Month: August 2017

Young Watchmaker In The Girard-perregaux Watchmaking Workshop

In the chalet at the foot of the Jura mountain in Switzerland, the gray-haired teacher is facing the white snow outside the window and wearing a small table lamp. It seems to be a quiet day in Switzerland for decades. This seems to be Switzerland Classic picture of fine watchmaking. But now, in the watchmaking workshop of Girard-Perregaux, Switzerland’s top watch, we see a group of watchmakers in the 70s and 80s working happily in front of personalized workbenches.
Girard Perregaux young watchmaker
    On June 20, Girard Perregaux brought three of the young watchmakers to Beijing to hold a tour of the ‘Traditional New Look’ watchmaking workshop. Among them, the youngest watchmaker is only 26 years old. At the same time, there were also Swiss master watchmakers and Dominique Loiseau, who produced many of the world’s top complication watches. Stefano Macaluso, Managing Director of Girard-Perregaux watches, said that young watchmakers have both the impetus and the mind like the master watchmaker Dominique, they have brought new vitality to traditional watchmaking.
Average age 37
    As one of the finest fine watchmaking workshops in Switzerland, Girard Perregaux has a history of 221 years. In such an old watchmaking workshop, the average age of 150 watchmakers is only 37 years old. Young but experienced. According to Stefano Macaluso, the average working life of these young watchmakers is 15 years, and no matter how rich the external work experience of each watchmaker, after entering Girard Perregaux watchmaking workshops, they must work for at least 2-3 years Above, can become Girard Perregaux watchmaker. For the training of young watchmakers, Girard Perregaux takes a gradual approach. If you have no experience in recruiting, please perform some simple operations first. If this person shows his talent for watchmaking at work, Girard Perregaux moves him to the next level to learn, such as moving from an ordinary movement to a tourbillon movement. ‘Each watchmaker’s talents and accomplishments are different. It all depends on how far they can go. The farther they go, the more training Girard Perregaux offers,’ said Stefano Macaluso. The best watchmakers can make all the movements and need at least 5 years of training. ‘
Not working in a cage
    How do young watchmakers make watches? What about their workbench? Mr. Stefano Macaluso said that although watchmaking is a job with strict discipline and standard requirements, Girard Perregaux’s watchmaking workshops provide as much space as possible for each watchmaker to fully express their passion for watchmaking. .
    So when you walk into Girard Perregaux’s watchmaking workshop, you can see that each workbench is full of different personalities: a workbench full of family photos, a workbench full of sketches, and mini-image and headset work Tables … Each work table is arranged by the watchmaker himself, revealing the different personality hobbies of the watchmaker.
    This open and personalized watchmaking environment is closely related to the personality of Managing Director Mr. Stefano Macaluso. He has many hobbies outside of watchmaking: racing, architecture, art, film … In his opinion, the watchmaking workshop is not a cage, the watchmaker is not working in a cage, and more. Hobby can complement the relatively static and slow work of watchmaking, which not only achieves the balance of life, but also allows watchmakers to draw inspiration from it and develop new ideas.

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