Month: August 2019

Zhenlishi Be A Shining Woman

Following the great success of the Baby Doll sweet series and Queen of Love series in the global market, Zenith launched the new 07 Glam Rock ‘Glamour Series’ female watch, exuding elegant femininity. Tailored for independent and confident urban women, she once again confirms the brand spirit of Zenith: bold and creative, exquisite craftsmanship, and a perfect fusion of fashion sense and timeless value. Star Elite models use Elite 68 ultra-thin self-winding movement, seconds at 9 o’clock, 37.5 mm diameter case, creating a simple, elegant, elegant and smart watch. Diamonds have given the sparkling charm of the 07 Glam Rock charm series. The digital scale is set with 12 rare black diamonds and 15 delicate white diamonds, and 11 star fragments flow like the Milky Way. The black and white dial is a timeless color label. Black models, such as the vast night sky, are profoundly peaceful. Silver models, such as dazzling daylight, shining brightly. The diamond embellishment on the bezel is also exciting. Each white diamond is surrounded by 2 black diamonds and weighs 2.5 carats. Luxurious nature, quietly blooming in an elegant low-key way. On the back of the case, through the sapphire glass, Zenith’s automatic mechanical movement emerges from the light and shadow of diamonds. The traditional values ​​of Switzerland’s top watchmakers are vividly shown. Glam Rock charm series, the most shining star in luxury women’s watches, Zenith is another masterpiece of firmness and tenderness. Recognize self-achievement and eternal brilliance, and dedicate it to women who honor freedom and control wisdom. For more than half a century, the acronym ‘DS’ of the ‘dual insurance’ system developed by Swiss watch manufacturers has become a trusted symbol of Certina watches. Today, the new generation of the Himalayan series has the same rigorous quality characteristics as the first DS watch, which appeared in 1960. Zoran’s distinguished classic sports style, faintly dazzling ‘call-back’ inspiration and simple, fashionable design make this new automatic watch shine. Its unique style performance will make it difficult for all connoisseurs of precision watches to resist its temptation. Tina Certina first adopted the DS ‘Double Insurance’ concept in 1959. This is a mechanism that concentrates shock-proof components, reinforced case, sapphire glass and special sealing devices on the handle, crown and case back. This year also marks the beginning of a series of scientific and sports-oriented expeditions to test this new timer under extreme conditions. In 1960, the first Certina DS watch accompanied the Swiss mountaineering team to climb the Dhaulagiri peak (8222 meters) in the Himalayas, successfully proving his excellent performance under extremely harsh conditions.

Panerai: End Of The Year Gift Recommendation

Li has always been the core of Chinese civilization. In ancient times, ‘ceremony’ was a devout sacrificial activity. The ancients not only worshipped the gods in order to pray for the protection of the gods, but also often enshrined the most respectful and valuable objects to express their respect and respect. Therefore, as early as that time, ‘li’ has already had a materialized meaning.
   Today, ‘Li’ has evolved into an important way for people to express their emotions. Emotion is more than ‘Li’, ‘vote me for peach, return to Qiong Yao’, not only expresses respect, more There is also gratitude and love.

   Near the end of the year, when you are happy to reunite with your family and share happiness with your friends, Panerai will also be an excellent gift to express your endless love and gratitude. May every second of life have extraordinary significance; and every meaningful moment, Panerai will witness with you.

Panerai 2017 new Luminor Due series

   The Panerai Luminor Due series was launched in 2016, inspired by the Luminor series from the 1950s. The design is even more elegant and is the brand’s thinnest case, which induces infinite plasticity. The 2017 Luminor Due 3 Days Oro Rosso – 42mm 3 Day Power Reserve Red Gold Watch (PAM00741) is equipped with a matte titanium case and polished red gold bezel. It is 42mm in diameter and only 10.5mm thick. Any grand The game is smooth and smooth. The dial follows the classic design of many Panerai antique watches. The style is smooth and simple. The elegant ivory white contrasts with blue numerals, making the small seconds at 9 o’clock even more outstanding.

Panerai 2017 new Luminor 1950 series

   The new Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio – 42mm 3-day power reserve automatic steel watch (PAM00722) has a classic case and dial design, and for the first time is equipped with a new metal strap. The shape of the chain links echoes the protection of the winding crown, like the first stainless steel bracelet of Panerai in 1999.

   The shape of each chain link is reminiscent of the iconic bridge protection device. Each link is interlocked and does not require any screws to form an ergonomic chain belt. style. The frosted case contrasts with the polished bezel. It is equipped with a 6mm thick P.9010 self-winding movement, which makes the case extremely thin and light.

Panerai 2016 Luminor 1950 series

   In 2016, Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio – 42mm 3-day power reserve automatic stainless steel watch (PAM01392) was grandly launched, equipped with a new P.9010 automatic mechanical movement, equipped with a three-day power reserve. A new chapter in Marina’s history. The device on the P.9010 movement can independently move the hour hand back and forth by one hour per division without affecting the minute hand, making it easy to adjust. This function is particularly convenient when changing time zones or changing winter and summer time, and adjusting the hour hand can automatically correct the date display at the same time. The main clock position on the black ‘sandwich’ dial is equipped with a large digital display and a stick-shaped hour marker, a small blue seconds dial at 9 o’clock, and a date display window at 3 o’clock, showing the classic Panerai style.

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