Month: November 2012

Swiss Rado Radar ‘future Star’ Plans To Add New Members

New RADO Future Rising Stars Rising: RADO Radar Honor announces that tennis star Wu Yizheng has joined the RADO YoungStar ‘Future Star’ program as the latest member. On September 10, 2017, Yiyi Wu created a glorious history and became the first mainland Chinese player to win the men’s singles championship of the US Open youth group. As he hoped, he won the historic Grand Slam Junior Championship. At the moment of holding the cup, the limited edition watch of RADO HyperChrome series winning moment shone on his wrist.

Rookie Wu Yichen won the US Open Men’s Singles Championship

Yichang Wu was born in Hangzhou, China, and has been involved in tennis since the age of 6. In addition to just winning the men’s singles championship at the US Open Junior, Wu Yizheng has won numerous awards in the tennis field. He is not only the youngest winner of the 2016 Chinese Tennis Grand Prix, but also the only mainland Chinese player who broke into the important event of the 2017 Australian Open Junior Youth Men’s Singles, and also represents the Chinese nation. The team went to the 2017 Davis Cup and won a singles victory against the Chinese Taipei team. At the same time, it was the 2017 ITF15K Hope Race Anning Station winner. Wu Yizhen is also expected to become the top 100 mainland Chinese player in the men’s professional tennis association (ATP) world ranking. RADO Swiss Radar is very excited to have the opportunity to accompany Wu Yizhen along the way, reaching the pinnacle.
Wu Yichen said: ‘I am very proud to join RADO’s YoungStar’ Future Star ‘program with many top tennis players, and I am honored to be selected as the brand’s representative in China.’

RADO Swiss Radar Hao Xing series winning moment limited edition watch

In 2015, RADO Radar launched the YoungStar ‘Future Star’ program to accompany the peak journey of young tennis players. This project aims to create a new generation of tennis stars by creating an international tennis team of talented and ambitious players. The addition of Wu Yizheng added fresh blood to this international team, and the remaining tennis players of the RADO YoungStar YoungStar program include Hyeon Chung from South Korea, and Jared Donaldson from the United States. (Jared Donaldson), Karen Khachanov (Russia) and Carina Witthoft (Germany).
RADO YoungStar ‘Future Star’ Project
Swiss pioneer watch brand RADO has sponsored international tennis tournaments decades ago, and now it is integrated with the tennis world. Its tennis project, RADO YoungStar, is scheduled to be launched in 2015. Supporting the rising stars in tennis, creating an international team of talented and ambitious athletes, all of whom have the potential to become the next generation of tennis superstars.

Hublot Hublot Beijing Skp Store Grand Opening

On March 1, 2016, the top Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT Hublot opened a grand SKP store in Beijing. The new store is located in Beijing’s high-end luxury commercial landmark, which has become the development of Hublot in the Chinese market. Another milestone. At the same time, Hublot and the Bruce Lee Foundation jointly held a six-day ‘Be Water My Friend-Legend of Bruce Lee’ at Beijing SKP. This exhibition takes Bruce Lee’s life philosophy as the theme, exhibiting Bruce Lee’s precious items and several Hublot limited edition watches. At the opening ceremony, the general manager of Hublot Greater China, Loic Biver, and the founder of the Bruce Lee Foundation and the daughter of Bruce Lee, Shannon Lee, cut the ribbon for the new store and jointly released the Big Bang soul Bruce Lee limited edition watch. Pay tribute to the Kung Fu superstar.

Hublot Beijing SKP store upholds the brand’s unique noble black, and combines luxury and innovative design concepts to create a distinguished and modern customer experience space. The dark gray carpet floor in the store is complemented by black leather furniture, glass and alloy counter treatments, giving the overall space a more modern feel. Low-tech elements have also been added to the window showcase. In the unique form projected on the books, light and shadow tell the wonderful story of the brand connecting the past and the future. The full range of watches, including Big Bang, classic fusion, supreme kingship, and hand-to-hand watches, are brought together to showcase the brand’s watchmaking essence and modern design.

