Month: October 2014

Patek Philippe: A Unique Treasure Show

Painting and firing enamel on the arc is an extremely difficult task. Only a handful of enamel artisans have mastered this technique. Despite the difficulties, Patek Philippe’s enamel artists can still use the larger curved dome surface decorated with filigree enamel.

Ordinary watch fans may not think that to complete the picture of a spherical clock, the artisans of Patek Philippe need to use 18 to 20 meters of gold wire. After attaching such a long gold wire disc to the base, the artisans of Patek Philippe combined the opaque and translucent enamel materials and spray-painted or fired the enamel on the arc surface. It is not easy to produce every lifelike detail picture on the curved surface through the thin gold wire.It is even more challenging to complete the enamel production process on the same highly curved surface. . The difficulty of making it is operated on the dial and other planes, which cannot be compared.
At present, there are only a few enamel artisans capable of this task in Patek Philippe, even fewer than those who are capable of making and maintaining Patek Philippe’s super-complex movements. Because of this, the Patek Philippe dome clock is the most precious representative of all filigree enamels. At the same time, because each clock is unique, its value naturally rises with the passing of time. It is also natural.

Left: Patek Philippe solar electronic clock, issued by Cartier, manufactured in 1965, copper-plated gold material, filigree enamel hunting pattern.
Estimated price: 320000-480000 HKD
Right: Patek Philippe solar electronic clock, made in 1976, copper-plated gold material, filigree enamel dress ball pattern.
Estimated price: 400,000-550000 HKD
Since 1839, the Patek Philippe has inherited the tradition of watchmaking in Geneva. As an independent watch manufacturer, Patek Philippe is creatively adept at design, production and assembly, in order to make experts agree that it is the best timepiece in the world. Relying on rich experience in watchmaking, Patek Philippe has cultivated innovation as the company’s tradition. So far, it has harvested more than 70 patented technologies, and the variety is astonishing. The company’s precious, elegant and classic timepieces are the result of combining the latest technology with ancient watchmaking knowledge and passed down from generation to generation.

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