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Casual Blazer + Sports Watch = The First Step To Remove Greasy

Tracing back to the history of suits, there is information that the suits originated from the Germanic costumes that went south in northern Europe. They are middle-aged with the ocean. Therefore, it is more convenient for them to wear loose collars, fewer buckles, and pockets for fishing. However, some data show that the suit originates from the traditional clothes of the British royal family. It is a three-piece suit made by men wearing the same fabric.

 For the Chinese, the title of ‘suit’ means that it belongs to ‘exports.’ Suits first entered China in the mid-to-late 19th century. After the first Opium War, the national gate of old China was opened. We had to “reluctantly” to accept some new objects. Suits were one of them.

Actor Hu Ge in suit at the awards ceremony

Piaget Altiplano G0A42051 watch

Benedict Cumberbatch wears Jaeger-LeCoultre 9068670 watch

 Nowadays, there are more and more types of suits. According to the occasion, there are two types of dresses and casual clothes (casual suits). According to the number of pieces and the classification of buttons, they can be divided into more types. When we attend some formal social and business occasions, we will choose more sophisticated suits. At this time, a simple dress watch is most suitable. In daily life, the birth and development of casual suits also provide an alternative for men.

 In April, the Spring Festival, the volatile season, it’s time for down jackets and short sleeves to enter the battlefield. The morning and evening are cold and the temperature is high at noon. This awkward temperature difference makes many people do not know what to wear. In fact, casual suits are a good choice. Recently, a casual suit jacket and a comfortable sports watch are the fashionable weapon to get rid of the ‘middle-aged greasy’ impression. If you want to be comfortable and stylish, look down.

Linen material: comfortable and skin-friendly without burden

Patch pocket blazer: Tagliatore from Farfetch

 Wearing a light-colored suit made of cotton and linen in the summer is the best choice, highlighting the texture while allowing both style. In terms of material, flax is the most suitable. Flax is a pure natural fiber. Due to its outstanding characteristics of sweat absorption, good breathability and harmlessness to human body, more and more designers are using it in clothing design such as jackets. The temperature in spring is on the rise. At this time, with a linen jacket and a simple white T-shirt inside, it is simple and elegant. For friends who need a blazer on any occasion, it is also a good choice to occasionally try different styles of blazer. In the choice of the bottom, a linen trousers suitable for self-cutting or cotton and linen trousers such as white light color is also a good choice.

 A full linen plaid casual suit, paired with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series 15400ST.OO.1220ST.04 watch and a pair of dark green loafers. The whole body is comfortable to wear and there are choices in color matching. This dress can also attend casual cocktail parties or business events that do not need to be too formal. It can also make you feel bright in front of everyone.
Light colors to highlight the theme

 Choose dark color carefully in spring and summer. If you have to choose dark color, you can choose in a certain part, such as shoes and pants. If you wear dark clothes such as black all over your body, it will feel too heavy. In terms of color selection, it is recommended to choose a large area of ​​light color. It can even be described by dullness. After all, the ‘dullness’ color can make these colorful sports watches stand out more.

 A pink jacket with white T-shirt and white cotton and linen trousers is also matched with dark green loafers. The basic items can be interpreted in different styles with a small mix. This suit is more suitable for wearing in life, especially when dating, giving the other party a more refreshing feeling.

 In the selection of watches, you can choose the color matching the wear items, and the dark green shoes in the picture above we can choose the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Series 26400SO.OO.A054CA.01 watch to carry out The overall mix.

 It’s still the same jacket. Change the pants to the long-awaited Monkey Time checked trousers and casual UTE Moc Folk sneakers. This body is more energetic than the previous picture.

 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 15710ST.OO.A085CA.01

 Don’t like the too bold color, then a beige watch that is harmonious with the whole is a perfect presentation of elegant elegance.

Comfortable tailoring is the most important

 Many people also have a misunderstanding about suit jackets, which is that they must be tailored to fit, and it is best to outline their loosing breast muscles. This is a point that can be abandoned for casual blazer. Casual, as the name suggests, is the time when life is more leisurely and comfortable, casual suits should also be a type of wear that brings comfort. Well, loose styles are the best choice for spring. In the same way, in the selection of summer clothes, you can choose the same color grid pattern to break the boring mix.

Patek Philippe AQUANAUT 5168G-001 watch

 Most men always choose blue when choosing a color. Indeed, blue is one of the cool colors for many occasions. A loose light-colored top or trousers with a corresponding blue item, you may also choose a blue watch in the watch selection.

Compared to the Zenith Pilot’s watch on the left, the blue jacket seems to be more suitable with a watch of the same color.

Error demonstration:

 Multi-color stacking is the biggest misunderstanding in this set. The light-colored tops and gray pants do not have a good connection and transition. The blue, yellow, and black striped shirts are too cumbersome and outdated.

 The picture on the left is the same as the one made above. Too many elements are overwhelming. Choosing a simple monochrome coat and a solid bottom, combined with the Patek Philippe Patek Philippe Sports Series 5712 / 1A-001 watch (nautilus), can make the overall more simple and advanced.

To sum up: If men want to abandon the ‘greasy’ label, they must start with the simplest match. Appropriate tailoring, comfortable color matching and materials, and choosing a watch that suits you, can let you find your own style. Start by buying a sports watch that matches the spring and summer, as the first step to lift your ‘greasy’!

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