Beijing And Shanghai Jointly Set Off And Sent Emotions At A Glance. Zenith Helped The Gentleman To Ride The Charity Event To A Perfect Ending.

(September 25, 2015, Beijing and Shanghai), suits, bow ties, and cufflinks that seem to have nothing to do with motorcycle riders were reinterpreted by the coffee knights, riding Bobber, Scrambler and others A superb retro motorcycle that kicks off a gentleman’s cycling tour in both places. Zenith, as the official global partner of DGR, actively responded to this significant event and assisted in fundraising, thereby launching a special commemorative edition of the Pilot Ton-Up limited edition of five watches, which will serve as an outstanding fundraiser worldwide. Prizes.

   Gentlemen are always given different images and definitions. They can be workaholics, life activists, or even old urchins. No matter which image they have, they have a rigorous work attitude. They are full of fun in life and have rich insights and Seniority, but without losing the heart of young fun. And now there are such ‘gentleman knights’ who wear monocles with monocles, well-groomed beards, silk vests, washed shirts, and tailors’ tailor-made suits. They are gathered in retro motorcycles. Chatting and cycling together created another new cultural trend-the retro gentleman knight culture. The knights took courage as their blade, wisdom as their sheath, and stepped on the retro motorcycles that were cool enough to perfectly interpret the spirit of the coffee knight. What’s more significant is that gentleman riding is not only a riding, but also a charity event aimed at paying attention to men’s health, raising funds for prostate cancer treatment research, and letting the cycling crown spread and pass on in the name of ‘goodness.’

Beijing and Shanghai twin cities, two styles interpret the chivalry of retro gentlemen

   Born in the 1950s on London Street, the coffee knight, developed subcultures including the pursuit of speed, a love of rock music, and a blood-like passion for motorcycles. They are loyal to challenge, they can cross the summit, through the jungle, or across the desert to explore the unknown life. Dare to break the framework of stereotypes, do not follow the secular vision, pursue excellence, do not fall into the limelight, and enjoy the thrill of sprinting and conquering.

   The cycling tour of Gentlemen in Two Cities is on the rise. Beijing is issued by ACE Cafe, a sacred place for motorcycle culture. (Destination is undecided.) Shanghai is issued by Linjiang Road from the 1933 old factory building of Fashion Creative Design Center. Two cities with the most Chinese characteristics, two different styles interpret the culture of retro motorcycles. In the roar of the engine, the locomotive riding team accelerated the throttle, leaving the dust, and released the free heart in the gallop, feeling the thrill of freedom.

   The handsome figures of the ‘Coffee Knights’ who had been in Ace Café and the swashbuckling faces in the gallop seemed to remain in the minds of every gentleman and knight, deeply affecting this group of people, and generation after generation of young people No matter it is Beijing in the compound of Hutong culture in the courtyard or Shanghai in the quiet but mixed with the lively alleys, the heart and dream of chasing wind and chasing speed are passed on from generation to generation.

Zenith TON-UP watch, the epitome of a retro gentleman

   Culture is the epitome of the city, and accessories are the embodiment of style. The Zenith TON-UP watch condenses the spirit of the coffee knight and inherits the most influential retro motorcycle culture in global history. The atmospheric 45mm diameter retro stainless steel case inherits the various attributes of the Pilot series-including large-size luminous Arabic numerals and a grooved wide twist-lock crown-with a retro look. The light olive-gray dial with grainy decorative pattern supports two chronograph dials, and the arched sapphire crystal glass covers it, and the faceted hands and numbers with beige luminous coating are clearly visible on the dial. The pure titanium case back, which is water-resistant to 100 meters, is engraved with the words ‘Café Racer Spirit’, like a medal of honor.

   In response to this extraordinary event and assisting in fundraising, Zenith launched the Pilot Ton-Up DGR Special Limited Edition watch. A limited edition of 5 watches will serve as prizes for outstanding fundraisers worldwide. One of them will be awarded to the individual with the highest donation of Zenith’s watch team, and three will be awarded to the top three donors for gentleman road riding fundraising. The last watch numbered 00 will be It will be auctioned on September 27th at a special formal evening event in London hosted by Huntsman and The Rake. This watch combines distinctive personality, originality, unrestrained freedom and excellent taste, which perfectly explains the core spirit of a gentleman road ride. When cycling meets charity, it is given a whole new meaning. The battle with ‘sweet enemies’ cities full of smoke is no longer open in Beijing films or Wu Nong soft words, coffee knights on all sides go forward to support human health!

About Gentleman Road Riding (DGR):

   (Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride) is a global charity event designed to raise awareness of men’s health plans on behalf of the Movember Foundation, a partner of the charitable organization, as well as research on prostate cancer treatment Raise money. This will be an event that brings together men’s and women’s motorcycle hobbies from all over the world. Classic and retro styles and lightweight motorcycles will come together. By then, every high-class person from all over the world will show their extraordinaryness, start the motor for a meaningful event, and fuel health on classic motorcycles. This is a day of joy, and we will work together to make our own contribution to men’s health.