Month: September 2017

Luxury And Elegant Tasting Movado Aisha Women’s Gold Diamond Watch

The Basel Watch & Jewellery Show 2017 is in full swing. As a fund that has greatly increased attention in recent years, new ladies’ watches are also attractive. This is how Movado watches have always been minimalist. Based on the original design, many more refined and elegant ladies’ watches have been launched. Among them, a Movado Aisha ladies gold watch with diamonds is very dazzling, let us take a look below.

   As a brand with deep roots in modernist art and expression art, Movado has always contained excellent design aesthetics and innovative ideas in the precious and long history of 136 years. The seemingly minimalist style condenses the hard work of brand watchmakers, making this watch more unique to the brand.

   28mm stainless steel, PVD gold-plated diamond case, dazzling. The luxury of golden elements and the brilliance of diamonds are perfectly combined to better set off the beauty of the white dial.

   The raised high-gloss diamond-encrusted bezel and the golden dots and hands on the white dial complement each other, elegant and delicate, showing the watch’s unique luxury and elegant atmosphere.

   The naturally sagging PVD gold-plated stainless steel hollow vertical PVD inter-gold bracelet is a major highlight of this watch. Whether it is stainless steel or PVD gold-plated stainless steel, each link is full of atmosphere and the connection is smooth and natural. Very beautiful.

   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Pamper Yourself In The Name Of Love Swiss Radar Haoxing Diamond Series Dedication Woman’s Day

Yangchun March is full of vitality due to the arrival of Women’s Day. Whether you are an independent and confident OL in the office, a virtuous woman with multiple jobs at home, or a fresh girl strolling in the shade of the campus, you will spoil yourself in this festival of your own. In the name of love, RADO presents the HyperChrome Diamonds watch. This series of watches combines top technology and dynamic fashion elements, and perfectly meets the different needs of ‘multifaceted women’ with different styles and functions.

 Pure white shines on the wrist

 The pure dial with clear and clear hands and scales is concise yet elegant, making the RADO HyperChrome Diamonds white high-tech ceramic watch the perfect choice for many women. The white and immaculate appearance and the gentle texture like jade make you fit the changing dress and shape whether you are attending a warm family party, attending a lover’s business dinner, or having a sweet afternoon tea with your sisters. It’s elegant.

 The Rado HyperChrome Diamonds series uses a high-tech ceramic strap, which is comfortable and light, and never wears. It can still shine on your wrist after many years to accompany you.

 Extraordinary black calmly in line

 The calm black brings a mysterious and capable extraordinary temperament, symbolizing the toughness and strength of women without compromise. RADO gives the feminine femininity and leanness to this watch, and at the same time it combines exquisiteness and practicality to the extreme-a revolutionary high-tech ceramic material set with top Westelton diamonds, which is not easily worn. Revealing luxury and elegance.

 Whether in a high-paced office environment, a luxurious dinner party, or a romantic exclusive date, the RADO HyperChrome Diamonds black high-tech ceramic watch from the Hao Xing diamond series can make you calm and calm.

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