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Show You The Classic Culture Of Jewelry Watches

Carl F. Bucherer, to show you the classic culture of jewelry watches
   Carl F. Bucherer, a well-known Swiss watch brand founded in 1919, has created countless classic timepieces for hundreds of years with superb watchmaking technology and jewelry setting technology. Whether it is a luxurious and magnificent jewellery watch or a mechanical watch with complex functions, it has been loved by people pursuing ‘independence and self-determination.’
The first flagship store in mainland China was opened in Beijing on October 10, 2008. During this time, a number of world limited edition treasure watches were exhibited in China for the first time. Taste the time art and culture of the century-old Swiss family brand Bucherer watches.
Collection of limited edition women’s jewelry watches first exposed in Beijing
   At the press conference and dinner, the brand’s limited edition Alacria Royal jewelry watch series has been displayed. Three models in the series, including ruby, sapphire and orange gemstone watches, were first shown together in Beijing, China. Alacria Diva Orange Sapphire and Alacria Diva Sapphire; Alacria Diva Wildcat, Alacria Diva Gothic, this watch world It is limited to only 25 pieces and is only on display for one day in Beijing. VIPs from all walks of life will be able to admire these rare and rare works of art in the Bucherer Beijing store.
Alacria Royal Limited Edition Jewellery Watch
   Inspired by the diamond watch that was dedicated to the 72nd birthday of Queen Sirikit of Thailand in 2004, this edition of Bucherer was set with 282 first-class rubies, the only one in the world. In 2008, the Basel Swiss Watch Fair, Bucherer launched three models of the Alacria Royal series, with sapphire, ruby ​​and orange gems as its theme. The 18K white gold case is set with 606 top Wesselton VVS diamond And natural first-class gems, full-hand diamond setting technology. The three Alacria Royals are a collection of Bucherer’s century-old exquisite watchmaking technology and traditional jewelry craftsmanship. Each production is limited to 25 pieces, witnessing the watch factory’s accomplishments to a higher level, arrogant peers. For the first time in this exhibition, three ruby, sapphire and orange gems will be displayed in Beijing at the same time.
Alacria Diva Limited Edition Orange Sapphire Precious Watch
   This pair of unparalleled art made of pure natural gemstones: Alacria Diva Orange Jewelry “Emerald” and Alacria Diva Sapphire “Emerald” 18K white gold watch. Each gemstone is naturally mined, and a gemstone of the same color and grade must be carefully selected to make a watch. It is extremely difficult to find orange gems or sapphires of the same color and size, not to mention the collection of 92 pure natural first-grade orange gems or 52 pure natural first-grade sapphires, with a limit of 25 pieces worldwide. The orange gem ‘Emperor’ is made of 18K white gold. It is a pure natural first-class orange gem (92 8.9 cards in total). The square cut of the orange gem is even more luxurious. Equipped with 154 VVS-grade diamonds (0.8 calories), full-hand diamond setting, all natural gemstones are accompanied by a gem certificate. In the same field, another Alika sapphire ‘Emperor’ was also exhibited for the first time in Beijing.

Manero MonoGraph Women’s Single Button Chronograph Watch
   The Maliron single-button chronograph watch has a diameter of 35 mm, and is available in stainless steel or rose gold. Both are available in diamond models with 50 diamonds. The winding movement has a power reserve of 42 hours; the column wheel structure makes the timing process more accurate and smooth. On the three-layered dial of the watch, the mother-of-pearl, glittering diamonds and complex timepieces display a well-balanced layout. The sapphire crystal glass back shows the movement of the movement, which is the perfect crystal of machinery and art , Also symbolizes the exquisite union of complex timepiece functions and elegant feminine charm.

Patravi ChronoGrade six functions chronograph
   Bellavi Chronograde chronograph with six functions, integrating timekeeping, flyback timing, dial-back hour timing, big calendar, annual calendar, power reserve display function, plus dial-back hour timer technology, is a watch fan dream Masterpiece of timepiece. The screw-down crown and case back ensure a water-resistant depth of 50 meters; the soft calfskin strap or tough stainless steel bracelet is equipped with a folding clasp for more comfortable and secure wearing on the wrist. The self-winding CFB 1902 caliber developed by Baucherlet can provide a power reserve of 42 hours, and the high / low status of stored energy is displayed through the 6 o’clock dual-arm needle. This unique ‘coaxial dual rotation’ energy storage display mode is the brainchild of Bucherer’s own research and development.

