Month: February 2016

Panerai Luminor 1950 47mm 3-day Power Reserve Left-handed Watch

The annual Geneva International Watch Fair is about to begin. The reporting team in front of the Watch House has arrived in Geneva and will bring you the latest and fastest comprehensive watch fair report. Panerai launches the Luminor 1950 LEFT-HANDED 3 DAYS – 47mm 3-day power reserve left-handed watch. Its winding crown and crown guard are located at 9 o’clock on the left side of the case. Left-handed watches have played an important role in the history of Panerai. Italian navy commandos often need to wear several instruments on their wrists at the same time. In addition to the watch used to indicate the synchronized attack time and calculate the ship’s submersible time, they also need to wear a compass and depth gauge. For convenience, some team members will wear the watch on the right wrist, so Panerai has developed a watch with the crown on the left for them to wind easily. A few of the brand’s watches still retain this rare feature.

   The case of the Luminor 1950 Left-Handed 3 Days left-handed watch is made of stainless steel, and in details, it has different recognition characteristics from the classic Luminor 1950 case: the outer periphery of the case is sharply angled, and the pillow shape is looming. This detail of the new case is directly taken from some Panerai’s pillow-shaped Radiomir watch introduced in 1936 and gradually transformed into a large-scale Luminor watch with bridge protection. The classic watch design of this period elaborated the important transformation of the brand at that time.

   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention.

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The Dream Of High-level Piaget Watches

As a top watch and jewellery brand, Piaget is famous for its gorgeous and elegant style. At the end of 2007, Piaget brought us a unique women’s watch-Magic Hour, which mixes naughty and naughty taste with dignified elegance.
18K Rose Gold Women’s Watch
Earl 56P quartz movement
Set with 36 round beautiful diamonds (about 1.1 carats total)
18K rose gold buckle with white silk strap

The oval case is set with 36 sparkling diamonds and surrounds the delicate machine-engraved dial. Alternately strung elegance, dignity, magic, and light. The unique Magic Hour, through bold avant-garde and elegant design, extends the ups and downs of the mood infinitely, showing Piaget’s irreplaceable creativity and pride. The new ‘Magic Hour’
的 The strong contrast between black and white, the three ways of changing the dial, everywhere reflect the naughty design. Coupled with the noble elegance of the 18K white gold case, this is the new ‘Magic Hour’.
However, this is not unique to Magic Hour. Its case can be rotated counterclockwise, and there are special fixing grooves in three positions of horizontal, 45 degrees and vertical. There are three ways of wearing, which express three different moods. Magic Hour’s unique novelty design brings us new fashion and new concepts.
When the bezel is in a horizontal position, with the large oval dial, the shape is free and unrestrained, but it is also elegant and exudes a perfect harmony. Gently push with your fingertips, the oval case spins playfully. The slanted dial, like a smart change game, is immersed in its amazing charm. The unique creation of this watch makes people constantly want to explore its original mystery and bring out magical moments …
Rotate the case 45 degrees again, and set the golden time scale with beautiful diamonds in front of you. It flashes brilliance and instantly transforms into a charming and unique jewelry watch: Magic Hour.
The Magic Hour Women’s Watch is available in two styles: a white gold case with a contrasting personality black silk strap, and a rose gold case with an elegant and noble white silk strap. Both styles have their own attractive charms .

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