Month: September 2019

Bryce’s New Military Watch Series Reinvents The Brand’s Historical Image

Bell & Ross has traced the history of antique military watches, and created a revival pocket watch PW1 and a vintage version WW1. Reinterpreting the history of military watch design has always been the inspiration for the birth of Bell & Ross watches. ‘In order to make our military watch series more perfect and exciting, we draw inspiration from the historical treasure house. ‘Bruno Belamich thinks that the biggest challenge in design is to retain the characteristics of the watchmaking craft of the year, but also to Fusion of Bell & Ross design principles and modern watchmaking standards. After Bell & Ross reimagined and shaped, the birth of two timepieces, representing two eras: the noble pocket watch PW1 (Pocket Watch 1) and Vintage WW1 (Wrist Watch 1). During the First World War, French soldiers took the lead in wearing the first generation of military watches. In the 1920s, the Air Force also adopted military watches as formal equipment. Until the 1930s, military watches Reliable technical performance is widely acclaimed. The design of the Vintage WW1 watch is inspired by the design aesthetics of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ in the 1920s, linking the design history of pocket watches and military watches in the 1940s. In appearance and function, Vintage The WW1 watch also inherits the consistent design features of Bell & Ross ss. Vintage PW1 and Vintage WW1 are two new works inherited, although in production and onboard The movement is different in function, but the two outstanding watches share many common features: a high-quality Swiss movement; a large-diameter pocket watch style; an easy-to-operate large crown, inspired by Air Force pilots wearing gloves to control Watch style; nostalgic arched mirror, refined with sapphire material; orderly and clear dial, enhanced legibility, is a consistent design feature of Bell & Ross. Unique to the vintage WW1, the lugs welded to the body, It is based on the original rope buckle design. With a noble strap, the design of the first watch of that year came to life, and it can also meet the ergonomic requirements of modern people for the comfort of wearing a watch. Polished steel shell, micro-arch rays The grained dial reflects the classic design inspired by the past. The large PW1 pocket watch is paired with long refining, the body is carefully retouched, and the barley grain guilloche-shaped decorative back makes the overall classic temperament perfect. Created for art enthusiasts who know how to appreciate its manual movement. The classic designed Vintage WW1 is available with three movement options: power reserve display version (WW1-97), Daiichi Window version (WW1-96) and large calendar window and power reserve display version (WW1-90). Each comes with a classic alligator leather strap and stainless steel pin buckle. WW1 became a MILITARY version: WW1-92, dumb Gray case with unique textured calfskin strap. The WW1-92 HERITAGE version of the black body with sand-colored hour markers and vintage-tone straps reveals the style of the past era. Two WW1 MILITARY Both the HERITAGE and HERITAGE versions are equipped with a three-hand self-winding movement. The hour and minute scales are displayed separately, which enhances legibility and highlights the minute display on the large dial. This layout arrangement was inspired by the navigation watch used by the Air Force to calculate direction and speed. The luminous triangle at 12 o’clock allows users to take readings from the watch even in a dark environment.

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