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The Future Of Montblanc, Try The Bold And Innovative Young

On July 18, 2019, the world premiere of Montblanc’s new ladies’ watches 2019 was held at the Shanghai 1862 Fashion Art Center. As the main push for ladies ‘watches this year, the new Baoxi ladies’ watch has attracted much attention. Exquisite and elegant appearance design combined with exquisite high-end watchmaking craftsmanship, tailor-made for the modern, sophisticated and independent women. At the same time, Watch House was fortunate to be able to interview Mr. Vincent Montalescot, Executive Vice President of Montblanc Global Marketing, to discuss related issues for Montblanc and its new women’s watch series.

Watch House: I am very honored to be able to appreciate the new works of the Montblanc Bohè series for the first time. What do you think is the biggest highlight of this year’s new Baoxi series? Compared with the previous models, what makes it different?

Mr. VincentMontalescot: The biggest highlight of this year’s Montblanc’s new Baoxi series is of course the self-made perpetual calendar watch. This watch uses the brand’s own movement, which took three years to develop before it became available, with a limited edition of 100 pieces worldwide. The other two watches of the Baoxi series-the day and night display watch and the full calendar watch, are also very individual. More importantly, the concept brought to us by Baoxi series this year is # 我 心 由 我 #. The choice of watch depends on the consumer. Everyone will have their own style. Consumers can choose a watch according to their own style. Match it. In addition, the ultra-thin outer frame tourbillon watch with complicated functions introduced by the Baoxi series last year is also a highlight of this series.

Watch House: As far as the Baoxi series is concerned, what is the age range of Chinese female consumers?
Mr. Vincent Montalescot: If you want to talk about the core age of consumers in the Baoxi series, it is probably in the range of 25 to 40 years old. In my opinion, all watches of the Baoxi series can be targeted at modern women of different ages, such as our brand friends Wu Jinyan and Qin Lan. They belong to different age ranges and are also representative of independent and sophisticated women in modern cities. This means-your personality and your profession all determine which watch to choose and what style to use to interpret your own characteristics.

Watch House: Will Montblanc launch younger products for young people in the future?

Mr. VincentMontalescot: Montblanc has launched a lot of products for young people, such as the 1858 series, which belongs to sports-oriented watches; SUMMIT2 smart watches are also very popular and sought after by young people. In addition, young people nowadays are more and more fond of traveling. For the suitcase products, we launched a limited edition suitcase with Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli in April this year. In early July, Montblanc and BAPE launched a new Montblanc BAPE® limited edition co-branded bags and leather accessories series. We can see that Montblanc has been continuously launching products aimed at young people from watches, leather goods to bags.

Home of Watches: This year, the brand has invited celebrities in different fields as well as KOLs when the new works of the Montblanc Bohès series are launched. What common life philosophy does the Baoxi series have with them?

Mr. Vincent Montalescot: The theme of this Montblanc ladies watch is # MyLife.MyDecision. 我 心 由 我 #. Modern young people like to express their aspirations and show their personality. Montblanc shows us the diversity of our products, which is very important, which shows that different products of the same series can meet the different needs of consumers. For example, this time the new Baoxi series watches are equipped with straps of different colors. Consumers can choose straps of different colors according to their moods and different occasions to interpret their style.

Watch House: It is understood that you have a lot of experience in other industries before, especially in terms of brand marketing strategies. Do these experiences have any reference in the fine watch industry?

Mr. Vincent Montalescot: What previous experience can bring to Montblanc is how to talk to young consumers and how to maintain a common language with them. It is very important that we learn to listen to consumers and put consumers at the center, not brands. Because by listening to consumers, we can gain insight into what young people love to adjust our strategies. For example, we just said that when the Montblanc BAPE® limited edition co-branded bags and leather accessories series were launched in early July, there was a long line in front of the Shanghai CITIC Pacific Plaza store. Young people love our products more and more, and this is what we want to see.

Another point is that when we communicate with young consumers, we understand the channels through which young consumers like to obtain information and make consumption. We can build emotional bonds with them and achieve emotional connection. All in all, for me, being able to listen to consumers’voices, discover and perceive their preferences, and build a smooth communication bridge with them is some of the constructive opinions I can bring to Montblanc.

Summary: Today, consumption tends to be younger, Montblanc continues to follow the pace of the times in the market, especially in the Chinese market, and deeply cultivates young people. But how to get more and more young consumers to pay is still a huge challenge.
As the post-90s and post-00s gradually become the main consumer groups, their personality is clear, they have a strong sense of self, and they are accustomed to the emerging purchasing method of online shopping. Therefore, the brand is not only becoming younger in product design, but also opening up. With the e-commerce platform, it has formed a good communication bridge with the younger generation. However, while targeting younger groups, you should also be aware that you cannot just cater to the market. Innovate in the classics, inherit in the innovation, retain the characteristics of the deepest bone marrow itself, not only must take into account the younger generation, but also consider consumers of other age ranges.

Jacques De Las Vegas Exhibition Shows 275 Years Of Historical Heritage

Jacques Dro’s exhibitions have achieved great success in Moscow, Basel, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau. These Jacques Dro masterpieces will soon reach the United States, allowing more experienced watch lovers to fully Appreciate the efforts of Jacques Dro’s Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and brand to inherit traditional craftsmanship.

This journey through time and space reveals the connection between classic 18th century and contemporary art. The unique self-winding mechanical movement and exclusive watch models from the Jacques Dro Art Workshop infiltrate the timeless brand cultural symbols, showing the beauty of legendary craftsmanship of micro-engraving and exquisite micro-painting. The most innovative timing mechanisms complement the quaint and elegant enamel dial or the luxurious gemstone, pearl or magnificent mineral dial.

The most remarkable thing about this exhibition is that on the opening day of the exhibition, a skilled Jacques de Roth artist will show the hand-made micro-carving and dial micro-painting at the tourbillon store.

The exhibition will open from September 30 to November 12, 2014, and then will continue to the Middle East and Europe for exhibitions. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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