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Why Is Watch Repair Expensive? The Repairman Elaborate On The Price Concept

After introducing the basic concepts of watch maintenance, some friends and I have reflected on how the repair price is formed, and by what standards? And so on. Below I would like to share with you, or to explain, what I think is the composition of watch repair prices. Articles for answering doubts and doubts may be relatively boring. I hope I can explain to you step by step.
From the beginning, understand the composition of watch production costs
 As we all know, the current leader of the watch industry lies in Switzerland. Almost all brands are aligned with Switzerland. In the laws and regulations of the Swiss federal government, legislation was introduced in 1971, and in 1992, it was mandatory to strengthen the watch brand’s ability to be swiss made. From next year, that is, on January 1, 2017, new regulations will be implemented and subdivided into six categories, namely: movements, watch cases, straps, Swiss quartz, Swiss originals, Swiss made, all requirements Improved and become stricter. The original production cost ratio was 51%, which will rise to 60% from next year. Let’s throw away the discussion of subdividing the manufacturing costs, and simply analyze the composition of total production costs.

 In terms of common sense, the production of watches is divided into four parts, the first is the appearance, including the case, strap, dial, hands, handle, mirror, waterproof ring, etc .; the second is the movement, mainly the movement Itself; the third is the cost of labor; the fourth is the cost of watch box printing. Usually the proportion is a concept of 4: 3: 2: 1. Most brands currently on sale, regardless of first-tier brands or second- and third-tier small brands, it is not a problem to obtain 51% of the old regulations. The new regulations Although 60% of the requirements are more stringent, the concept of subdivision can still be adjusted. The proportion of this manufacturing cost is not fixed. In many cases, the proportion of the cost of appearance parts may be higher. Such as the use of precious metals, the setting of jewellery, and some complex craftsmanship dials and so on.
 After the finished watch is made, the watch will have some added value of the brand, etc., so that a final price will be sold to customers.
Next, the classification of watch maintenance
 For the absolute majority of Swiss brand watches in the market, there are three large groups that provide after-sales service. The first is the Neuchatel watch repair service center under the Swatch Group. After-sales of the brand; the second is the customer service department of Richemont, and the third is the customer service department of Rolex. Take the three groups as an example to provide watch repair services. They are mainly divided into two categories. The first is called quick service. For the brands under the group, such as battery replacement services, or the corresponding strap, etc. Immediately desirable.

Panerai Maintenance
 The second is the slow service, which is divided into two types of job and full job. So, what is part assignment? Mainly for the waterproof function of the watch, or the replacement of the appearance of spare parts, etc., the complete operation is the comprehensive maintenance service of the pointer to the watch, such as oil washing maintenance of mechanical watches. These all require corresponding time. Generally, the maintenance time of the group is relatively long, which takes about one month or even longer.
Besides, the price composition of different categories
 There is a premise that must be written in the front. For the watch repair services provided by the Swiss Group, or the repair services provided by most watch shops, some factors of maintenance masters will be considered. The requirements for the technical level of the fast-repairing master and the slow-repairing master are different. As a traditional maintenance industry, manual ingredients have to be taken into account.
 Therefore, these big groups in Switzerland will provide some necessary training for the masters of maintenance operations. So this part of the cost will also be a small part of the maintenance cost. Both fast repair and slow repair have this part of the factor.

Watch for battery
 The most common quick repair service is to replace the battery. This service is generally to replace the battery of the corresponding model and the service for the waterproof test of the seal of the watch after the battery is replaced. The price structure includes batteries, tested water resistance, and handmade ingredients. As of 2016, the price of providing battery replacement services generally ranges from 150 to 500 yuan. If the strap section is free during the warranty period, some manual fees will be charged if the warranty period is exceeded. Please note that the group or regular watch store will never be a watch section charge, if this is a black shop Already. The replacement of the strap is generally the price of the strap itself. Because the manual installation service is relatively simple, there is generally no charge.

Watch repair
 Slow repair services are often more expensive. Part of the service operation, for example, to provide waterproof service for watches. This includes the replacement of the necessary waterproof ring. The waterproof test also requires two types of real water test and air test. The corresponding testing equipment is relatively expensive, and it takes about 1 to 2 hours for a maintenance technician with operating experience. The general service price will range from 600 to 2000 yuan (2016).
Full-service jobs are relatively complex. First of all, there is a requirement for the maintenance master’s professional experience. Both the maintenance master of the group and the master of the ordinary watch shop should obtain the corresponding qualifications. Secondly, for large groups, they will be divided into repair technicians, polishing technicians, maintenance technicians, inspection technicians, etc. This watch will be handmade by these technicians. Then, each brand will have the corresponding technical data for the repaired watch. This is scientific, and there will be a series of inspection standards. The most basic waterproof test, including the travel time test. So the price of each brand is different.
Why is full service so expensive? Myths of customers
 Many friends may have special questions about full service. What is the price so expensive? For example, when the customer accidentally breaks the watch, the group usually provides complete service to the customer. The reason is that the debris of the mirror may fall into the movement, and it may stop after the mirror is replaced. The production cost of the watch has been mentioned above, and the price of the watch usually has a price of about 10%. For example, for watches with a price of five million yuan, the price of a table mirror is generally 5,000 yuan, and in conjunction with washing and maintenance, it usually costs about 8,000 yuan for maintenance.

Sapphire crystal glass
 Many customers can understand the price of the table mirror. More doubt is that the oil cleaning and maintenance must be more than 3,000 yuan. Is it a bit expensive? In my experience, there are two types of customers. The first is that the concept of washing oil for watches and changing oils for automobiles is to let go or wipe it off, and then click on the new watch oil. This is a misunderstanding. Watches are miniature precision instruments, which have high requirements for cleaning, so they are all disassembled, then assembled, and a different process of point oil is used. The surface oil here is very particular. At present, the lubricant widely produced by Swiss Maubis is widely recognized in the maintenance industry. It is a common three-pin, single calendar, and fully automatic mechanical watch. It will be used for 5 to 6 times for maintenance. Each kind of lubricant is very expensive. The most commonly used 9010 model oil, a bottle of 2 ml, is less than eye drops and costs several hundred yuan.
 The second category of customers considers the cost of craftsmanship to be too low, which is also a misunderstanding. A good experienced master provides excellent service and can meet technical standards. However, this will gradually improve, as our country becomes stronger and stronger, and we will pay more and more attention to the skills of craftsmen.
Watch repair price view
 The price concept of watch repair can be simply summarized. There are three parts, the cost of brand spare parts plus manual costs and the loss of maintenance tools.
 I remember when I was in college, there were some of the most boring and boring content in politics class, such as the vocabulary of outlook on life, values, worldview and methodology. As the years go by, it feels useful in the subtle way. Life is a process of continuous exploration and self-realization. Watches carry heritage and records. A good watch is a wonderful handicraft and a scientific crystallization. Please take a correct look at the price of watch maintenance.

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