Blancpain’s New Watch World’s First Revolutionary Patented Technology

As an art connoisseur in the field of precision watch manufacturing, BLANCPAIN produced the world’s first modern diving watch in 1953-the famous ‘Fifty Fathoms’. The watch manufacturer in Le Brassus is now developing a series of watches with three models: an automatic watch with a new movement, a chronograph with a flyback function, and a reputation The outstanding watch with floating tourbillon re-interprets this watchmaking journey and the legend of marine sports. This new Fifty Fathoms is water-resistant to 300 meters and is endowed with the essential characteristics of a diving watch. The black dial, bezel and strap are paired with red gold, white gold or a full-diameter 45 mm diameter dial.
The birth of the Fifty Fathoms watch comes from the encounter between Blancpain and two outstanding figures. In 1952, the French Ministry of Defence appointed Captain ‘Bob’ Maloubier and his captain Claude Riffuad to form a special force called ‘Diving Commando’. Because they found that the watch at the time could not perform underwater tasks in harsh conditions, the two officers found Blancpain and put him on a very strict set of technical requirements, including a revolutionary one-way bezel. Relying on their expertise and vision, watchmakers and Blancpain engineers have created a masterpiece of machinery that can be called a prototype of a diving watch, thereby setting and setting new standards in the field of diving watches. The original model of this diving watch was launched in 1953; it is named Fifty Fathoms because of its water resistance to a depth of 50 fathoms (91.45m). The reliability and ruggedness of the Fifty Fathoms watch was quickly recognized by special forces in several countries. This watch has also been chosen by professionals in the field of marine exploration, including the famous French navy GERS (Groupe d’Etudes et de Recherches Sous-Marines, or underwater search force). In the film ‘Silent World’, it is always accompanied by crew members Jacques Cousteau and Louis Malle. In 1997, Blancpain produced the Fifty Fathoms watch with a water resistance of 300 meters. In 2003, Blancpain launched a brand new limited edition watch to commemorate this legendary watch model. This watch It has a black arc-shaped scratch-resistant sapphire crystal bezel, and this professional technology that combines different materials, different hardness, different heated rigid bezels, fluorescent scales and sapphire crystal is also patented.

A mature watch collection
 Today, Blancpain brings a new life to Fifty Fathoms by making a collection of automatic tourbillon models, flyback chronograph versions, and exciting floating tourbillon watches. This represents the evolution of Blancpain from the continuous evolution of a single watch to the love of sophisticated mechanical clocks, which has given birth to several professional watch forms. Blancpain also offers two versions of Fifty Fathoms in pure red gold and white gold for your choice. Therefore, Fifty Fathoms watches can fully reflect its precious essence without affecting the solidity, water resistance and reliability.
Traditional persistence
 These three new models represent the main iconic features that forged the status of the original Fifty Fathoms and its subsequent upgrades. In the decisive choice, these three watches obviously adopt the same professional spirit, and are all guided by experts with rich experience in the diving field, so there must be risks and courage. All three watches have a water-resistant depth of 300 meters. The same oversized hour markers and hands ensure the best legibility of the watch. The black dial and black bezel contrast with the luminous display. The rotating bezel is still a key element of the watch. Through its surface engraving assisted operation and its one-way rotation system, it avoids the situation that the diving time is prolonged due to any negligence. Sapphire is one of the hardest substances in the world. This bezel is processed by scratch-resistant sapphire to give it a slight curved convex effect, which can reduce its damage to the impact. The bezel is even more precious for its luxurious features.
Perfectionism carries the essence of Blancpain
 In keeping with its spirit of innovation tradition, Blancpain’s factory in Le Brassus also repeatedly checks every detail of Fifty Fathoms to ensure the best performance and the fine-tuning characteristics that immediately identify the design features of Fifty Fathoms. In order to highlight its maximum readability in all environments, Blancpain chose a new type of luminous coating applied to the bezel markers; the trapezoidal hour markers on the black dial with radial emergent effect, and The last 15-minute increments make this watch the most user-friendly. Its case is equipped with crown protection to enhance security around important components. Blancpain created a new wrinkled waterproof strap with rubber-lined black canvas. The pin buckle specially developed for this series of watches is decorated with a trapezoidal structure reflecting the design of the hour mark. In the 2003 limited edition, the unique elastic system can quickly and easily change the strap. In addition, an additional strap made of rubber, together with the tools for changing it, constitute the tools needed to complete this watch independently. Blancpain even innovated its packaging by packing it in an ultra-rugged waterproof box made of high-tech materials so that it will not be damaged even when used in extremely harsh environments.

