Cartier Watch Found In Comics

Seven years ago, when Cartier released the Ballon Bleu de Cartier series of watches, he invited cartoonists to create a series of comics for him. Cartier watches became a clue to the fate of the protagonist; seven years later, brand new The Ballon Blanc de Cartier watch was launched again, and Cartier once again chose to interpret this women’s jewelry watch in the form of comics.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch.

Since the focus is on women’s watches, why not invite female painters to show their skills? The comics industry is also setting off a feminine trend, which is exactly the time. Four hot-selling female cartoonists with different styles told four stories with different styles of painting:

Young Japanese cartoonist Gao Yankuan portrays a woman on a life-threatening adventure. Parisian cartoonist Nadja explains what is eternal beauty. Posy Simmonds, full of British style, captures the light of women’s hands with her keen eyes. The fairy-tale brush strokes pass through the generations, telling the eternal emotions. In the summer of Tokyo, Paris in the fall, London in the winter, and mysterious fantasy, the Ballon de Cartier series is embodied in four dreamlike stories.

Updated: 22. June 2021 — 4:53
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