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Extraordinary Lady’s Fashion Watch Tasting Double Lions Io Series Charm

In Italian, ‘iO’ means ‘I’. The ‘iO’ series models named by Oriental Lions are designed for the most fashionable, cute and elegant women It means that modern women find themselves and show themselves. The iO Ladies series is designed and manufactured with a light energy movement, which can run continuously for 6 months in the dark when fully charged. This time brings the fashionable and classic Oriental Double Lions iO series ladies watch, model SWD09001V0.

    The watch uses an all-steel gold case, a crystal glass mirror, and a snap-in tri-fold clasp. In addition to focusing on practicality, it also puts more demands on decoration. The bezel adds beautiful gemstone inlays, and the dial is geometrically shaped. The pattern reveals the elegance and personality of the ladies’ timepiece. The highly romantic design of the hour markers, combined with the willow-shaped hands, highlights the outstanding visual effects and soft temperament of this series.

    The watch has a diameter of 23.8 millimeters, which is a very small size. In many women’s watches, it is enough to be called exquisite. This size is a classic of women’s watches since ancient times. A nice wrist charm. The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters, which meets the needs of daily life watch matching. This is also the most basic configuration of a waterproof watch.
    The most important function of the watch is its light kinetic energy. This is a major technical highlight of the Oriental Double Lions, especially when it is loaded into such a ladies’ watch. Such a combination is rare. The advantage of photodynamic is that you don’t have to worry about the battery being discharged after 2 or 3 years of use, and you need to change the battery, and the performance is excellent. After being fully charged, the watch can walk in the dark for 6 months, greatly improving the watch’s power guarantee. . For women, this is a symbol of convenience.

Summary: Established in 1901, the Oriental Double Lion was the first watch brand to enter China. The original name was Oriental Watch. Because the logo uses the shape of two lions, it is called the Double Lion in China. Very reliable, so recognized by the older generation, the name of the Oriental Double Lion came from this. Today, the Oriental Double Lion has been acquired, but the brand is still producing timepieces. This classic female watch of the ‘iO’ series costs only 1980 yuan, which is enough to surpass the price of many quartz watches. .

Iwc (Iwc) Opened Two New Stores In North America

Following the opening of the Madison Avenue flagship store in New York, IWC continues to expand its brand presence in North America, opening two new stores, one at South Coast Plaza in Orange County, California and the other at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas.
   The South Coast Plaza store is a high-end retail point of the company, and the brand believes that it also showcases the core values ​​of innovation and engineering excellence. As the number one destination in Las Vegas, Encore at Wynn Las Vegas carries a number of brands, which will allow IWC to gain higher global recognition.

   ‘South Coast Plaza and Encore at Wynn Las Vegas are iconic luxury destinations and are suitable options for IWC,’ said Gianfranco D’ Attis, president of IWC North America. ‘The opening of our two new stores is a happy time for our IWC, and we are committed to providing better service to our customers.’ Both stores are designed by IWC’s internal architecture and design team.

Love Between Bronze And Diving Three Bronze Diving Watches Around 30,000 Recommended

Bronze is the earliest alloy in the history of metal smelting. It was used in various fields in ancient times and is widely used. In the 1950s, bronze was often used to make deep-sea diving helmets, which played a great role in diving history. Nowadays, the firework of love between bronze and diving watches has become popular all the time, not only because of its combination of simple style and practical functions, but also as a tribute to the diving history of humans. Today, the Watch House recommends three bronze diving watches to you, the price is around 30,000, I hope everyone can like it.
Bell & Ross Instruments BR0392-D-BL-BR / SCA

Product model: BR0392-D-BL-BR / SCA
Domestic public price: ¥ 31500
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: BR-CAL.302
Case material: matte polished CuSn8 bronze, unidirectional rotating pure bronze bezel with 60-minute graduation
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: 733 7747 4354-07 5 17 45

Product Model: 01 733 7747 4354-07 5 17 45
Watch diameter: 36 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 733
Case material: stainless steel / bronze case, minute scale bezel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: oris / 61586 /

Watch comments: This 65 replica series of bronze diving watches launched by Oris this year is very popular. With different completely copper watch designs, Oris has uniquely incorporated bronze materials into the watch parts. The case of this watch is made of bronze, but the minute scale bezel is made of aluminum, which is full of personality. In order to match the color of the bronze material, the hands and indexes of the dial are applied with rose gold PVD, and the impact of black gold makes the retro charm more intense. Many people have a soft spot for diving watches. The integration of retro elements makes diving watches full of irresistible charm. Compared to the Oris All-Bronze model, which is hard to find, this watch is much better.

Tudor Biwan Series M79250BM-0003

Product model: M79250BM-0003
Domestic public price: ¥ 28500
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: MT5601
Case material: bronze, matte, bronze unidirectional rotating outer ring, matte brown anodized aluminum word ring
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details: tudor / 43760 /
Watch reviews: Tudor’s Kai Cheng Biwan series pays homage to the first diving watch, inheriting the original case design and many well-known design elements, such as a large winding crown and snowflake hands. This Kai Cheng Biwan series bronze diving watch, with a bronze case and a rotating outer ring, is in line with the current retro trend. To match the color of the bronze case, the dial and bezel of the watch are made of chocolate brown, showing a gentleman’s atmosphere. The movement uses a Tudor MT5601 two-way winding movement with a power reserve of 70 hours.

Summary: When the love between the bronze and the diving watch collides with the retro style and the sporty atmosphere in a wrist watch, the years go by and the bits and pieces of time are recorded. This is what attracts us. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Pioneer’s Inscription, A Contemporary Model Jake Gyllenhaal’s Interpretation Of The New Santos De Cartier Watch Series

(March 26, 2018) Cartier joined hands with well-known American actor and producer Jake Gyllenhaal to perform the new Santos de Cartier watch series. Jack Gyllenhaal, a world-renowned movie actor, is always curious about the world. His pioneering spirit of freedom and fearlessness can be regarded as a model for contemporary men. It is in the same vein as the values ​​promoted by the Cartier Santos series.

