Baselworld Basel 2013-rado Diamaster Diamond Master Series Rhw1 Limited Edition

If the Swiss radar has a spirit of radical transformation, continuous innovation and breaking boundaries to achieve real change, then the Swiss radar DiaMaster series RHW1 limited edition watch is the epitome of the brand.
Modern materials and precision movement for extreme lightness

Among a series of minimalist watches, the Rado DiaMaster Diamond Master Series RHW1 limited edition watch stands out. It uses the high-tech materials of Swiss radar and is also happy to add new elements to the watchmaking industry. An unusual movement for high-tech ceramic watches.
Si3N4 TiN silicon nitride titanium nitride is a high-tech ceramic composite material developed by Rado in its recent innovative exploration. It is selected because it weighs half of standard ceramics. Si3N4 silicon nitride is made by heating powdered silicon in an overpressure nitrogen atmosphere at a temperature of 1800 degrees Celsius, and is known for its superior abrasion resistance. And TiN titanium nitride gives the ‘antique copper-colored’ case a durable and durable appearance. This is a watch with a little content or story, it seems to be telling its history. The selected saddle leather strap adds a sense of frost and mystery to this undeniably cool macho watch.
Strong as steel nails, as light as hair

The material gives the DiaMaster a unique look, while the movement gives it its soul. In the materials used for the exterior of the watch, you can usually see the innovation of the Rado Swiss Rado-this DiaMaster series also reflects the innovation of the Swiss Rado.
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, aluminum movements were used in pocket watches for their lightness. It is this historical trend and focus on lightness that inspired Swiss radars to be used for the first time in extremely light high-tech watches-a type of aluminum used on deck and bridge parts-Swiss radar Exclusive RHW1 movement.
As always, Rado designers have given this limited-edition watch a modern look, creating a 21st-century watch.

Updated: 8. March 2021 — 21:15
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