‘Be Water My Friend-The Legend of Bruce Lee Memorial’ was specially invited by the Hublot Bruce Lee Foundation to exhibit the precious items of Bruce Lee’s life in Beijing and participate in the exhibition design. Hublot, which advocates ‘the art of fusion,’ is time-based, boldly transcending tradition and modernity, and letting the past and the future talk. Louis Beaver, General Manager of Hublot Greater China, commented: ‘As a model of the 20th century and the most influential kung fu star in history, Bruce Lee truly interprets the’ art of fusion ‘of Eastern and Western cultures. After hosting the 75th anniversary exhibition of Bruce Lee’s birthday, Hublot is proud to join hands with the Bruce Lee Foundation to host a commemorative exhibition in Beijing and release a second-generation limited edition watch to pay tribute to a generation of legends. ‘
Li Xiangning said: ‘As a non-profit organization, the Bruce Lee Foundation inspires self-confidence by spreading Bruce Lee’s spirit. This time I joined Hublot in the Legendary Bruce Lee Memorial Exhibition in Beijing. I hope to share my father with you through this exhibition. Spirit and philosophy. The so-called immortal life must have a life worthy of being remembered by the world. I am very grateful to Hublot for designing this limited edition watch to pay tribute to the spirit of his father, and also for Hublot for Bruce Lee The foundation is very supportive. ‘

In this exhibition, Bruce Lee’s treasures during his lifetime: the martial arts coat of Xi Wu Tang carrying the spirit of Bruce Lee’s martial arts, the authenticity of martial arts manuscripts in the 1960s and the manuscript of the movie “Dragon Crossing the River”; Mask and the business card of Bruce Lee Martial Art Studio created by Bruce Lee. In addition, Hublot also uses the Bruce Lee Mirror device designed by modern technology. The interior is decorated with glass fragments and watch parts, and a transparent screen in the middle broadcasts Bruce Lee’s classic martial arts-making movie. The bottom uses a Hublot UNICO machine with 3D effects. The core shape allows Hublot and Bruce Lee to blend perfectly in the same time and space. In addition, the Bruce Lee Foundation has selected many of the most iconic classic photos. Hublot combines each Bruce Lee photo with a watch picture and presents it in two metal showcases with different shapes through ultra-modern design, which means Bruce Lee. The spirit and its martial philosophy will be passed on forever.
Bruce Lee and Hublot share the East-West fusion
As the world’s most influential legendary star, Bruce Lee is the best interpretation of the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. As a pioneer of the times, he was the first pioneer to spread Chinese kung fu to the world, and dazzled his life in the spread of Eastern and Western cultures. Since the establishment of Hublot in Nyon, Switzerland in 1980, Hublot has always been advancing with a pioneering spirit, breaking through the understanding of traditional concepts, boldly crossing the boundaries between tradition and modernity, allowing the past and the future to dialogue, and has achieved countless achievements. A ‘first’.

The unprecedented fusion comes from Bruce Lee’s innovative reorganization of Eastern and Western martial arts. For the first time, he broke the door of traditional martial arts, and boldly combined Taoist philosophy from the East with Wing Chun, Western boxing and karate, and Taekwondo to create Jeet Kune Do. Coincide. Featuring a natural rubber strap paired with precious metal materials, Hublot has set a new and unprecedented precedent in the history of traditional watchmaking. Since then, the fusion of materials, the fusion of East and West, each collision will produce amazing breakthrough innovations. The way of integration lies in deconstruction and reorganization, shaping a new world and future, and passing on with the times to achieve inheritance and immortality.
Truly handed down for the sake of thought and philosophy, not just skills, this is one of the reasons why Kung Fu philosopher Bruce Lee is still revered today. In his martial arts creation, he adopted the spirit of Baichuan and advocated people-oriented. Bruce Lee explained the Jeet Kune Do philosophy he created as an exploration process of self-discovery and soul growth. Hublot believes in the natural power of cosmic energy, and the birth of Big Bang series watches is also inspired by this. In the process of exploring the concept of fusion between mineral and plant elements, Hublot takes time as the basis and explores the philosophy of watchmaking. And the art of fusion does not only happen in the above two fields, but also the integration of the sky and the earth, tradition and innovation.

Hublot Big Bang Soul Bruce Lee Limited Watch
Owning the soul of Big Bang and the pure DNA of Hublot, Hublot pays tribute to Bruce Lee with a Big Bang soul watch with a barrel case. Designed by the Bruce Lee Foundation, the Big Bang soul Bruce Lee limited edition watch is dominated by blue, inspired by Bruce Lee’s life motto, Be Water My Friend, and Hublot printed it on the bottom of the watch. The dial design adopts an important painting in Bruce Lee’s home study, a dragon shape hand-painted by Bruce Lee, with two rubies as the finishing touch. This watch is equipped with Hublot’s new HUB4700 movement, which is a unique movement developed jointly with the Zenith team. Based on Zenith El Primero movement with date display (frequency: 5 Hz, 36,000 vibrations / hour; 278 parts, 31 gems), this hub combines the wisdom of two watch brands with a crystal of HUB 4700 Praised by purists as one of the most outstanding Swiss chronograph movements of all time. This self-winding skeleton movement has a 50-hour power reserve, and the exquisite skeleton mechanism and its date dial can be seen through the sapphire mirror. The calendar display window is located at 4:30, the dial is designed as a central chronograph second hand, and the three small dials are located at 9 o’clock (seconds), 3 o’clock (30 minutes) and 6 o’clock (clock). The strap is blue alligator leather lined with natural rubber, giving the wearer a flexible and flexible experience. The commemorative model is limited to 100 pieces worldwide.

