Month: August 2016

The Piaget Limelight Diamond Watch Series Amazingly Debuted

The new watch from Piaget, the limelight series. Each model is designed with luxury eye-catching and the pursuit of excellence in artistic value as its primary purpose. Using Piaget’s usual aesthetics and diamonds, the watch is interesting, original, and more importantly, eye-catching. Carefully cut diamonds cover every face of the watch as much as possible. Materials like pearls are used to decorate the details of the watch. The cover and strap are finished in 18k white gold. Piaget’s superb craftsmanship expresses the metal with a sense of fluidity, which really requires infinite passion for watches and high artistic skills. Just like the previous Piaget watch, reading the time requires opening the ‘time treasure box’. When not in use, the surface is always covered by a perfect cover. Each watch is set with nearly 40 carats of diamonds. Want such a luxurious watch? Find it in Piaget’s watch stores around the world.

Swatch 2013 Spring/Summer Collection New Products

On January 15, 2013, Swatch, a world-famous fashion watch and jewelry brand, held the 2013 spring and summer series of new products at the Shanghai Peace Residence. Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, came to the event site to introduce Swatch’s Lunar New Year special “White Snake Legend” and Valentine’s Day “Be Crazy for Love” two holiday watch collections. The mysterious veil of Qi’s new 2013 spring and summer series.

   The conference site skillfully matched modern urban romance with ancient Chinese love classics to ingeniously interpret the everlasting love theme. An oil-paper umbrella was propped up in the bridge pavilion, ‘White Snake’ and ‘Green Snake’ groaned and sang a love story spreading for thousands of years. The snake pattern drawn on the model complemented Swatch’s ‘White Snake Legend’ watch. , Beauty is intoxicating. To welcome the Chinese New Year of the Snake, Swatch introduced the Lunar New Year Zodiac Watch in the eighth year. In the upcoming Lunar Year of the Snake, internationally renowned Swiss fashion brands were touched by Chinese classical love legends. For the first time, folklore was used to present the concept of unbounded classic love and affection, showing a strong Chinese charm.

   During the new product launch, Ms. Chen Suzhen touched the button, Swatch’s ever-changing, sunny and colorful creative design was staged in turn, playing the prelude of passion and vitality of spring and summer 2013. The host opened the hut of love with the key in his hand. The sound of the jingle of the music box slowly flowed, the sweet vanilla smell lingered like a dream, and the duo danced in love with romance surrounded by flowers. True love, need to confess, Swatch ‘Be Crazy for Love’ classic original series watch perfectly confessed the love song of lovers, and be a sweet choice for Valentine’s Day in 2013.

   ‘As one of the pioneers of today’s global fashion brands, Swatch has been trying to brighten people’s hearts in new and wonderful ways since its establishment. At the beginning of the new year, Swatch is dedicated to two fashion watches that express true love. I hope to lead the brave and sincere year of 2013 through the classic white snake legend and the beauty of Western Valentine’s Day. ‘Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, mentioned in her speech.

   Swatch has a rocky sense of fashion. This spring / summer 2013 collection combines colorful with trendy culture and rich emotions, conquering the world with ever-changing charm. The spring collection boldly mixes stainless steel, aluminum, silicone, leather and other materials creatively, and integrates modern and creative designs to lead the spring revival of fashion. Swatch’s summer collection is bright and moving, with the integration of ethnic elements, like an unstoppable sunlight that instantly ignites the vitality and passion of youth. With the launch of the new spring and summer love products, Swatch started a colorful 2013, hoping to witness the happiness and happiness of more people with a heart-watch.

GZ281 RMB: 510

Series: Classic Original Series
Dial: pink dial with heart-shaped opening, visible pink movement inside
Case: 34mm diameter white matte hard plastic case
Strap: white pink two-tone matte silicone strap with vanilla fragrance

SUOZ158 RMB: 580

Series: Classic Original Series
Dial: white dial, multicolor Arabic numerals, snake-shaped hour and second hands
Case: white matte hard plastic case
Strap: white hard silicone strap with multicolor snake pattern, white hard silicone bracelet and white buckle
Special packaging: multi-color flower pattern paper case with plastic watch box inside

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