Patravi TravelTec FourX FourX
   Plavi TravelTec FourX not only accurately displays the three time zones, but also fully utilizes the characteristics of four materials: palladium, titanium, ceramics and rubber-ceramic bezel, hollow dial, screw-in rubber crown , Rubber timing button, titanium time zone button, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, showing the high-tech design concept. Automatic movement with see-through dial. The 4:30 position of the watch mirror is a magnifying glass, with the bright red calendar window frame, to display the date more clearly. Integrating multiple complex functions in a small space has set a new standard for watchmaking technology, making Plavi TravelTec FourX the hall of timepieces.

Bucherer-made movement CFB A1000 self-winding movement debuts in Asia
   After three years, Bucherer actively invested resources in the research and development of self-made movements. In 2008, the CFB A1000 automatic winding movement was officially born, witnessing a new milestone in the development of watchmaking technology. The Bucherer-made movement, the CFB A1000 automatic winding movement, has been awarded two patents: a peripheral winding rotor with a highly efficient suspension and a dual adjustment system that improves accuracy. The concept, structure and workmanship of the entire movement are perfect. The CFB A1000 calibre developed by Bucherer has been developed by the Bucherer watchmaker from conception, manufacture to completion. It marks that Bucherer is moving towards a higher level of watchmaking goals. At this exhibition, the self-winding movement CFB A1000 made by Bucherer made its first appearance in Asia. Guests can see the exquisite movement of the movement.

The collection of treasure-quality antiques from the Bucherer Museum stunning the city
   Bucherer’s jewellery setting technology has always been proud of its peers. In the process of manufacturing jewellery watches, it has always implemented the brand philosophy: all diamonds are carefully selected, and they insist on setting diamonds by hand and setting up factories. It is out of this enthusiasm that its jewellery watches are well-received by the nobles, who used to design and manufacture special models for the royal family. To celebrate the grand opening of the first Bucherer flagship store in Beijing, China, three valuable treasure and antique collection watches from the Bucherer Museum were specially transported from Switzerland to surprise the whole city.

1939—Art Deco Women’s Watch
Barrel-shaped platinum 950/000 case set with 72 diamonds, 1.3 carat net weight, black braided strap.
1960—Platinum Diamond Women’s Watch
Set with 181 diamonds, round diamonds, square diamonds and pear-shaped diamonds totaling 22.6 carats. At the time, the value was 55,000 Swiss francs, enough to buy an old castle!
1960—Platinum Diamond Women’s Watch
18K white gold set with 62 diamonds, a collection of 18 polygonal diamonds and 44 single diamonds, weighing a total of 1 carat. Equipped with a manual winding movement, 17 stone, 12-hour scale.

October 2008 ‘Baucher Lay’s Watch Exhibition’ in Beijing
   With the grand opening of the Bucherer flagship store in Beijing, China in October 2008, four well-known department stores in the same city of Beijing also held a Carl F. Bucherer watch exhibition. Watch enthusiasts can not only taste various precious Bucherer watches in the flagship store of Baoqilai in Wangfujing, Beijing, but also enjoy the famous watches from Bucherer: (October 15), Bucherer counter on the first floor of Building 2 of Sogo Department Store (September 30-October 31), Emperor Watch & Jewellery of Sete Department Store (October 8-October 20), Parkson Emperor Watches & Jewellery Store (October 13-October 28).

Mido Launched Three Valentine’s Day Watches To Witness The Moments Of Love That Are Exclusive To The Lover And Commemorate Eternal Love

The Yongyong series launched the first 80-hour long power reserve model, the new model praises the immortal love of the lover. Reproducing the dazzling style of the Royal Albert Hall of the United Kingdom, the delicate lines and harmonious and elegant appearance, paired with silver solar radiation corrugated faceplate, will illuminate Queen Victoria’s love for Prince Albert. The watch is equipped with the latest generation of self-winding movement Caliber 80, providing a power reserve of up to 80 hours, witnessing a unique story and eternal sentiment.
   The Pioneer series was designed in the 1940s, and launched two dazzling rose gold and silver stainless steel pairs for men and women. The gorgeous rose gold case is soft and lustrous, and the surface is embossed by Geneva waves. Love, the bevel-cut diamond pointers and the polygonal hour markers outline the feelings of the past when leaving, and the time will never pass.
Looking back on the Victorian sincerity
   The Royal Albert Hall, London, which was built to promote art and science. It was completed in 1871 and is one of the most famous and important art landmarks in London. The concert hall is designed in Victorian style. The entire building is made of red bricks, centered on a dome glass curtain, and stacked in a concentric circle. Just like the unique architectural beauty it displays, the Yongyong series is inspired by the Royal Albert Hall in Britain, showing the perfect balance of style and elegant and elegant style.