‘Be Water My Friend-Bruce Lee Memorial Exhibition’ exhibits:
 Big Bang Soul Bruce Lee Limited Watch
Model: 601.CI.1190.LR.BLF16
Price: RMB 204,200
Case dimensions: 47.70 mm x 56.30 mm
Case thickness: 14.5 mm
Case material: black micro-blasted ceramic
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal
Crown: black PVD titanium with black rubber inlay
Dial: Openwork dial with dragon pattern
Hands: Blue hands covered with black fluorescent paint
Movement: Automatic winding skeleton chronograph movement HUB4700
Bottom cover: Black micro-blasted ceramic bottom cover with anti-glare sapphire crystal, note limited number
Power reserve: 50 hours
Water resistance: 100 meters
Limited release: 100 pieces
Strap: blue alligator stitched natural rubber, black natural rubber

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Pirelli Ice Zero 2 Watch Series

The Excalibur King series has always been Roger Dubuis’s favorite stage for show, frequently breaking the boundaries of existing technology and aesthetics. On this basis, Roger Dubuy adheres to the watchmaking concept of combining disruptive materials and advanced complex functions, actively drawing inspiration from other industries and challenging existing watchmaking standards at all levels.

   Roger Dubuis and tire specialist Pirelli collaborated to host an extraordinary test drive in heavy snow in Sweden, creating a unique experience for avid watch enthusiasts and those who love to witness peak performance under extreme conditions.

   The cooperation between Roger Dubuis and Pirelli, a tire expert, and the implementation of ‘PerfectFit’ is also well received by all parties. The essence is that during the research and development process, the two sides of the alliance focus on sharing each other’s exclusive design aesthetics, advanced engineering technology and high technology. Tech material. In February this year, they re-created their passionate passion. While testing brand-new high-performance tires at the Pirelli Sweden’s Flurheden test ground, they previewed Roger Dubuis’s new timepiece work derived from cutting-edge tire technology.

   By optimizing the patented stud configuration and tread texture design to provide continuous grip and high driving comfort, Pirelli IceZero ™ 2 winter snow tires can show their strength on ice and snow, which fully reflects Pirelli’s unparalleled performance in the top automotive tire field. Professional competence.

   The strength of continuous innovators is once again exerted by each other. This watch has a unique sports aesthetics and a famous hollow logo. It is equipped with the RD105SQ movement certified by the Geneva Seal and is equipped with the highest end in the field of fine watchmaking. One of the complications is the double flying tourbillon.

   Only 8 limited edition ExcaliburPirelliIceZero2 watches were released worldwide, using the same superb stainless steel stud pattern as the IceZero2 tires.

   Roger Du greeted his creative supercars by removing the DLC coating on the frame of this titanium timepiece, further highlighting the unique car-style silhouette of the ExcaliburPirelliIceZero2 watch, which perfectly interprets this watch. Craftsmanship timepieces take to a whole new level.

   The watch is equipped with the RD105SQ movement. The skeleton movement is decorated with rhodium-plated star shape, covered with a round grain main splint and bridge plate of NAC coating, and the shape is designed as a Celtic cross tourbillon frame.

   This amazing and harsh winter trip is a unique experience created for watch fans who are ready to go and those who love to challenge peak performance under extreme conditions. It has witnessed the extraordinary vision and control of engineers even in the freezing cold temperatures. The extraordinary creative encounters of watchmakers still show an endless passion.

Reference number RDDBEX0805
Case size: 47 mm
Dial: black upper and lower edge, with rhodium-plated scale covered with white SLN luminous paint; black PVD-coated 18K gold hands, with needles with black transfer frame and white SLN luminous paint
Water resistance: 5 bar (50 meters)
Strap & Buckle
Strap: Combination strap: three-material strap, black rubber frame, inlaid with a winning racing tire skin embedded with titanium alloy snow spikes, decorated with gray stitching. Extra strap: black rubber frame with a white RubberTech rubber fabric inside, decorated with red stitching; equipped with quick release
Buckle: Black DLC-coated titanium adjustable buckle with quick release
Dual flying tourbillon watch with differential power reserve: 52 hours

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