Month: September 2018

Hublot China’s Largest Specialty Store Xiamen Glory Opens

Hublot, the largest Swiss luxury watch brand owned by LVMH, a world-renowned luxury goods group, was recently unveiled in Chinatown, Xiamen’s top luxury business district, marking Hublot in China Another milestone in market excellence. At the same time, Hublot joined the national tour of ‘Ferrari Leaping Horse China for 20 years’ in Xiamen, and a watch feast with the theme of ‘integrated art’ began. Hublot’s legendary classics-Big Bang series, classic fusion, King of the King series all debuted, presenting a masterpiece of fusion of traditional Swiss watchmaking art and modern high technology for this pearl of the sea.

Hublot Xiamen Chinatown Store
     Hublot from Geneva, Switzerland, is the first Swiss top watch brand to combine precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. Its birth, whether in terms of watchmaking materials or the unique aesthetic concept of the watch, The watch industry has revolutionized. Hublot adheres to the brand philosophy of “Fusion Art”, while loyal to the Swiss watchmaking tradition, it also gives it the creativity and vision of the 21st century. Not only that, under the leadership of the chairman of the global board of directors, Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, the Swiss watchmaking legend, Hublot is well-known for its global and diversified marketing strategy. As a top sports watch, it has a high degree of cooperation with elite partners, especially in football, F1 ?, skiing, sailing, basketball, polo, golf, sailing and other fields. King Maradona, world sprint champion Usain Bolt, and NBA superstar Dwayne Wade are members of the Hublot family.

   Hublot’s ‘art of fusion’ complements the urban heritage of Xiamen. In this beautiful Heron Island, the traditional Minnan culture and the high-end fashion tastes of an international metropolis perfectly converge. Hublot chooses Xiamen’s top luxury business district. It is located in the most prosperous commercial street of Chinatown and opened its seventh store in China with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters. It is currently the largest store in China. The design of the whole store adhering to the brand concept of ‘fused art’, the iconic distinguished black is ingeniously combined with low-key luxurious high-tech elements. Dare to fuse rare materials between square inches is the most prominent feature of Hublot, and this concept also plays a decisive role in the design of the specialty store-the black marble floor with leather furniture, glass and alloy Material counters are integrated with high-tech details. Of course, the independent and private VIP meeting room, senior professional service staff, and more respected guests and watch collectors bring respected watch tasting and shopping experience.

   Mr. Louis Beaver, Brand Director of Hublot China, said: ‘Xiamen has a pivotal position as the most important luxury market in southeast China. We are very honored to open Hublot’s largest monopoly in China. I believe that its opening will definitely provide a place for high-end consumers and watch collectors throughout the Southeast region to learn more about Hublot and taste the best watches. ‘

   At present Hublot has opened 55 exclusive stores in the world’s top luxury business districts, 7 of which are located in China. In addition, there are four retail counters in Beijing, Dalian, Wuhan and other places. In the next six months, the number of specialty stores is expected to reach 10. The rapid development of Hublot in China reflects the blueprint of this luxury watch brand, which already has a benchmark status in the Swiss watch industry, for the huge development potential of the Chinese market.

Bucherer Launches New Alacria Swan Watch

Carl F. Bucherer’s new Alacria Swan watch is a tribute to the Bucherer family and company as well as Lucerne, a famous watch brand created in the city of Lucerne. Set with more than 1,300 diamonds, this stunning jewellery watch reflects the highest level of Bucherer’s traditional jewelry art.
    Lucerne, a highland city in central Switzerland, is surrounded by mountains and picturesque. Although the city center itself is not very large, the city is full of cheerful atmosphere, so it is called ‘Switzerland’s Miniature’.
    In addition to impressive landmarks, such as the world-famous Chapel Bridge and Mount Pilatus, countless white swans wading on Lake Lucerne make the city full of magical charm.
    Strolling along the idyllic lakeside, the elves playing leisurely on the blue lake like a mirror bring people into a mythical world of myths and magic. The clear lake is magically transformed into a glittering ‘Swan Lake’ .
    In addition to Lake Lucerne, swans (a symbol of our dreams in mythology) also inspired another place in Lucerne: Schwanenplatz, where Bucherer started in 1894, and its first watch and jewelry boutique in 1888 Opened in Kapellgasse.
    The Alacria Swan watch is a masterpiece of the Carl F. Bucherer women’s watch ‘Alacria’. The name is a tribute to the company’s founder, the Bucherer family, which evokes memories of long ago that they owned their own business in Lucerne and realized their dreams. The name is also based on strong symbolic meaning, mythology, and romantic fairy tales.
    The case is set with 348 diamonds, the dial is set with 137 diamonds, the bracelet is densely covered with 844 diamonds, and a diamond shines on the crown. All diamonds are the highest quality diamonds, making the Alacria series A new luxurious light. Each beautiful diamond is carefully set by hand. This watch reflects the highest level of Carl F. Bucherer’s traditional jewelry art.

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