Belluna Caliber 80 Timeless 80 Hour Men’s Watch M024.407.11.033.00

   The Yongyong 80-hour pairing watch continues the long tradition of Swiss Mido manufacturing pairing watch. The classic and extremely elegant men’s and women’s watches are designed for lovers who want to commemorate each other’s love-unique and timeless love, like the watch carefully created by Mido. The exquisite sun-patterned radiant faceplate radiates from the center of the dial, shining and dazzling, exquisitely showing the concentric architectural soul of the Royal Albert Hall. The watch also incorporates retro classic Roman numerals into the modern sense, which perfectly reflects the extreme elegance of the Victorian era. The strap and the case are integrated at the same time, decorated with elegant curved open date windows, showing impeccable artistic aesthetics in the details. Both watches are equipped with the latest automatic movement, which can provide up to 80 hours of power reserve.

Belluna Lady Caliber 80 Timeless 80 Hour Women’s Watch M024.

   The 隽永 series 80-hour watch is protected by double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, polished stainless steel scales and willow-shaped hands. Fans who love Swiss watchmaking machinery will fall in love with this exquisite self-winding movement. You can admire the automatic dial decorated with the Geneva pattern and the MED logo on the transparent back glass. Another waterproof can be up to 50 meters. There are several other models available in this collection.
Reproduced classic expressions Pioneer time flows to witness love
   The Pioneer series came out in 1934. Two years after the completion of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, it was inspired by the fallacy. The design perfectly integrates function and aesthetics. It has passed through 80 years with an eternal design. The detailed lines and contours are clearly consistent. The essence of sports style.

Multifort Caliber 80 Chronometer Pioneer 80 Hour Observatory Certified Men’s Watch M005.431.11.031.00

Multifort Caliber 80 Chronometer Pioneer 80 Hour Observatory Certified Men’s Watch M005.431.36.031.00
   The Pioneer 80-hour Observatory Certified Men’s Watch is equipped with the Swatch Group’s exclusive Caliber 80 Observatory-certified movement for the first time. The power reserve has evolved to 80 hours. Rhodium metal strengthens the moisture-proof and oxidation effect, and the accurate timepiece surpasses a nail, witnessing the gathering of humanities. Delicate sapphire crystal glass treatment, rose gold polygonal polished 12-hour design, easy to read at multiple angles, the face plate is inlaid with three-dimensional embossed gold MIDO words, with brown calfskin strap and PVD rose gold folding buckle Ring, and then show the incredible retro gentleman aesthetic. There is also a silver Geneva plate with a 316L stainless steel strap.
   The 42mm diameter is integrated into the classic steel skeleton structure of the Harbour Bridge, and is imitated with the steel line structure quenched into Geneva ripples on the silver faceplate. The screw-in crown displays the arches standing on both ends of the bridge, with the classic panes of the day and date. , Reproduce the architectural aesthetics of the 1930s, fully reflects the pinnacle of craftsmanship, highlighting the gentleman’s taste.
   Pioneer mother-of-pearl ladies watches are tailor-made for modern women, infused with a variety of female accessories, decorated with flawless mother-of-pearl dials, the natural mother-of-pearl surface exudes the soft color of colorful pearls, as if women’s flawless skin Beautiful and beautiful, the dial is engraved with a straight stripe of metal and steel like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, embellished with elegant rose gold-toned hour hands and mother-of-pearl luster, and the arc-polished case shines as brightly as the sun, fully showing women A fit, rigid and soft body, with black alligator-embossed calfskin leather strap and PVD rose gold folding clasp.

Multifort Lady Mother-of-Pearl M005.

Multifort Lady Mother-of-Pearl M005.

   The date pane at 3 o’clock brings out the romantic and dazzling retro feminine, the see-through back cover, so that the Geneva ripples on the movement and the brand MIDO decoration can be brought into view. With the swing of the balance wheel, the beauty of the movement technology can be fully presented. Redefining the beauty of feminine sports and elegant taste. Another 316L stainless steel chain strap.

