Breitling Boy Returns To The Forbidden City

On August 23, Breitling Jets pilots Jacques Portlin (center), Bernard Shahbonel (left), and Philip Lalois (right) in the Tiananmen Tower Before visiting.

   On August 23, the pilots of the Breitling Jet Team, who just flew the Breitling L-39C performance aircraft to Moscow, visited Beijing’s Tiananmen and Forbidden City. They flew back to Beijing from Moscow on the 22nd, preparing to participate in the launch of the new Avengers watch at the Breitling Beijing Fangcao flagship store on the 24th. The Breitling Jet Team has conducted a “Dragon Asia” tour in Asia for nearly a year, using China as a base, and performed tours in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan. On August 19, they flew out of Karamay, Xinjiang to Moscow, preparing to participate in the 11th Moscow Air Show, which opened on August 27.

Updated: 8. December 2010 — 2:51
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