Audemars Piguet Launches The First Electric Business Cars

Since January 2012, Audemars Piguet has put into operation two electric vehicles for commuting between different sites and can also prepare employees for occasional needs. This environmental protection initiative was initiated by the Eco-Groupe Audemars Piguet and fulfilled the environmental commitments of the Fondation Audemars Piguet. Since 1992, the Audemars Piguet Foundation has been actively involved in a number of foreign projects, especially in supporting forest protection operations worldwide and in local vallée de Joux.
    These two electric vehicles are the first step for the watch factory to form an environmentally friendly fleet. The use of such cars is based on two important considerations. First, the electricity comes from ‘Swiss Hydro’, and the power generation is the Valais Mörel hydropower station. As a result, these cars use completely renewable energy, and every kilowatt of electricity consumed will promote the renewal of Swiss hydropower equipment. Secondly, fulfill the watch factory’s commitment to promote local development in the Jura Valley. Audemars Piguet has commissioned a car dealership in Le Brassus to be responsible for vehicle maintenance and repair, so that the vehicle can be maintained nearby. This Swiss company already has the expertise and equipment needed for maintenance.
    These two vehicles will initially be used as shuttle buses between Audemars Piguet sites in the Jura Valley, and then gradually expand the scope of use, interested employees will be able to test drive in the evening after work.
    Audemars Piguet uses wood from nearby forests for heating, hydroelectric lighting and products from certified forests. From the purchase of raw materials to the disposal of waste, it complies with the environmental protection charter details. Watchmaking works provide a natural environment with endless inspiration.

Updated: 2. July 2014 — 2:57
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