A Tribute To The 180th Anniversary Of The Brand Interview With The Ceo Of Jaeger-lecoultre China

Since 1833, this large workshop in the Vallée de Joux has been innovating. Today, Jaeger-LeCoultre holds 400 patents and 1,231 outstanding movements. . In 2013, it was the 180th anniversary of the brand. Among the new products to pay tribute to the 180th anniversary, the spherical hairspring newly developed by the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory became the ‘another starting point’ in technology. Although this is a kind of columnar hairspring, the hairspring curve is more complicated. It is equipped with two end curves to ensure the movement’s excellent timing performance. If you carefully observe the tourbillon’s spherical hairspring, its uniform ‘breathing’ drives the ‘heart’ of the center of the spherical tourbillon, making it seem to float in the air under weightlessness.

Interview with Jaeger-LeCoultre China CEO: Zhang Ye

Sanlian Life Weekly: Can you tell us about Jaeger-LeCoultre’s superb traditional perpetual calendar cylindrical tourbillon master series commemorative watch, this anniversary edition limited edition tribute to ‘Mr. Anthony Lecourt’?
Zhang Huan: As a watch factory with a long history of 180 years, Jaeger-LeCoultre has a strong ability to independently develop and produce movements. From rare handicrafts to technology, Jaeger-LeCoultre brings together more than 180 watchmaking skills. Almost 100% of the watch design, production and assembly processes are completed in-house, so we are proud to present this outstanding traditional perpetual calendar cylindrical balance tourbillon master series to pay tribute to Mr. Anthony Lecourt.
Sanlian Life Weekly: In the Chinese market, what is the proportion of Jaeger-LeCoultre men’s and women’s watches? This year, we launched a women’s dating series and a large ultra-thin women’s double-sided double time zone flip watch for the women’s market. Do you want to further increase the women’s market share?
Zhang Huan: At present, the proportion of Jaeger-LeCoultre men and women consumers is about 65% and 35%. It is not difficult to see whether the female market has potential for improvement. At the same time, the domestic watch market is becoming more and more mature. Female consumers are not only interested in the design of watches, but also start to pay attention to the complex functions of watches. This is also the advantage of Jaeger-LeCoultre. In the 180-year history, we continue to innovate and develop various beautiful timepieces with complex functions and elegant appearance. In the past, female customers had a high recognition of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Last year, we cooperated with the Shanghai International Film Festival for the second time and launched a date series watch designed for women. In addition, in 2012, Zhao Wei became our brand’s best friend and attracted many women’s attention to Jaeger-LeCoultre.
Sanlian Life Weekly: At SIHH, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a more comprehensive product series, including classic ultra-thin master watches, complex traditional master watches, iconic flip watches, and cermet deep-sea chronograph watches, What do you think of future watch trends?
Zhang Huan: I believe that the domestic watch market will be further subdivided. With the maturity of the watch consumer market, domestic consumers are not only choosing to wear daily watches, but the proportion of collections will also gradually increase. In recent years, women have become more and more concerned about watches and regard them as necessary Indispensable accessories; consumers have different demands for sports watches, business watches, leisure watches; these factors have accelerated the segmentation of the domestic watch market. And Jaeger-LeCoultre has been working hard to develop new watch materials to improve watchmaking skills and meet consumer demand. For example, this year we used lapis in the dials of the dating series and starry sky watches. As you mentioned, Jaeger-LeCoultre has many product lines, and consumers can choose according to their preferences and different needs.

 Superb Traditional Tourbillon Master Series Commemorative Watch

Rolex: Classic Moments Rooted In The History Of The Open

The 2016 British Open (The Open Championship) was successfully completed on 7/17, and 40-year-old Swedish veteran Henrik Stenson won the first Grand Slam championship. This tournament is the ninth return to the Royal Troon Golf Club since 1923, and the close link between Rolex and the oldest and most international championship in golf history has also been shown in the tournament. Forefront.

