Month: September 2013

Basel 2019: Diving Watches Can Also Be Elegant Tudor Tudor Black Bay S & G

TUDOR’s Black Bay series embodies the essence of the brand’s more than 60 years of diving watch production, and it still has a place in the watch altar today. In 2019, in order to further enrich the Black Bay series, Tudor launched the Black Bay 32/36/41 S & G (Biwan 32/36/41 gold steel model), with a new five-row chain link specially designed for this series. The yellow-gold and steel strap combines practical functions with elegance to show its charm.

This time Black Bay launched a total of 32/36/41 mm watches, each of which has a black or champagne gold dial, you can choose according to your preference

The new watch incorporates a new vintage design concept, while complying with the highest standards of today’s watchmaking industry, no matter in terms of manufacturing process, reliability, solidity and polishing quality, it shows Tudor’s philosophy of excellence and perfection. Black Bay 32/36/41 S & G is available in fog black and frosted champagne. The two face plates allow the wearer to choose between different styles, further highlighting the wearer’s taste.

Champagne gold-plated discs contrast subtly with brushed steel, giving them a warmer feel than previous black or blue discs

The Black Bay 36 S & G inherits the aesthetic characteristics of the Black Bay series, condensing the rich history and reliable quality of Tudor diving watches in the wrist. The new watch relies on the existing design concept of gold and steel, and the use of the combination of gold and steel adds unique style and precious quality to the entire series. The watch is made of polished and matte steel with a matte gold finish. In the subtle contrast, it gives the case and the strap a warm texture.

The watch is equipped with a 2428 self-winding movement with a power reserve of about 38 hours.

The new five-row gold and steel bracelet on the bracelet is unique and ingenious. The outer links are made of frosted steel, while the central links are made of polished steel. The space between the two links is made of frosted gold. This comfortable and perfectly fitted strap uses Tudor’s traditional design and strong contrasting colors, bringing a new style to the Black Bay 32/36 / 41S & G.

Black Bay 32/36/41 S & G

Stainless steel, gold material / 2824 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 150 meters / table diameter 32, 36, 41mm / also black-faced disc style

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