   Integrity, fortitude, curiosity, and constant focus on the acting career, Jack Gyllenhaal perfectly outlines the image of a pioneering man represented by the Santos de Cartier watch series: a persevering, fearless and loyal contemporary contemporary masterpiece Taxi. Jack Gyllenhaal and Santos de Cartier: Pioneer’s Inscription, a contemporary example.

   Since its birth in 1904, the Santos de Cartier watch series has been writing legends and has changed over time. The unique aesthetic design makes it a symbol of modern style.

   For many years, Jack Gyllenhaal has infused his talents into each film, unearthed a new side, and successfully managed various roles. In 2006, he won the BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor for the ‘Broken Back Mountain’ and was nominated for an Best Supporting Actor in an Academy Award; in 2007, he starred in the American director David Fincher. ) Directed ‘The Twelve Houses’; in 2016, starred in ‘Night Moving Animal’ directed by fashion designer Tom Ford; in 2017, he was the producer and starring in the biographical film ‘Strong’. Its never-ending personal style and fearlessness, it is precisely the pioneering spirit of Cartier SantosdeCartier watch.

How About Richard Miller Watches? How About Richard Miller?

About Richard Miller
   Richard, the world’s top mechanical watch brand
Mille, famous for revolutionary watchmaking technology, has developed the most sophisticated tourbillon watch. Richard, the founder of the brand, named after himself
Mille once said, ‘My goal is to make the’ Formula One ‘of the watch industry.’
   By the end of 2005, nine Richards had been released
Mille watches, from design concepts, watchmaking materials to the appearance and performance of each part of the watch, are closely related to the precision design of Formula One racing cars.
   The inspiration for the Richard Mille watch’s shock absorbers and the function selection keys are inspired by cars. The watch’s function selection key is Richard
Mille’s original technology, which is like a car’s gear, has three positions of winding, timing and neutral, which reduces the impact on the movement of the movement due to winding or timing.
   In 2001 Richard Mille launched the first watch RM001. When the product came out, it made a thunderous sound and immediately gained international fame and achieved success.
   Until 2006, Richard
Mille presents new ideas, incorporates new design concepts, inherits breakthrough watchmaking technology, and launches six new Richard Mille mechanical watches. At the same time, Richard Mille was again selected as the best of the best watch by Robb Report & Collection.
   As of January 2010, Richard
Mille launched a total of 21 models with hundreds of watches, and has stores in Beijing’s Legend Jun Hotel and Shanghai’s Hang Lung Plaza, of which Beijing Legend Jun Hotel is the world’s largest Richard
Mille flagship store. Mourinho currently coaching the Spanish giants Real Madrid is wearing this watch. After five years of research and development, the RM-008 tourbillon double-tracking chronograph watch is a giant product of Richard Mille’s entire watch series, with an annual output of only 10 and a price of 4.8 million yuan.
How about Richard Miller watches
   Richard, the world’s top mechanical watch brand
Mille, famous for its revolutionary watchmaking technology, has developed the most sophisticated tourbillon watch. The inspiration for the watch’s shock absorber and the function selection key are inspired by the car. The function selection key of the watch is Richard
Mille’s original technology, which is similar to a car’s gear, has three positions of winding, timing and neutral, which reduces the impact on the movement of the movement due to winding or timing.
   In 2001, Richard Mille launched the first wristwatch RM001. The product became a thunderous thunder when it was released, and gained international fame and success. By 2006, Richard Mille presented a new concept, integrated a new design concept, and inherited it. Breakthrough in watchmaking technology and launch six new mechanical watches. Richard
Mille gets Robb again
Report & Collection selected as THE BEST OF THE BEST watch.
   You have to admit, few brands are like Richard Miller Richard
Mille. They can be regarded as the top sports car in the watch industry Pagani
Automobili is constantly challenging the limits and interactions of materials, technology and design. Richard Miller is known for his complicated skeleton movements, barrel-shaped cases and exotic materials.

   Richard Mille is an absolutely young brand in Swiss clocks. Because of his youth, all rules can’t restrain it. As the main sports watch, Richard
Mille plays almost all the cool sports: racing, tennis, polo and even Chinese kung fu all have strong tough guys to support them. Even displaying new products, we must take the lead in the Geneva watch exhibition, using 3D video to show all kinds of wonderful.
   The price of Richard Miller watches is basically between 500,000 and 600,000. The annual output fluctuates around 2500 pieces. From the trend in recent years, the quotes of Richard Miller watches have risen slightly. , Its output is also rising slightly. Currently, it has only stores in Beijing and Shanghai in China.
Recommended by Richard Miller
Richard Miller RM

   Number: RM
   Style: Automatic, 50×40 mm
   Material: titanium alloy
   RMB: ¥
   Movement model: RM
   Number of jewels: 62
   Power reserve: 50 hours
   Dial shape: barrel shape
   Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
   Crown material: titanium alloy
   Strap Color: Black
   Back penetration: back penetration
   Functions: date display, month display, timed flyback / reverse jump, full skeleton

Richard Miller RM
023 AUTOMATIC watch

   Number: RM
   Style: Automatic, 45.00×37.80 mm
   Material: titanium alloy
   Movement model: Automatic watch RM
   Vibration frequency: 28800 oscillations per hour
   Number of jewels: 32
   Power reserve: 55 hours
   Dial shape: barrel shape
   Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
   Back penetration: back penetration
   Water resistance: 50 meters
   Function: date display, full skeleton
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