   Located on the west coast of Scotland, this venue is most famous for the championship held here in 1962: when the well-known Rolex spokesperson Arnold. The victory of Arnold Palmer not only re-awakened public interest in golf events, but also redefined the future of this iconic championship. That year, Pangma returned to the field as a defending champion. His bold style not only thrilled his fans, but also tamed the fierce Scottish challenge, successfully won the championship by six shots, and set a 276 New championship record.
   As a pioneer of golf events, the American player’s success successfully convinced other compatriots to follow him across the Atlantic to play. Among them, the young product. Jack Nicklaus made his debut in the British Open that summer. This was the start of an extraordinary career for the Rolex spokesperson at the British Open, and since then, Nigels has won a total of three victories in the Open between 1963 and 1982.
   Rolex, which has always had a deep relationship with outstanding sports achievements, has also established a unique close relationship with golf tournaments during these years. In 1967, Rolex partnered with Pangma, and then in the 1970s, it united the governing body of golf and the organizers of the British Open and the Royal Golf Club (R & A). Coming closer. In 1981, Rolex ushered in a groundbreaking moment-this year, Rolex not only became the official timer of the British Open, but also the first major watch company to install timepieces on the court in the Grand Slam.
   This year, Rolex spokesperson Gary. Gary Player won the glory title of the Champion of the Year three times on the field. ‘Golf is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Rolex’s cooperation with such a famous event will definitely bring many sponsorship opportunities for professional players and tournaments around the world,’ said Pia. ‘We are very grateful for Rolex’s support in the past, and we are very grateful for Rolex’s continued support for this sport throughout the world.’
   Today, more than 35 years later, more than 20 Rolex endorsers will participate in the 145th British Open. Among the players who have followed in the footsteps of great players in history, the most promising is the world number one Jason. Jason Day, who seeks to win to add the championship trophy ‘wine jug trophy’ to the championship trophy he has won in the past 18 months. Day has led a new generation of Rolex endorsers in golf, including Jordan. Jordan Spieth, Ricky. Rickie Fowler and Brooks. Koppka (Brooks Koepka), and British player Matthew, 21 years old. Matt Fitzpatrick, this is the first British Open that Fitzpatrick has participated in since winning the glorious silver medal in 2013 as an amateur.
   Rolex Communications and Image Director Arnold. Arnaud Boetsch said: The long-term relationship between Rolex and the British Open predicts that Rolex will continue to contribute to the excellence and heritage of this sport. In this golf’s oldest Grand Slam, Rolex is proud to have the same key position in its history and future; the most important competitor in the event, the Rolex spokesperson, will shape a new future.
   At the global level, Rolex’s relationship with R & A has extended to the amateur and elite levels, and similarly seeks support and development assistance for golf tournaments around the world. Among them, the spokesperson of the leading Swiss watch brand has won championships in multiple events, including the Amateur Championship, the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship, and the Latin America Amateur Championship. , World Amateur Golf Ranking and Walker Cup-This is a rivalry between the United States and the top amateurs in Britain and Ireland, co-organized by the United States Golf Association (USGA).
   Martin Royal, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Ancient Golf Club Martin Slumbers said, ‘For more than 40 years, Rolex has played an integral role in the glorious history of the British Open. Our unwavering relationship has always actively supported the growth of modern golf, It also encourages the development of golf around the world. And in the future, we will continue to do so. ‘As a loyal partner of golf for nearly half a century, Rolex’s innovative, precise and outstanding values ​​are its An important basis for the close connection between golf balls.

Li Yuchun’s Women’s Clothing Becomes The Biggest Highlight Of ‘catch Monsters’? Understand The Usual Style Of Painting.

It’s been going on all the time. The ‘Hunting Monsters 2’ that was not broadcast before the show finally released during the Spring Festival. In this drama, Li Yuchun is the biggest highlight. Why do you say that? Because before, Li Yuchun I knew was this:

   Skillful short hair, bright smile, harvest many little fans in minutes.

    A suit is amazingly handsome, whether it is a plaid or striped suit, you can control it very well.

   A pink suit does not seem to be inconsistent, it is indeed a girl that can be attacked.

   In this ‘Catch the Monster’, Chunchun’s image looks like this:

   In the play, Chunchun showed off her long hair and saw more of Chunchun wearing a suit. The appearance of women’s clothing this time was really amazing.

   In the movie, Li Yuchun plays a female wealthy who bravely pursues love. Regardless of love, it doesn’t matter if he is deceived many times. Her character has a sense of hilarity, and from time to time she winks and pushes her chest, it’s so cute. The mouthful of Sichuan dialect even added a lot to the role, completely subverting my understanding of her for more than a decade.

