watched Mr. Ma’s broadcasting background. Netizens joked that ‘Ma Sichun was the host who was delayed by acting’.

 From Ma Sichun’s private service photos and publicity photos, we found that the secret to make Ma Sichun beautiful is actually red! Regardless of whether a large area of ​​red is used as the main color or a small area of ​​red is used as the embellishment, Ma Sichun teaches us that the secret of crushing others to become a highlight during the Spring Festival is red!

 The red plaid skirt makes the large area of ​​modern red less monotonous and layered. With a simple white shirt, Ma Sichun’s waist line is not only beautiful. In the choice of makeup, Ma Sichun focused on red lips, which made the overall look more coordinated.

 It is also a red single product. When Ma Sichun shot a magazine blockbuster with Chen Weiting some time ago, the red coat on her upper body made her look brighter under the lens. Large aperture close-ups actually need more intense colors to control, but after placing the red focus on the upper body, we can see that the obvious change in makeup is a bit lighter, and proper subtraction can actually add points.
Small tips: a large area of ​​red mines

 Don’t assume that everyone can hold the red, such a dress is actually more suitable when shooting blockbusters. In daily life, others in red are afraid to think you are wearing a red autumn clothes to go out.

Ma Sichun
 The correct way is to choose a red plaid top or a more layered red according to the way of wearing the pony’s personal clothing, and properly expose the skin to prevent others from thinking that you are wearing autumn clothes.

 If you have to choose a large area of ​​pure red, you can add a coat to enhance the overall level.

 Or different materials of red, lace dress and red silk coat, to ensure that you are the brightest one in the crowd.

 According to Ma Sichun’s red dress style, we summarized a rule: proper skin exposure, multi-level application when large areas are used, and remember to use red as an echo in makeup! The other senior face in the entertainment industry, actor Xin Yilei, is known by more and more people for her superb acting skills and exquisite high-end faces, and her cheats that make her even more cool are actually red.

Actor Xin Yanlei


 Being able to control red is so advanced and cool, I think Xin Yinglei is one of the few actresses. Xin Yilei, who struck under the red dress, perfectly interpreted the style and the cold.

Compared with wearing a white skirt and blue Yingying next to him, Xin Yinglei who was wearing a red skirt was even more eye-catching.

 If you don’t want to choose a large area of ​​red, the red in a small area is now one of Xin Yilei’s choices. Red high heels or red lips are her choices in daily life. I don’t want to be too eye-catching during the Spring Festival, but also want to have some festive atmosphere, this is a good way. Ma Sichun and Xin Yilei also chose the Cartier Blue Balloon Watch China Red Limited Edition.

 The Chinese New Year red items that Ma Sichun, Xin Xielei, Xun Liya, Zhang Tianai, and Song Zuer have chosen are Cartier blue balloon watches specially designed for China.
 The rich red color blends the enthusiasm of love with the auspiciousness of the Chinese New Year, and is endowed with a profound and profound meaning. Cartier witnessed this beloved moment of ‘red’ luck with a limited edition blue balloon red watch exclusively sold in China. With ‘Chinese Red’ as the design inspiration, combined with the extraordinary meaning of red, fuse red into every detail. The overall use of red as the main color, with a stainless steel case, the crown inherited the iconic design of the Cartier blue balloon series, more prominent femininity.

Born in 2007, the Cartier Blue Balloon watch series has become a timeless classic witness with its round and exquisite shape. In 2018, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve intimately work together to inject a passionate and delicate declaration of love like a rose into the Ballon Bleu de Cartier Cartier Blue Balloon Watch.

 The pleasing red color not only symbolizes the enthusiasm of love, but also conveys the joy of reunion. Love, turned into a red alligator leather strap, wrapped around the lover’s wrist; convex round spinel inlaid in the grooved crown, elegant and quiet; red sunlight rays decorated dial Ambilight, such as gorgeous The red rose witnesses the moment of happiness and joy; the silver-shaped sword-shaped pointer accurately records the eternal declaration of love and touches the heartbeat of love. This limited edition Cartier ‘China Red’ blue balloon watch will bring good luck to the New Year 2018.

 With the crown of perfect love, I believe that only ‘Chinese Red’ with special meaning can bring you luck and let it witness your every happy moment. This love gift, which is only available exclusively in China, looks forward to witnessing every moment of your growth.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier China Red Limited Edition
Case: stainless steel
Size: 33 mm
Dial: red sunray dial
Crown: grooved crown set with a convex spinel
Case thickness: 9.96 mm
Hands: Sword-shaped silver hands
Movement: automatic mechanical movement

Now, Cartier Blue Balloon Watch China Red Limited Edition Watch has begun to market, the price is 41,500 yuan, you can buy directly by clicking this purchase link. Guys who haven’t prepared a gift for their girlfriend, I’ll help you here.

Updated: 19. October 2020 — 15:28
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