Fifty Fathoms Automatique-with a new movement manufactured by Blancpain
 Fifty Fathoms automatic watches are available in steel and red gold. She uses a new mechanical movement independently developed by Blancpain and is unique to Blancpain. The automatic winding 1315 movement is derived from the hand-wound 13R0 movement introduced in October 2006. From its long pursuit of simplicity, precision and performance, Blancpain conceived from the beginning to give the watch an absolute sporty element. Blancpain uses a high density double balance wheel to ensure excellent speed. In addition, this movement has most of the features that make the 13R0 movement a truly unique movement, including the hands of the 13R0 movement and the cardless balance spring system without gooseneck governor, with set screws Mount on the edge of the balance wheel. This screw-type system proves that it is ideal for sports watches because it avoids the potential adverse effects of adjusting the position of the hands or the vibration of the gooseneck governor, which can disrupt the operation of the watch. In order to achieve precise and effective adjustment of the watch, Blancpain equipped this watch with a gold square head fine adjustment screw so that the watchmaker can easily see the correct position he made. Due to its robustness, the balance of this movement is made of Glucydur, which is heavier than titanium used on the 13R0 movement.
 Blancpain’s movement design engineers have also found the most effective solution to the energy storage problem. Our goal is to make this watch an optimum automaticity, so that it has the same constant energy at all times. The new 1315 calibre does have a power reserve of about 6 days. To achieve this, Blancpain equips it with three dual barrels. With the choice of the Glucydur balance, the three main springs have been readjusted specifically for this movement.
Another current technological achievement used on the 1315 movement is the ability to quickly change the date at midnight, in either direction. In addition to the mature shape of the movement components, the workmanship of the entire watch also clearly reflects the watchmaking spirit of Haute Horlogerie: Geneva stripe polishing, stippling, chamfering, polishing, engraving, and then circularly brushing with satin, these Exquisite craftsmanship makes us touch the uniqueness of this watch. The big gems are directly knocked into the splint and main splint, so to maintain the visual effect of the traditional movement. The radiating strips of the decorative splint emerge from the pattern to reflect the nature of the rotation. To avoid any potential damage due to magnetic fields, Fifty Fathoms’ 1315 movement is enclosed in a carefully protected box on all sides.
FIFTY FATHOMS Flyback chronograph
 Blancpain’s innovative spirit is illustrated by a timed Fifty Fathoms watch. This watch will delight professional divers, as well as all sailing and water sports enthusiasts. Its structure will impress everyone, especially the salesman. Most chronographs cannot be operated while diving, but thanks to a specially connected system hidden in the Fifty Fathoms case, Blancpain successfully made the watch’s buttons have perfect water resistance and can Operate at a depth of 300 meters. Fifty Fathoms can be used in oceans or lakes, not just on the water.
 This watch also has another representative technical function-chronograph, chronograph has been given a flyback function-one of Blancpain’s expertise, this technology has been introduced in 1997 the first female flyback chronograph Watch verified. On this mature timing system, you only need to press the button at the 4 o’clock position to immediately restart the new timing operation without first stopping and resetting the hands. The small hour and minute hands can be easily identified thanks to the strong contrast between the fluorescent indicator and the black background. The self-winding movement is protected from magnetic fields by a specially designed housing. The Fifty Fathoms is equipped with a steel case. Blancpain also offers a red gold version of the chronograph, a dark black dial, bezel and strap, which together form a perfect match with 18K gold. Top-quality chronographs are especially suitable for attending high-end social dinners or deep ocean adventures.
FIFTY FATHOMS floating tourbillon watch-a fusion of Haute Horlogerie watchmaking tradition and high performance
Blancpain made the watch reach a new peak through the red or white gold Fifty Fathoms series tourbillon. The Fifty Fathoms series tourbillon watch vividly explained the complex watchmaking technology. In this case, Blancpain chose another of its expertise-the ‘floating’ tourbillon. The tiny balance wheel assembly ‘rotates’ on its own frame in units of one minute without any need to support the splint, so it seems to float in the air. In 1989, Blancpain launched the world’s finest floating tourbillon. Now, on the Fifty Fathoms, this great design and sculptural structure are highlighted by a large circular opening at 12 o’clock and are used to offset the effect of the black dial. The hour markers, hands, and bezels stand in stark contrast.
The Fifty Fathoms floating tourbillon watch is the only model in the new series equipped with a sapphire caseback; this technology has produced an achievement in the field of watchmaking, which allows users to appreciate The beauty and complexity of the 234-part movement. This watch is equipped with a self-winding movement with a floating tourbillon governor, an 8-day power reserve, and details that follow the highest watchmaking traditions. Oscillating weight. With this new floating tourbillon watch, Blancpain also presents a masterpiece destined to become a connoisseur’s talk-not just a prop in the ‘silent world’.

Updated: 7. April 2021 — 5:36
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