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Earl Launches Gouverneur Series Men’s Watch In Beijing

Piaget Watches has launched three new Gouverneur series watches in this year’s 2012 SIHH. These three watches adopt a new design and a new level of manufacturing technology, belonging to a member of the Black Tie watch series. . Yesterday Piaget watch grandly released the new Gouverneur series products in Beijing Chaoyang Planning Art Museum. Next, let’s follow me to know the situation on the day of the conference.

  The address of the conference was selected in Beijing’s Chaoyang Planning Art Museum, which is full of art and culture. The art museum was created into a ‘Earl Watch’ space composed of circles and ovals that day.

  Stars gathered on the day of the conference to witness this glorious moment together. The above characters are in order from the left: the famous filmmaker Niu Chengze, the famous movie star Liu Qingyun, the Earl China Region President Murong Tao, and the famous dancer Huang Doudou.

  After the moderator’s opening remarks and a series of product introductions, the four celebrities toasted together to celebrate the successful launch of the Piaget Gouverneur collection.

  In addition to the new products on the day of the press conference, some Piaget precious watches were also displayed. This Piaget watch is a Piaget gold-plated watch with a gemstone dial and a jade dial watch worn by Jacqueline Kennedy. The manual-winding movement is a masterpiece of both inside and outside.
Summary: On the day of the press conference, Piaget exhibited a total of 50 precious watches, each of which was a proof of Piaget’s status in the jewellery and watch industry, so that every guest present again confirmed Piaget’s technical strength. The outer crystal ball ‘master’ Hu Qizhi presented the ‘big ring stunt’ at the scene. The light and shadow on the scene showed another artistic beauty. Just like the Piaget Gouverneur series men’s watch, it has the balance of circles and ovals. Breakthrough spirit.
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Complex Portugal Tasting Iwc Portuguese Moon Phase Watch

Portuguese watches from IWC are designed for navigators. This watch introduced this time involves a number of functions: date, week, month and four-digit year display, as well as the month Phase display and indicates the number of days remaining from the next profit or loss. This function can show the changing process of the moon phase profit and loss, and show the moon phases of the northern and southern hemispheres in a mirror-symmetrical manner. The dark blue dial is equipped with a perforated display which is also dark blue, and the rhodium-plated moon phase indicator disc reproduces the change in the moon’s profit and loss. For voyagers in the deep ocean, it is important to grasp the movement of the moon. It is not limited to navigation. The influence of the moon on coastal tides has always been of great significance. Because the moon steadily dominates the timing of the tide fluctuations: during the new moon and profit and loss, the water level is particularly high at high tide, and the water level is particularly low at low tide. This fully illustrates the importance of the moon phase function in sailing watches. Official model: IW503203

   IWC Portugal series watches are designed to express respect for Portugal’s great navigators. The dial design of this series is broad and generous, just like the feeling during sailing: an open view on the sea, an open mind.

IWC Portuguese series watch detailed illustration

   The watch retains the familiar design of the timeless Portuguese watch, an 18k white gold case with a case diameter of 44.2 mm. The blue dial is charming in color, reminiscent of the blue sea, adding a calm and open feel to the watch.

   Moon phase display Innovative moon phase display in the northern and southern hemispheres. From its dial, you can see two symmetrical circular holes showing the moon phases of the northern and southern hemispheres. When the moon phase wheel rotates, you can see the moon from the new moon to the first quarter moon to the full moon and then to the second quarter moon. The complete change process, and the moon phases of the northern and southern hemispheres are characterized by the same shape and opposite directions. This innovative design of IWC makes it possible for people wearing it to understand the appearance of the two hemisphere moons at the same time. . The watch also indicates the number of days remaining from the next profitable moon, satisfying your imagination of the change in moon phase profit and loss.

   The dial at 3 o’clock is divided into two function display circles, the outer circle is the date display, and the inner circle is the 7-day power reserve display. Two slim hands of different lengths accurately indicate their respective information.

   At 6 o’clock, the month is displayed. In the color, a darker blue than the color of the dial is selected to distinguish it from the dial to achieve a clear display. Clockwise between 7 and 8 o’clock is the year display. The 9 o’clock position is still divided into the inner and outer display circles, the outer display circle is the week display, and the inner display circle is the watch’s small second circle.

   Seen from the side, the watch has a certain thickness, which is also a problem that can not be avoided in complicated function models. The polished platinum case exudes the luster of a precious metal under the light.

   It is equipped with IWC-made 51614 calibre, and its Pellaton winding system is one of the highest performance automatic winding systems in the watchmaking industry. It includes a perpetual calendar with date, week, month, four-digit year display, and permanent moon phase profit and loss display, which is sophisticated and extremely precise. The vibration frequency is 21,600 times per hour and the power reserve is 7 days.

Summary: In addition to the exquisite and practical north-south moon phase display, complex perpetual calendar functions are also a major selling point of this watch. IWC has three classic perpetual calendar watches, which are Spitfire perpetual calendar watches and large pilot series TOP GUN naval air battle The military perpetual calendar watch and this Portuguese perpetual calendar watch, although these three watches are equipped with the same movement, but watch styles are very different, giving people a completely different feeling. In contrast, I love this Portuguese perpetual calendar IW503203 watch. In addition to the complex perpetual calendar functions, this watch has an elegant temperament and romantic and wide-being belonging to the ocean. I do n’t know which one is your favorite One?
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