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Explaining Timeless Elegance With Sparkling Aventurine And Advanced Complex Functions Montblanc Bohème Series External Tourbillon Ultra-thin Watch Limited To 18 Pieces

Montblanc has launched three new Bao Xi series ultra-complex and feminine models with bright aventurine dials, elegant compact cases and easy-to-replace color straps.
   Since its first launch in 2014, the Montblanc Bohème series has been a great success worldwide. Women worldwide have a unique affinity for the unique elegance of the Baoxi collection. The inspiration of the Baoxi series is inspired by the multifaceted charm of a sophisticated and independent modern woman. Baoxi women have moving charm from the inside and out. Enthusiastic, determined, and inspired, they infect the world around them with light from within. These women’s watches are designed to showcase the essence, authenticity and sincerity of fine watchmaking.

   After the premiere of the Baoxi series ultra-thin tourbillon ultra-thin watch was held in Beijing, China in late 2016, Montblanc introduced several other new Baoxi series watches at the 2017 Geneva International Fine Watch Fair. Montblanc’s new watch collection combines femininity and elegance with fine watchmaking. Whether it is guilloché, gem setting, micro-engraving, hand-drawn or ingeniously cut aventurine, the dial decorated with traditional craftsmanship makes every watch exquisite. With the slightly curved faceted lugs, the carved onion-shaped crown, and the brilliant bezel set with diamonds, the entire delicate case showcases Montblanc’s exquisite craftsmanship and ingenuity. Designs such as willow-shaped hands, flower Arabic numerals, raised dot minute scales and hour scale inner rings also show that Montblanc’s pursuit of perfection craftsmanship has penetrated into the design details of the Baoxi watch.
   Modern Baoxi women enjoy pursuing their own style. Montblanc has equipped these new Baoxi series watches with replaceable strap devices, so that every Baoxi woman can change the strap as long as she presses the button without any tools. Among them are black or dark blue alligator leather straps, stylish and colorful calfskin straps, etc. to choose from. Changing straps is as easy, simple and convenient as dressing, allowing women to create their own fashion taste.

Montblanc Bohème Ultra-Thin Tourbillon Watch (Limited to 18 pieces)
   Blends sophisticated complications with feminine watchmaking in an extraordinary and elegant way.
   The new Montblanc Bohème external tourbillon ultra-thin watch (limited to 18 pieces) perfectly blends the exquisite charm of a modern woman with self-confidence and fearlessness in high-end watchmaking, showing the female spirit of Baoxi to the fullest. This new limited edition of 18 watches is equipped with Montblanc’s patented external tourbillon self-winding movement MB M29.24, which offers advanced complications, an external tourbillon structure, exquisite craftsmanship, excellent accuracy and Zoran’s elegant style.
   The one-minute external tourbillon was developed by Montblanc after more than three years of hard work, equipped with a quick stop second device and a miniature pendulum, both of which are independently manufactured by Montblanc’s Swiss watchmaker in Villeret.
   Compared with the traditional tourbillon device, the performance of the external tourbillon device is better. This is due to two reasons: first, the frame weight of the external tourbillon is separated from the balance wheel; second, the frame weight is extremely small, which effectively improves To its precision and isochronism. The balance wheel has a diameter of 9.7 millimeters. It is set with 18 screws, of which 14 are fixed and the other 4 can be adjusted. This detail design allows the external tourbillon device to perform better. It continues the tradition of pure watchmaking. In order to further improve the accuracy of the watch.
   A barrel that provides a 48-hour power reserve is embedded in the vertical satin-finished main splint. In order to ensure the best balance between the barrel and the rotor and the balance wheel, Montblanc has carried out high standards of research and development and testing to set the ideal position of the barrel in the movement structure.
   Montblanc MB M29.24 external tourbillon self-winding movement is equipped with a new miniature rotor. Compared with the traditional rotor that usually covers half of the movement, the miniature rotor allows the mechanical movement to be seen through the transparent sapphire crystal case back. Beauty. The entire device is only 4.5 mm thick, which is a remarkable thickness for a mechanical movement with such a complicated process.
   The external tourbillon is equipped with a practical quick stop second function. The function of the device is closely related to the design of the brake lever. The brake lever can stop the large balance wheel and the 18 screws on the balance wheel, and can restart when needed. To get the right end of the brake lever, the designer delved into the best geometry and dynamics, allowing the wearer to set the time precisely to the second while ensuring that the movement can be restarted immediately. The quick stop seconds device can instantly stop the balance wheel instead of stopping the tourbillon frame, so it can avoid the balance of the balance wheel from affecting the accuracy when the tourbillon frame is stopped. All functions and operations are controlled by the crown at three o’clock.

