Month: January 2012

Fiyta Joins Hands With ‘ode To Joy 2’

After a long and long wait, Fiyta and ‘Ode to Joy 2’ finally returned strongly on May 11. Yes, Wumei on the 22nd floor is back online!

‘At the moment when time freezes,
We accompany each other and laugh at life ‘
Black and white city set against colorful fireworks
They share their worries and heal each other with joy
   This time, the return of Fiyta’s Ode to Joy 2 adds more romantic footnotes to this happy hour. Perhaps your happy story is hidden among them.

Overbearing Female President
This queen is standing at the top of the workplace chain
Like a girl carefully in front of love
   Love is often a self-inflicted sub-question of Dao Yong. In the face of a new relationship, is it put down? Still accept?

Hope this time, Andy no longer hesitates and escapes
Bravely listen to your inner voice

Bao Yifan
King of Love
Sell ​​cute, play cheap
Most importantly, taste is always online

   However, in front of the queen of high cold, the small bag always touched her nose even though her sister’s skills were full. However, such a warm hearted uncle and a high cold queen are called to match each other.

They say time will prove everything
To get the attention of the goddess, maybe more work

Qu Xiaoyu
Grinding Goblin

Qu Xiaoyu, who has always played cards without common sense
Seems cynical, but dares to love and hate
   Two ribbed swords to a friend, a brave chase for love, the cause is also hung up all the way to fly. Facing various bugs in love, career and family, I wonder if this song can use force to resolve the crisis?

Rejected rich second generation label
Only by fighting can you turn from a princess to a queen
Zhao Qiping
Alone in the cold
Handsome and promising
Young talent
   When Elder Tang encountered Qu Fairy, even though there were eighteen martial arts, it was also inevitable. The phrase ‘Do you like my hand, or do you like me?’ Asceticism is a serious sister-in-law of the male lead, which makes people blush!

No shocking watch
How could it be worthy of his prosperous beauty?

Fan Shengmei
Workplace Bone Essence
Without Andy’s ability, without Qu Xiaoyu’s background
Step by step to protect your family and friends
   Such sister Fan sometimes stabbed her tearfully. However, when searching for love on the road to love, they often lose themselves in front of reality.

Faded the bright mask
Maybe happiness is hiding right now
Wang Baichuan
Reliable man
Maybe a little vanity, maybe no outstanding talent
But this ordinary little boss is working hard
   Fan Shengmei is sincere and persistent, and willing to bear the lives of two people.

However, facing the difficult problem of love and reality
How should he choose?
Qiu Yingying
Stupid and sweet
Although sometimes rampage
This occasionally silly and stupid ‘Little Earthworm’
It’s the joy of the 22nd floor
   After experiencing all kinds of frustrations in the love career, Qiu Yingying’s sudden change will bring you cute points that make you laugh.

She is innocent
She can’t bear the light and shadow of years
Good girl next door
Guanguan represents most of us
Ordinary, grow up step by step in parents’ planning
   In the face of love, she is often tied up, hoping that this season, she is no longer the timid girl who can only say ‘I also like Dvorak’

Instead of waiting for love to come by yourself
Better to be loved vigorously and bravely

Actually, life is nothing like this
A beloved friend in this life
Harmony of Qinther, flowing mountains
Euphemistically composes a ‘Ode to Joy’
Is the best happy hour
Fiyta, go hand in hand with you for happy hour
Life also requires everyone to come to ‘find the difference’

Real Shot 2017sihh Parmigiani Ovale Tourbillon Watch

The design of the Parmigiani watch is always different, just like this Ovale tourbillon watch, which uses a goose oval case (ovale means oval). The goose oval has now become one of Parmigiani’s iconic cases. This year Parmigiani introduced the goose-shaped tourbillon again. Compared with the previous version, the cut-out of the disk was cancelled.

   The round watch is the most secure and safe watch shell. Whether it is a traditional watch or a current smart watch, you can choose a round shell. However, Parmigiani has well grasped the characteristics of the oval case. Through the lugs, the shell shape makes the oval case have a good wearing comfort and a balanced surface. It can be said that in the special case shape, Parmigiani is one of the best watch factories in the watch industry.

   The Parmigiani Ovale tourbillon is 45 mm long and 37.6 mm wide. The unique drop-shaped lugs of Parmigiani also further enhance the hands-on effect of this watch. Parmigiani Ovale tourbillon uses Parmigioni’s self-winding tourbillon PF501, with a power reserve of one week (163 hours, 7 days) and a frequency of 21600 times / hour. It is also worth noting that Parmigiani uses a 30-second tourbillon, and a tourbillon that rotates for 30 seconds in a second is more ornamental than a traditional tourbillon. At the same time, Parmigiani’s tourbillon is also very rare. It has a large central seconds hand at the same time as a tourbillon.

   For more updates on 2017 SIHH, please stay tuned for Watch House 2017 Geneva Fine Watch Salon Live Feature:

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