Month: June 2011

Swiss Mido’s ‘inspired By Architecture’ Global 12-city Tour – Taipei: The Best City Of Cities

Swiss Mido’s inspirational journey of 12 cities around the world, ‘Inspired by Architecture’, came to Taipei, the ‘best city’ this week.

Taipei Arena

Menglongshan Temple
 The meaning of ‘best tadpole’ in Minnan dialect is ‘best to eat’, and it is most appropriate to describe Taipei: from ‘three steps and one snack bar, five steps and one big restaurant’ to Shilin Night Market to the world rankings The 37th best chef, Mr. Jiang Zhencheng, uses seasonal Taiwanese ingredients to make dishes, and an experimental restaurant, RAW, which is hard to find, is a gourmet destination for global tourists visiting Taipei. However, the beauty of Taipei does not stop at food. Its urban architecture and fascinating cultural sceneries are also important reasons to attract tourists from all over the world. During the day, head to Xinyi District, known as “Taipei Manhattan”, where you can not only board the world’s tallest “green” building, the Taipei 101 building, but also a large number of bookstores, parks, and high-end shopping malls. , Is undoubtedly a good place for shopping and leisure in Taipei. If you like natural scenery, you can visit Yangmingshan Park on the outskirts of the city, and climb to the highest viewing point in Taipei City, Qixing Mountain at 1,120 meters above sea level. You can feel the natural pulse away from the hustle and bustle of the city while viewing the urban landscape of Taipei. In the evening, ascend to the top of Xiangshan in Nangang District. It only takes 25 minutes to enjoy the sunset view of Taipei on the top of the mountain, and enjoy the night view of Taipei along the way down, starting the rich night entertainment in Taipei, a city that never sleeps. In Taipei, the city of inspiration this week, Swiss Mido invited Mr. Huang Zijiao, a well-known TV personality on both sides of the strait, to know this international city with rich cultural connotations and famous for modern skyscrapers and gourmet cuisine. . (For details, please visit the activity page of the official website of Mido and click to view).

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Taipei Municipal Library-Beitou Branch

Taipei 101
 Swiss Mido’s ‘Inspired by Architecture’ Global Tour Taipei Station, 5 most classic and most representative landmark buildings have been revealed. They are: Taipei Dome, Longlong Temple, Taipei City Art Museum, Taipei City Gallery-Beitou Branch, and Taipei 101. Netizens can log in to the official Sina Weibo @ 美 度 表 of Switzerland to like and comment on these 5 buildings. At the same time, participate in the Weibo event topic # 灵感 源 从 建筑 #, upload stories and inspiration photos related to the building (unlimited countries and regions), and @ 美 度 表 手表, you will have a chance to win Swiss Mido watches once a week One, the final winning netizen will be announced every Thursday on the official Sina Weibo of Swiss Mido Watch.

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