   This Montblanc home-made innovative movement is finely decorated with top-quality watchmaking techniques, presenting an elegant style and extraordinary craftsmanship: the bridge and the micro-rotor are engraved with the ‘en éventail’ Geneva ripple pattern, and the rhodium-plated tourbillon bridge is mirror-polished. , The main splint is satin-finished, and the splint below the micro-rotor is decorated with sunburst.
   The dial of the Montblanc Bohème external tourbillon ultra-thin watch (limited to 18 pieces) reflects the brand’s attention to detail in the design: the dial is made of brilliant dark blue aventurine. The center of the dial is concentrically set with 144 brilliant-cut diamonds, and the 18K white gold case bezel is set with 58 beautiful top Wesselton diamonds, making the starry aventurine night sky more brilliant. The two-tone contrast between the night sky and bright diamonds echoes the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and deep professional knowledge.
   The watch follows the specifications of the Baoxi series, featuring sexy silvery white floral Arabic numerals, rhodium-plated willow-shaped hour and minute hands, minute indexes with silvery white dots, and an inner ring with dots. All these features combine to make everyone focus on the external tourbillon at six o’clock and the delicate rotating bridge.
   The 38mm ultra-thin size is suitable for women’s wrists, and the 18K white gold case is only 9.37mm thick. With the slightly curved integrated lugs and onion-shaped crown with Montblanc star diamonds, it is suitable for advanced watchmaking. Elegant modern woman with a bell. In addition, the Montblanc Bohème external tourbillon ultra-thin watch (limited to 18 pieces) is equipped with the same color dark blue large check crocodile leather strap, 18K white gold pin buckle set with a diamond, and engraved with the Montblanc brand logo.
   In order to guarantee the top quality and outstanding performance of the watch, the Montblanc Bohème series external tourbillon ultra-thin watch (limited to 18 pieces) has passed the rigorous ‘Montblanc Lab 500-hour Quality Test’ certification.

Montblanc Bohème Ultra-Thin Tourbillon Watch (Limited to 18 pieces)
No. 116493
Montblanc calibre MB M29.24
Movement type Automatic mechanical movement, patented external tourbillon
Equipped with quick stop seconds device
Dimensions 30.6 mm diameter, 4.5 mm thickness
Number of components 202
Ruby number 27
Power reserve 48 hours
Balance wheel Flat ring with 18 screws
21,600 vibrations / hour (3 Hz)
Plywood, rhodium-plated, striped
Bridge plate rhodium-plated with ‘en éventail’ Geneva ripple
Display Central hour and minute hands
Patented external tourbillon at 6 o’clock (one rotation per minute to indicate seconds), with rhodium-plated tourbillon bridge
Case 18K white gold case, 18K white gold fixed bezel set with 58 top Wesselton diamonds (approximately 1.39 carats)
Crystal Dome-shaped sapphire crystal, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coating
Case back 18K white gold, recessed sapphire crystal glass window
Size 38 mm diameter, 9.37 mm thickness
Waterproof and sealing performance: about 30 meters (3 bar)
Crown 18K white gold set with Montblanc patent-cut star diamonds (0.10 carat)
Dial The dark blue aventurine dial is paved with 144 top Wesselton diamonds (approximately 0.531 carats), silvery white Arabic numerals, rhodium-plated willow leaf
Strap Blue alligator leather strap, 18K white gold pin buckle set with a diamond (approximately 0.009 carats), engraved with Montblanc brand white hexagon star
Limited edition of 18 pieces
Acquired the ‘Montblanc Lab 500 Hour Quality Test’ certification

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