   In 2005, Li Yuchun quickly spread all over the country with the help of ‘Super Girl’. For more than ten years since his debut, Li Yuchun has always insisted on his own uniqueness, not impetuous or hyped, and quietly making his own music. Li Yuchun’s songs accompanied the post-90s teens, and we were sung and sung, such as ‘Old Without Crazy’, ‘Shu Xiu’ and ‘Like You’.
   Li Yuchun has appeared on the cover of Time Magazine and has been the finale guest of the Jiangsu New Year’s Eve Party for 11 consecutive years. What is her reason? I think she relied on her arrogant attitude and hard work to temper her will. All these years, apart from attending events, recording shows, and attending various ceremonies, she has basically had no scandal. I am very happy that Li Yuchun has become her own life. Who said that a girl must have long hair and a long skirt? Li Yuchun told us that girls can live so smartly.
   In terms of fashion, Li Yuchun has already collaborated with international designers from various countries.

     In 2013, Li Yuchun surprised Cannes with a red shirt of GarethPugh.

   In 2016, Chunchun appeared at the Cannes Film Festival in Julien Fournié’s haute couture long black dress. With short fresh hair, it was screaming.

   The 2017 Cannes Film Festival once again subverted the image.

   In 2016, following Givenchy, Chunchun became the GUCCI Asian watch jewelry ambassador. The group of blockbusters shot was also handsome. Not much to say, look at the picture yourself:

   In the choice of watches, it is quite in line with their own style.

   An off-white elegant women’s dress, with a green GUCCI watch, is hard to imagine.

   A Western clothing with this LEMARCHÉDESMERVEILLES series watch, domineering side leakage.

   The pink suit with this white minimalist watch, although low-key, is still fashionable.

   Li Yuchun has been trying new fields, and the appearance in ‘Catch Monsters’ is a breakthrough for her, and we look forward to her more challenges. In the end, she ended with a line of lyrics: ‘Who can forget the injuries that came along with you all the way, who can predict where the future is long and where you are, smile on your face, and sing loudly like you, applaud yourself.’

Perfectly Showing The True Timeless Value Low-key Elegant Aesthetic Watch

This classic Class Elite 681 ultra-thin watch is equipped with an ultra-thin case with a diameter of 40 mm. It is equipped with a perfect ultra-thin Elite 681 automatic movement (3.81 mm). The movement has a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz) and a power reserve of 50 hours.
   The case is made of 18K rose gold or stainless steel, while the transparent sapphire crystal caseback clearly shows the charming movement, with its tungsten rotor and the “Côtes de Genève” motif.
   The curved double-sided sapphire crystal makes the watch clearer and easier to read. It also makes the faceted hour markers, sword-shaped hour and minute hands, and the small second hand at 9 o’clock. This low-profile classic also offers a variety of surface options: silver, black, rock gray sunburst, and white paint. In addition, three limited editions are available: brown sunburst, silver sunburst with diamond hour markers, and black sunburst with diamond hour marker surfaces.
   The Elite 681 ultra-thin watch perfectly inherits the brand’s tradition of adhering to mechanical movements and pure simplicity. It is equipped with a black or brown alligator leather strap. The strap is lined with rubber for added comfort. Watch with 18K rose gold or stainless steel pin buckle. Its low-key and elegant aesthetic temperament perfectly embodies the true eternal value.

Fu Gui Shuang Zhen Tasting Dragon King Series Watch

泱泱 Zhonghua, Dragon and Phoenix are respected. Dragons and phoenixes have become the broad totems, spiritual symbols, cultural symbols and emotional bonds of the Chinese nation. The dragon, the force, the power, and the spirit; the phoenix, pretty, good, and wise. Dragons and phoenixes combined, harmony with beauty, wealth, fortune, and good fortune. Tianwang launched the Dragon and Phoenix gold watch series, which means harmony between yin and yang, happiness in marriage and love, coexistence of strength and beauty, and prosperity. Today I am going to introduce the Tianwang Dragon and Phoenix series watches, the official numbers are 8968 and 6968.
   Both watch cases are made of stainless steel, the bezel and crown are plated with 18K yellow gold, are equipped with sapphire crystals, and are water-resistant to 50 meters.
   The silver-gray dial is decorated with gold dragon play beads gold foil and gold phoenix chaoyang gold foil, dragons and phoenixes, harmony, beauty, wealth, fortune, dajiyongzhen.
   Equipped with automatic mechanical mechanism, it has the function of hour and minute hands.
   Both watches have a stainless steel bracelet with a double-button double-open stainless steel butterfly clasp, and the button face is set with electro-gold.
In summary: Tianwang watches use the crown shape as the brand logo, which is distinguished, elegant, simple and clear, and gives the watch company team the hope to reach another peak. After a long period of experience, Tian Wang Men’s models also leave people with elegant, generous, gorgeous and fashionable boutique characteristics, and become a king.

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