Ulysse Nardin Uses Patented Material Diamonsil To Create Its Own Movement Un-118

With the invention of the new movement UN-118, in the innovative application of avant-garde materials, Ulysse Nardin has once again confirmed its leadership in the watch industry.

 The movement UN-118 follows the pace of the first self-developed Sonata watch movement UN-66 / 67 and the anniversary movement UN-160, a major step forward in the innovation of movement technology.
 The escapement of the movement UN-118 was developed by the cooperation between the Athenian watch factory and the Swiss company Sigatec.
 DIAMonSIL is a revolutionary alliance of silicon and synthetic diamonds. It is a very lightweight but hard material that reduces friction and eliminates the need to add lubricant to the escapement-this is definitely the holy grail of watchmakers.

 Sigatec is the only company in the world capable of producing high-precision parts in silicon and DiamonSil, and they have mastered a nanotechnology that will take many years to develop.
 The movement UN-118 will be the first member of the self-developed movement series. This series uses the patented DIAMonSIL escapement, with a homemade oscillator that can be adjusted with 4 screws, and a silicon 1.1.1 spring. This oscillator was patented in 2007 and first launched on the market in March 2008. It is used in Sonata silicon crystal limited watches.
 ‘Athens Watch’s strategy to develop its own movement technology allows us to control its quality.’ Said Mr. Rove Schneider, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Athens Watch. Watches are for future generations to be treasured. ‘
 The movement UN-118 is also equipped with a 60-hour power reserve and a calendar display that can be adjusted forward and backward instantly.
 Technical Information Movement UN -118

 The self-designed and developed movement won the certification of the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC)-the escapement is made of patented DIAMonSIL oscillator: the patented inertia balance wheel I 10 and silicon 1.1.1 balance spring total diameter: 31.60 mm total thickness: 6.45 mm : 60 hours Number of parts: 248 Number of gems: 50 Frequency: 4 Hz, 28,800 times per hour
 Côtes de Genève Geneva stripe circular pattern Côtes de Genève Geneva wave pattern Ring texture Diamond cut corners-plated with platinoïde metal alloy
 Hour and minute hands in the center position Direct-drive small seconds hand Power reserve display Six-position calendar window display, date can be adjusted quickly back and forth

Famous Movie Star Chris Hemsworth Makes His Debut At The Formula E Championship New York

World-renowned Australian actor and TAG Heuer brand ambassador Chris Hemsworth drives his electric car to the world’s first all-electric series of Formula Electric Championship At the opening ceremony of the New York Station, Sam Bird won the championship that day.

Chris Hemsworth is testing the new circuit under the New York City skyline.

Turn right to the next goal.
 The world’s first all-electric series, the FIA ​​Formula E Grand Prix, was held for the first time in New York City. As the TAG Heuer brand ambassador, Chris Hemsworth challenged the Formula E Championship after simulator training to understand the track and engine.

Chris Hemsworth listened carefully to some of the valuable advice provided by the first FIA Formula E Championship champion Melson Piquet Jr.

The 1.947-kilometer New York City Speedway is packed with exciting races.
 The Australian actor was fortunate to experience the new 1.947 km (1.21 mile) track, witnessed by the Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline. Chris Hemsworth is carefully familiar with the powerful electric car, adhering to the spirit of ‘no fear under the weight of pressure’ and hitting the world only once before returning.

Before participating in Electric Formula, Chris Hemsworth trained on a driving simulator.

TAG Heuer has maintained a close relationship with racing cars since the brand sponsored the first F1 driver Jo Siffert in 1969 with the legendary Autavia.
 On Sunday, Sam Bird and DS Virgin Motorsports teammates won the first New York championship on a highly technical circuit with speed. Congratulations.

Roger Dubuis Will Launch The King Arthur Roundtable Watch Next Year

Next year, Swiss watch brand Roger Dubuis will launch an ‘Excalibur Table Ronde’ watch subordinate to its ‘Sword of the King’ series.

Roger Dubius Arthur Roundtable
This limited production of 88 watches with green and white round enamel dial support 12 sword knights made of gold, forming the dial’s 12 time scales. Obviously, this design is derived from the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. ?

The watch has 12 round gold enamel dials supported by green and white enamel dials, forming 12 time scales on the dial.
The turquoise and white hand-painted enamel dial replicates the shape of a round table suspended from the Winchester Castle in England. The round table pattern was specially drawn by King Henry VIII of England in 1552 to impress the visiting Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.
Green and white hand-painted enamel dials replicate the shape of a round table suspended from Winchester Castle, England
On the Ebara pattern, the name of the twelve knights was written in a circle. Henry VIII himself was sitting on the throne of King Arthur. The center of the round table below the throne was a rosette representing the Tudor royal family.

    The round table pattern was specially drawn by King Henry VIII of England in 1552 to impress the visiting Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.